Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 2013 Year

Wishing all my readers a HAPPY Year ahead.

Thanks for all the supports.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reflection : Financial Freedom

The last Saturday of the year ... I have not been able to sit still ... for at least an hour, to reflect on the year 2012 ... many things happened ... many events ... memories ... pain and joy ... many new people I got to know ... and many more  I have been in-touch ... not being able to appreciate many more meaningful feelings I have gathered ... for one, I am too busy.

Busy is good ... we are getting ourselves occupied, with something that we want to do(at times, just do it ... tho we may not like it) ... inching towards our goals. We are in charge ... and making changes --- improvements in our lives, other peoples lives ... and making it a better world to live in.

It has been 5 years now ... I am into stock-markets. I will always remember how difficult it was when I started from ground-zero. It was very difficult --- lack of capitals ... without knowledge and experiences. Being alone ... trading becoming a great challenge. You lost your way many of times ... and each time you said you are going to 'start over again' ... you lost again. You are emotionally drained ... and the amount of readings could be could be so ... taxing to our limited abilities.

Today ... I should use 2 hours to reflect on my learning-curves. It was a grueling and long journey. My trading was really a looooong adventure. It is still an adventure to me, as I m improving further. Do hope my tratles-group will profit well from the current bull-running ... and I still prefer to move out of KLSE, pending election-fear.

Managing our own personal finances may not be everyone's liking ... but it is essentially important. We are talk about our very own financial situation. I have improved a lot ever since I 'forced' myself to change my mindset --- regarding my financial situation. I have written a post about my personal 'gear-up' in my finances ...

Snipping tool : I learnt how to snip-save-paste last night. Cool tools ... more to learn.

Income : This is one most important level ... entry level. We need to increase our income ... our monthly salary, some extra-incomes, passive incomes ... and our work should be towards our personal goals. If we do not have a financial goal ... start one NOW. Make it a new year resolution to educate ourselves, to be financial savvy ... learning the most important subject that schools/uni will not teach. Think of it ... how do we increase our current income level? How do we exchange our TIME into something valuable ... it is true to say, TIME = MONEY. It may sound money-minded, but ... it doesn't need to be. We just need to use our time properly, to generate values in ourselves. Any little bits that could move ourselves to our personal goals ... financially.

The decision to move back to KL 3 years ago paid off. 2 years ago, I started to have a small trading class for my colleagues ... and it paid off too. A year later, I have my first cohort(trading classes) ... and after a year ... I m having my cohort-8. My cohort-9 will only start end-Jan ... so, I will promote that when the dates confirmed and nearing ... tho I m charging cheaply, I m improving well in my contents, presentations and ... communications.

Expenses : Well ... while we like to increase our incomes, we should maintain or ... reduce our expenses. No doubt that my expenses has increaed, I need to make sure the rate of increase in my income is greater than the rate of increase in the expenses. So, I will have extras ... I will also write down all my expenses, cash out-flow ... to check on my expenses. Which area I could reduce further ... to maintain my frugal living.

Incomes - Expenses = Saving/Debts.

If the 'saving' is in negative, then we are actually have more expenses than our income ... and it is matter of time we will be in debts(credit cards is a common financial-freedom killer). Taking personal-loans for renovations or buying large items(extras) is another bad decision to do. We should not be using more than we could earn ... I have learnt that a painful way ... and was heavily in debts merely 3-4years ago.

What should we do?

Clear off the credit-cards and any personal loans as the interest charged is VERY high. Easier said than done ... right? I have done just that ... I make sure my income increases ... and maintain my 'frugal'(no longer frugal as I wish) living ... the extra money, clear off the credit cards. Clear off the personal-loans ... and I am in the level of clearing more loans in 3-5 years time. I do still have car and housing loans --- hope to clear them too in 3-5 years time. With increase income, reducing expenses ... we have positive cash-flow at the end of month. What should we do with it?

Invest ... grow the savings!!

