Sunday, December 16, 2012

Breaking goals into smaller pieces

Breaking goals into smaller bits. Do that in daily basis, building a base for the larger ones. To be a good trader, it takes years. So, break our learning-curves into smaller paths, get someone to help us to shorten our learning curves(the purpose of our tratles-group) and be persistent, consistent and determined.

Be realistic ... plan your improvements with a 3-5 years time frame. Market is always there. Learn first ... learn well(by not wasting precious time) ... and the more we spend our time constructively, we could see we are nearer to our goals. I am a living example ... and still progressing on.

If you are a reader of mine for one year or less, you are too new. I started about 5 years ago .... with zero knowledge about finances, zero-ground about anything ...  relating to finances and markets. If I could place my goals(written) and making it a reality(be focus ... break it into small pieces) ... everyone could do it too. Or it that so?

I will be giving an e-public-talk ... to share to those who wish to know how I started in my trading-investing next Tuesday. I will send the link to those interested, but you need to add me in my facebook :

CHANGE of date : Due to my prior arrangements with my stock-watch group, I could not make the talk tmr night and need to postpone it to this Saturday morning(session one) and night(session 2). Sorry for any inconvience caused.!/cp.tratles

 It is 'free' ... just to communicate with my readers and sharing how I started. It will be limited to only first 100 of them. For more info, check my facebook-page.

Have a nice Sunday.


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