Saturday, December 01, 2012

It is December ...

It is Sat ... it is Dec ... and how time flies. We will be seeing end of 2012 ... and also the end-of-the-world day is nearing too ... what are our 'last' wishes before we leave the world or leave the year, depending on your beliefs?

SPSetia : The sell-down by some funds due to the 'news' that it was taken out of MSCI. Well, SPSetia, MahSing and IJMLand are still leaders in our property-sector.

I do still have enquiries about my groups ... I am establishing tratles-group to help traders to share opinions, news ... information and supports. It helps a lot ... as trading could be a 'lone' journey. By sharing with others, I have benefitted a lot this year ... my knowledge and experiences. Yes, investing in ourselves is the first step in investment world.

Yes, I do have e-learning ... for those who wish to learn basic market trading. I will certainly improving in my presentation, my sharings ... and such. It is time consuming but it is worth it when we could see many learning well. So, e-learning is still in my mind.

As for my current e-tratles, I will form a active e-tratles group for those who wish to continue to learn and share, just like what I have with my tratles group.

contact me :

Well, got to go four our monthly meeting now. Many interesting stocks to check this week.

Enjoy the weekend.


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