Well, easier said than done again ... I have been consistently growing my 'trading' accounts. Any extras, I will pump it into my accounts .. growing the amount, and focus in my trades, make many good trading decisions(my stock-watch group who has been with me for a year could be my 'witness'). Next year will be a better year, I believe. With my knowledge and experiences increase as I am ever learning, I do believe I will do much better in years to come. TIME is valuable in investing and trading. We do not go for short punt into those speculative stocks. We aim to maintain consistency. To me, being consistent with a good trading system is the only logical way of trading ... consistently and profits will grow, over the time.

Learning is a process : Do it continuously

Now, another important quadrant I should not ignore is "biz" portion ... and I am moving into that direction too. I know I am not good in marketing, or promoting myself ... but I do believe in doing what I am good in ... teaching Maths ... and now, teaching basic trading. So, these are my two options moving into biz-quadrant. I need to learn many skills before I could venture into these ... human soft-skills which I never develop. I could not say ... I don't know how ... I should say, I will learn how to communicate, learn how to present myself, learn to deal with human ...

Hmm ... actually, when I write ... most of the time, I am writing for my own personal pleasure readings!! That is how I blog ... and it has been that for past 10yrs or so. I started to accept that I do have followers ... I may not be a 'public figure' as some put it ... I am quite sure I will still blog and write about my progress. Those who has been reading my 4-yrs old blog here will understand and see how I grow ... mistakes I have done along the way, challenges ... and changes in me. I have 'evolved' into someone I was not ... financial-mindset changed, yet core values in teaching in tact. I still enjoy blogging ... sharing and teaching some newbies, on how I start .. hoping to inspire some newbies ... and guide them. Yes, a teacher in heart ... and that will remain, I know.

Ok ... last blah-blah for 2012 year. haha.

Moving into and that will be more 'professionally' written. I will still drop-by here to write whenever I have blah-blah stories to share. All chart-analysis will be in my new site. Visit me there.

Happy New Year ...


Friday, December 28, 2012

KLCI at new HIGH

Charity Drive : This morning I was busy ... with a tratle(EL) helping, to buy items and to send them to a Charity home. We spent about RM2.7k buying items the house needed. It could last them few months, I hope. Well, this is my X-mas charity-drive ... and supported by many of our tratles, to be able to collect RM3k in short 2-weeks time. I was too busy to 'promote' to many ... but I do think, it is the thoughts and the heart counts, not the amount we give. Anyway, more of these drive to come ... no matter how busy or tired I am. Yes, I have written about my desire to donate to charity-homes. I do hope to create a foundation or a charity-fund in future.

Thanks tratles for being supportive to my 'personal' cause. I do appreciate it a lot ... to know, I have contributed ... in very small manner. Thanks.

KLCI : At new high ... what can I say? RSI breaching 70 again ... 1680 breached. 1700 level next?

As this may be one of last posts about stocks, I hope i3-admin will transfer my to ... as my blah-blah writings will be still in this blog, but all the stocks, charts analysis will be at my new site ... moving to be a little professional about my writings(LOL).

To my blog readers, supporters and even critics ... thanks alot. I would not be motivated to improve further and pushing myself to limits without much of external motivations.

Again ... new year is nearer ... live positively. Stay with positive people(like me. haha) ... and remain focus in our trades. Ignore noises ... while we continue to acquire knowledge.


e-learning group

Days to end 2012 ... I am certainly not prepared. Too many things to settle ... and transferring to is tedious as I do have many different groups.

KLCI going into new high ... 1680 will be done soon ...

I have my last e-meeting with my e-tratles, those going thru e-learning with me for 6 months. It was looong program and many hiccups as I m new into these. Well, with experiences now, I could certainly do better ... so, I have shorten it to 3-month course.

Teaching basic trading in KLSE ... using only few indicators but more on sharing knowledge and experiences  on how we check markets. These are for those who could not come personally to my trading classes, or staying out of Klang Valley. Yes, for my readers who wish to join our group, learning basic technical analysis, chartings ....

