Monday, December 03, 2012

Get up and try

I have been so busy over the weekend and last week ... this week would be a busy one too with paperworks to be completed ... I need to try to finish it ... so that I could focus in many more new plans coming up by end of month(year).

Are we in resolution-year-end mood again? I do have plenty ... many are dealing with my characters, attitudes, thoughts .... something could not be solved with money.

Resolution 1 : Be FOCUSED. Do whats are in hand. Too many things to be done. Narrow down. Priortize. Eliminate those petty ones. Delegate. Grow what is in hands.

Resolution 2 : DO IT NOW. Do not procrastinate. To move ahead, we need the first step, then take the next step as anew.

Resolution 3 : Be with those support you. Surrounded with positive people. Do not bother about noises or ignore small minds. Check environment ... conducive for growing ideas, thoughts, minds and opinions.

I will TRY to write later ... visit

12.35 pm : SPSetia at 3.19 now, best buyer in my group is Rm3.02, always buying better than me. :P

7.05 pm : KLCI down 3.48, with Tiger being tamed.

PChem : Down 29cents ... interestingly nice. Our top loser for today!!

MNRB : Closed at 2.80, planted 2.30 to form loooong tail. The tail is fake la. This is one opportunity.

e-mail me at  for those who wish to join my group and as my blog will be privitised soon, many things will be shared with members only. That will eliminate those haters and negative vibes, narrowing to those who see positive learnings in my writings.


p/s : I do not check i3 for weeks now ... dont know if my blog still featured there, but changing into a new site in Jan2013 onwards, anyway.

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