Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bullish Day?

1.40pm : KLCI closed 6+ points for lunch. At a point, it went to 9+ points in the morning. DOW closed 100 points last night ... fiscal-cliff or not, we are in bull-rally. Not all stocks moving, tho. Selected ones ... like UMW and Axiata ... still climbing higher. So, KLCI going to break to 1675 again?

AirAsia : Rebounded in the morning for short-term traders to sell, back to 2.60 levels. Do not buy-hold this counter at current moment. Trade.

MAS : At 70cents levels, the new low ... how low could it goes? Watch.

Written in my facebook recently

Last year DEC I was told that I m a "public figure" and I don't take it seriously. After a year, I have slowly accepted that I do have followers. The two main groups in my Facebook are my students(& ex) and my traders circle.

Next year, I will like to stay humble, work hard for the betterment of my students and tratles. I will assume responsibilities as I lead the groups. The motivation comes from many supports given. I do not want to let anyone down.

Thanks for trusting me and giving me a chance to improve myself. Thanks for accepting my weaknesses and through it, making me a stronger person. Thanks.

This Saturday morning, I will be free ... without tuition classes for coming 3 weeks. So, I will spend a little time to get in-touch with my readers and many 'supporters'. I will create a 'fans' page, accepting that I am a 'public figure' after one whole year ... some of my tratles telling me so. Well, before my cohort-1, I am a loner ... I really dislike crowds. It is not that I like 'attentions', but it is more of ... emm .. like ... projecting good image? haha ... I m very bad in these marketing-stuff, I prefer to be myself, alone and ... doing things at my own pace, not being judged ... and letting myself to fail, fall and push myself up again and again. That is just my 'joy' of seeing myself in pain of failing ... and realising my 'technical rebound' will be strong. A good stock will rebound sharply once it is being pressed too low(oversold) for too long(forming a base). Hmm ... interesting analogy.

Anyway ... it will be interesting to meet some readers online ... sharing with them 'how I started' ... 'how I struggled' ... ' how I cope with loses' ... 'how I continue to learn' ... 'how I survived' ... 'how I improved' ... etc etc ... and audience are allowed to ask questions, only related to learning(not about stocks).

Time : 9.30 am to 11am(hopefully won't drag on)

Add me in facebook :!/cp.tratles

If the response is good(limited to first 25 only ... if late, wait to see if anyone leave early(haha)), then I will have session two at nights. In the afternoon, I do have a trading-class with my cohort-8 batch, actually.

Got to run again.


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