So, do contact me for more details. I will be starting next Thu(one more week!!) at night 9.30pm.

A blog will be maintained for reading-materials, with Q&A page and 'live' e-meeting. Yes, I am a teacher ... so, I m dedicated to share.

e-mail :

Today, I will be going to a charity home to donate our RM3k X-mas charity-fund ... yes, I managed to collect RM3k this time around. If I m not mistaken, Raya-charity-fund was also around RM3k. Thanks, tratles for being kind-hearted. We do need to learn to give ...

Next year, with CNY coming ... that will be another round of passing the hat.

Really busy ... market opening higher soon


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Learning is a long journey

It is called a Boxing-Day ... when I was young, I really thought it is a day where boxers will take the rings and ... boxing!!

Our views changed ... when we got to understand terms used better, when we grow ... and maturing. Our perception changed too ... if one is new to trading markets, we really thought we just need to buy and hope the stocks to go higher for us to sell for profits. We were naive ... when we are newbies.

I was a newbie about 5-years ago ... a total newbie, without any knowledge about fundamentals or technical ... don't even know that stocks are controlled, manipulated ... and couldn't understand anything at all. Today, we need to equip ourselves with FA + TA ... also reading some news, announcements, broker reports ... anything about media 'sparingly'.

How time flies ... it was 5-years ago. A consistent learning on how markets work, and the differences between many instruments ... sectors, markets ... and many more. In 5-years, I do see myself learning well, but I think ... few very important MUST HAVE characters in markets are :-

1. LOGIC BRAIN --- learning take time and not random.
2. PERSISTENCE --- never quit attitude with view of improving and progress on.

These two very important ingredients are needed ... to maintain sane and sound, while newbies going into markets ... and without logical brain, they will buy into those too-good-to-be-true software, trading courses, Genneva ... those stones turn into gold stories. They are greed-driven ... and have a thought that market is a place to 'get-rich', take a gamble ... and wait. Well, a reminder ... 80% of them losing money. It is not 50-50, it is 20-80 ... and with the odds stag against us, we would not win/profit from random trade. Our 'luck' will runs out ... somehow, one day.

Got to go ... went to Cameron, came back yesterday ... off to PD for beaches now.

Will continue when I m home tonight?

Happy Holiday ...


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It is nice ... when you could get things off your mind for a while ... and enjoy the company of your own family, occasionally.

I have managed to transfer one group this morning, spent few hours doing that .... from CPTEH to TRATLES. It will takes me another day to transfer them to my site.

Next group to be transferred tonight will my my tratles and e-tratles group. That should occupy me for few days.

Do visit me at :

To be my facebook friend : Click and add as friends.

Click my facebook page here --->

e-learning : I will be starting the e-learning first THU of Jan ... so, in a week time. So, please register asap, and I will finalise the names by next week. So, for those interested to learn basic technical-analysis in the comfort at your own home, through online ... do contact me at

As it will be interactive, it will be 'live' teaching and sharing.

Public-talk : To share how I started in stock-markets ... and about my groups. Those who wish to know more could come for my 'free' online-live public talk, schedule to be this SATURDAY 10am morning!!

This 'Market Cycle' was printed by one of our young tratle to be posted in our meeting-room. Nice.

Merry Christmas ...


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

It is end of year ... holiday mood ... as I m getting busier, preparing for 2013. I will take 3 days off for Christmas, to bring my family to 'somewhere' ... and back on 25th to be with my whole family. We will have Christmas at my yoga-bro place. One day, I will get house too and will invite my whole family ... at current moment, our place is too 'small'. It is a nice feeling ...

