Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday ... finally.

KLCI flat today ... nothing much.

It is really such hectic schedules ... with many things going on, updating and reminding my groups about activities etc etc.

Tonight we will have 'packed' attendence for our Friday's gathering as one of our senior willing to share his idea of profitting from markets ... and as it is free for majority of active tratles, many very glad to attend. I will be a participants tonight. Haha ... yes, it will be good to see some familiar faces ... and that is what needed ... a good gathering for one to know another since I have many cohorts now(from 1 to 8).

Tmr will be my module-3 with my cohort-8, talking about basic MACD and Stochastics. With my current Maths classes still on, it is not easy to juggle so many things ... at a time.

Yes, glad it is Friday ... and hope to catch a breath tmr night or slowing down on Sunday.

Happy Weekend ahead.


p/s : For those e-mail,  please allow me to reply on Sunday, k? Thanks for your patience

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