Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 as the world ends

It is 12.12.12 .... well, 12.12am moments ago ... DOW up 100+ points ... and KLCI reaching 1640 today ... so, those analysts will tell you we are heading to 1700 soon ... hehe. Buy!!

As I am too busy to write, too busy with marking-papers, renovations, planning and such ... I do not realise many things going on around me. I do not even visit i3 anymore, but was told that my blog is still there? And there are still someone placing comments in some of my posts? Hmm ....

TM : trailing Axiata but done a good stunt today. Still holding hugely and might sell half first, go for something 'smaller'.

Maxis : ex for 8cents dividends ... bought into her before market closing.

Parkson : Sold 4.63 today ... bought at 4.58 then ex-div 10cents ... so, cost at 4.48.

SPSetia : Still staying above RM3 but not moving?

We are in bullish mood again ... night as the world is going to end.

PC : Buying another desktop ... need to have few and also many monitors, to look real ... like a trader!! Haha.


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