Public Talk : About 20 of them attended my 2-hour public talk. Well, I talked about how I started from ground zero ... and 'my stories' ... my first public-talk ... and many to come, so that I could improve myself. I do appreciate their attendance, so I will keep them in my list ... for being my first batch of 'audience'. I will certainly improve in near future ... and will like to have more of such talks, to inspire those young ones, inexperience traders to ... becoming good in trading. Do learn simple common-logic and understand how market works.

If I am around, I will plan for another public talk next Saturday 29th. Will post it here.

Merry Christmas!!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Public Talk

KLCI : A black candle ... short correction before surging to new high?

It is almost 7am now ... I will be having a 'public talk' around 9.30am ... well, I will talk about my blah-blah-blah ... on how I started my trading adventure ... from 2006 till now ... planning an hour talk, with half hour of Q&A.

Time : 9.30 am to 11am

Add me in facebook :!/cp.tratles

 Or else ... refresh this page as I will send a link here, if the 'limit' is not reached yet ...

See you all(making me nervous now). hehe


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

Year ending ... world might end. I have so many plans ahead for the year ... for 2013. Will we be seeing the 'light' ... and for coming Christmas?

It is tiring ... rushing here and there .... overseeing many things going on. It is physically tiring and mentally tiring too. Last night ... before sleep, I was emotionally drained too. So, at times ... we wonder what we are doing ... planning and such .... is it worth it? But, I know I need to continue to push forward, if I want to see improvements. So much rooms for improvements ... in my blogging, in my teaching of trading ... in my expansions of tratles-group and yes, on personal ground too. I need to improve in my communication skills, public speaking skills ... dealing with human and people. It is certainly not my strong points, but I have changed drastically ... trying to be a 'promoter' too. I know I done some mistakes, glaring blunders ... but at least, I have tried and changed for a better. More long path to go ...

KLCI : Gapped up yesterday ... time for reversal?

SKPetrol : Broken into new high yesterday ... I posted in my stock watch in the morning when it was at RM3 ... and grabbed SK-ca at 0.27. Many in my group bought into her at 0.265-0.27. As I was busy, I parked at 0.295 ... and went for classes. In the noon session ... it was done ... and I was told it went to 0.31 ... rushing into my platform, I grabbed at 0.32 and queued at 0.345. I thought it was done when I came back home, but somehow my queue was not sent? will need to sell today ...

Sent to my stock-watch in the morning

SKPetrol : Moving above RM3 again. Checking breakout of 3.04 level ... funds will be buying and pushing it higher. Cut-loss : 2.95 or below ...........................................................

Note : I went for sk-ca at 0.27, expiry 2 months. High risk if SK did not breakout.

#1 : Bought 0.27 and sold 0.33

#2 : Bought 0.265 and sold 0.34

#3 : Profitted RM1,600

#4 : Bought 0.27, sold 0.295 ... and 0.33, sold 0.345

#5 : Bought 0.265, sold 0.30 ... and 0.323 and sold 0.335

#6 : Bought mommy RM3.02

There are a few more but did not write on the page(too shy?) ... Normally, I do not ask anyone to tell me their trades. I will only tell others what I buy and sell, I do not ask anyone to buy-sell anything.

Well, we need to be patient to wait for opportunities ... we wait. Many of times, we missed. For example, PWRoot ... I missed the breakout. And I do not chase ...

DOW down 100points after two strong surges. We could see KLCI to re-trace ...

FKLI : I was have a brief talk for my stock-watch group as I will be sharing with them my trades in FKLI next year onwards. With election fear in place, those risk takers should learn how to trade FKLI ... as we could short the index. Well, this could be the last leg up ... prepare to liquidate our stocks. I will only want to learn FCPO ... long it will be good.

Those who wish to join my stock-watch group, please contact me :

Add me :!/cp.tratles

Saturday talk : Do join me 'live' as I will be giving a public talk online ... and the topic will be sharing on how I started my learning of trading in markets, hoping that many will be inspired to be good too.

Also, those who wish to join our tratles-group ... do make that commitment to learn. My cohort-9 is open for registration and class will start end of mid/end of Jan.

Those who are from 'out-station'(other states la), you may join my e-tratles group.

Dedicated to share and teach ...



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

KLCI rushing for new high

DOW up yet another 115 points, to close at 13350 ... and heading for the high at 14k level. HSI is still far from 30k level ... while KLCI is also reaching for new high soon ... will we be breaking 1680 by next week?

Axiata : This is the best performing telco ... even with two bearish candle-stick, it gapped up yesterday to test the new high level. With RSI at 72, we will check if it could break new high today as bullish sentiments in-tact. A breakout in a making ... watch.

One of my first finance website I visited in daily basis was yahoo-finance.

Shanghai Index : Breached 2000 level, and we are in a recovery mode. My HKSE's stocks are doing well as hot-money flowing into HKSE ...

Well, the above chart was used in my initial stage in markets. I do without MACD, only with RSI ... and MA lines. Learning is such a long process ... making it simple, breaking into smaller pieces ... and progress on. I do think discipline and being persistent is very important too. At times, we might be distracted ... de-motivated ... too busy ... so, that is more we need to have a learning-goal, plan for months or years to come ... and knowing what we want to learn. Being logical is one of the most important ingredient I will place ... for learning to trade. What I mean is ... we need to phase out our learning curves ... then, step by step ... we increase our knowledge ...

I will be giving a talk about how I started ... this Saturday. One may add me ...!/cp.tratles

12.40 pm : KLCI gapped up today, but back down .. still 2points plus in green. Axiata down 2% as expected due to overbought and hitting new high resistance. Well ... KLCI pulled by SIME ... and Petgas/PetDag. Some funds buying hugely into SIME today ... KLK recovering too, so ... is plantation about to move?

PPB : Reaching lower ... to 11.20 levels now. The last time I checked her, it was at RM12 ... then rebounded strongly to RM14 ... and retracing lower ... now. Worth watching for rebound again.

page-view : Reached 1.2mil so far ... with many clicks from my own. Haha. This blog is numbered, as I will be moving to in coming weeks, hoping I could get that done and readied by end of DEC.

Got to go ... happy trading.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bullish Day?

1.40pm : KLCI closed 6+ points for lunch. At a point, it went to 9+ points in the morning. DOW closed 100 points last night ... fiscal-cliff or not, we are in bull-rally. Not all stocks moving, tho. Selected ones ... like UMW and Axiata ... still climbing higher. So, KLCI going to break to 1675 again?

AirAsia : Rebounded in the morning for short-term traders to sell, back to 2.60 levels. Do not buy-hold this counter at current moment. Trade.

MAS : At 70cents levels, the new low ... how low could it goes? Watch.

Written in my facebook recently

Last year DEC I was told that I m a "public figure" and I don't take it seriously. After a year, I have slowly accepted that I do have followers. The two main groups in my Facebook are my students(& ex) and my traders circle.

Next year, I will like to stay humble, work hard for the betterment of my students and tratles. I will assume responsibilities as I lead the groups. The motivation comes from many supports given. I do not want to let anyone down.

Thanks for trusting me and giving me a chance to improve myself. Thanks for accepting my weaknesses and through it, making me a stronger person. Thanks.

This Saturday morning, I will be free ... without tuition classes for coming 3 weeks. So, I will spend a little time to get in-touch with my readers and many 'supporters'. I will create a 'fans' page, accepting that I am a 'public figure' after one whole year ... some of my tratles telling me so. Well, before my cohort-1, I am a loner ... I really dislike crowds. It is not that I like 'attentions', but it is more of ... emm .. like ... projecting good image? haha ... I m very bad in these marketing-stuff, I prefer to be myself, alone and ... doing things at my own pace, not being judged ... and letting myself to fail, fall and push myself up again and again. That is just my 'joy' of seeing myself in pain of failing ... and realising my 'technical rebound' will be strong. A good stock will rebound sharply once it is being pressed too low(oversold) for too long(forming a base). Hmm ... interesting analogy.

Anyway ... it will be interesting to meet some readers online ... sharing with them 'how I started' ... 'how I struggled' ... ' how I cope with loses' ... 'how I continue to learn' ... 'how I survived' ... 'how I improved' ... etc etc ... and audience are allowed to ask questions, only related to learning(not about stocks).

Time : 9.30 am to 11am(hopefully won't drag on)

Add me in facebook :!/cp.tratles

If the response is good(limited to first 25 only ... if late, wait to see if anyone leave early(haha)), then I will have session two at nights. In the afternoon, I do have a trading-class with my cohort-8 batch, actually.

Got to run again.


KLCI to correct ...

KLCI : With bearish tecnically, I have asked many to sell their TM ... some managed to sell at RM5.83 today, which is good. Telcos showing weakness, and may pull KLCI lower. So, will take second short position tmr once confirmed.

Tmr I will give my stock-watch group a 'free' talk on FKLI and why we all should learn to trade FKLI. Hence, more will be opening their FKLI/FCPO accunts soon ... I will not recommend them any brokers, as I do not promote any. I am an independent.

I m using my new pc ... yeah, upgrading my one-year old desktop with this one ... very fast as it is 'new' and with so-called latest. Running on i5, 1TB Seagate HDD, with applications running on 120GB SDD. I shown the spec in my facebook and taken into some recommendations(such as the SDD). Now, to go online with higher speed ... what should I do? Upgrade my Unifi? Anything else to update?

It is kinda late ... need to rest.



Sunday, December 16, 2012

Breaking goals into smaller pieces

Breaking goals into smaller bits. Do that in daily basis, building a base for the larger ones. To be a good trader, it takes years. So, break our learning-curves into smaller paths, get someone to help us to shorten our learning curves(the purpose of our tratles-group) and be persistent, consistent and determined.

Be realistic ... plan your improvements with a 3-5 years time frame. Market is always there. Learn first ... learn well(by not wasting precious time) ... and the more we spend our time constructively, we could see we are nearer to our goals. I am a living example ... and still progressing on.

If you are a reader of mine for one year or less, you are too new. I started about 5 years ago .... with zero knowledge about finances, zero-ground about anything ...  relating to finances and markets. If I could place my goals(written) and making it a reality(be focus ... break it into small pieces) ... everyone could do it too. Or it that so?

I will be giving an e-public-talk ... to share to those who wish to know how I started in my trading-investing next Tuesday. I will send the link to those interested, but you need to add me in my facebook :

CHANGE of date : Due to my prior arrangements with my stock-watch group, I could not make the talk tmr night and need to postpone it to this Saturday morning(session one) and night(session 2). Sorry for any inconvience caused.!/cp.tratles

 It is 'free' ... just to communicate with my readers and sharing how I started. It will be limited to only first 100 of them. For more info, check my facebook-page.

Have a nice Sunday.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dream Holiday

Cancun - Mexico

Will go there, one day. :)


KLCI overbought, to retrace

It is Sat ... it is college-holiday. I just came back from Mydin for marketing. Food and some basic house-hold items, some toys ... costing me about RM200. I do go marketing at Mydin as it is one of the cheapest whole-saler mart and it is near the place I m staying.

I slept quite late last night as we have short meeting and then we for teh-tarik with two of my senior tratles, listening to some of their comments. One of it is to ignore i3-noises and do what I am doing as I am doing good, focus in what I have in hands, be tactful when dealing with humans ... those majority of tratles respect and apprciated my efforts of helping others, not all who smile to you are your 'supporters'. Some have ulterior motives and .... we have to accept it. Just need to ignore that and move forward positively. Continue to lead the group ... with the new site, be in control and organise. Continue to improve in your teaching of trading, the spread of words is the best advertisement. We may do some mistakes along the way, offend others un-intentionally ... accept that and continue to improve. hmmm .... I am so glad have such good senior tratles(I have 3 whom I appreciate their advices) to point out my weaknesses, improve myself and diverting my focus back into what I need to do.

THANKS, guys.

i3-forum : Someone nice told me that many in i3 still are supporters of mine, and only few of them trying to 'tarnish' my name or intention. Well, I have left i3 for 2-3 weeks now, so I do not know what bad-words being spread and prefer to focus in 'serving' my group. Hence, I will not bother about the noises and take my senior friends advices. If we are clean and clear, we do not need to justify ourselves. There will always be people who won't agree with anything, with anybody. Let it be ... thanks for inviting me back to i3-forum but ... no thanks. I prefer nice people. i3-readers are less than a year reading postings, barely know who I am and what my real intention. So, ignored.

facebook/blog : Those who wish to join my trading-group(free page) could add me in facebook and look for "CP Trading Group". To search for my nick, one may use my e-mail and just ask permission to be added in the group. I do at times drop few lines there ... but my tratles closed group will still be my priority. My new blog will be my main blog and this blog will be more personal blah-blah ... seleceted chart analysis will be posted in main page of while all other things will be 'privitised' .. only for my tratles.

KLCI : At resistance 1652, two bearish candle-sticks seen. Reversal in the making, perhaps for short term profit taking. So, I took a short-position in FKLI. We shall see ...

will continue as I need to go ... we have a meeting for the second batch today.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Creativity starts from a belief


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Turning up the gears, financially

3.15 pm : Market went up higher again in the morning ... but coming down now ... and back to 1650. Well, we had an e-meeting with our tratles group last night, where we mentioned to all that KLCI is reaching resistance 1652 and expecting a retracement. Last also saw EK, the young tratle of mine, taken 'over' to do the analysis of KLCI ... well, giving him the chance to learn to analyse charts!! He might be nervous and done few errors ... but with me(and many seniors) there, he should be doing fine... in future.

TM : Sold all my TM this morning when it touched 5.90, dropped to 5.85 ... and sold during that short rebound at 5.86-5.87. Thanks as many in our group bought into TM.

MAS : At 0.75 as it broken 0.80 level yesterday. This will be hard-landing for our National Pride. MAS is Mana Ada Sistem for years ... since my schooling years.

Personal Financial Changes

6 years ago : I was broke

Well, it is end of year ... reflecting on my personal financial situation ... I have married for almost 8 years now ... marriage changed my whole perpective about MONEY. It was lack of money that I was so stressed, being looked down when I was in KK ... staying in a room with my parents-in-law, couldnt afford anything at all ... and new pregnant wife was very stressed ... when it comes to money. I was heavily in debts ... due to marriage. And when my first son was born ... I was broke. I read RDPD, trying to understand why I was such an idiot, why I do not have the money to ... support my family. I was ashamed of myself ... knowing that I was a grad from a pretigous(used to be, not anymore) local UM. Being a lecturer, with salary about RM3k+ is certainly far from enough to pay for a Kancil, a small apartment, daily expenses ... and more. I have to borrow money to do sopme keropok-biz ... and failed in that. It was so painful ... being broke.

I always remember that I ran to the beach ... lied down there, at night ... raining ... and cried. I cried my heart out ... as my new-baby-boy and wife aslept. It was 2am then ... if I do not do anything about my personal finances, I will be in debts(credit cards and personal loans) ... I do not even dare to tell any of my family members in KL. I know they will help me and ask me to come back to KL ... I was there, being at the lowest point of my financial mess. It is still very clear ... it was 6 years ago.

Gear 1 : Taking charge

Who said money is not important? I was brought up in poor family ... where my dad was a gambler, my mom has to support herself by being a hawker. We were brought up by our aunties, as our moms. My aunty will always tell us 'money is the root of all evil' ... and it was planted in my idiot-brain. I do not want to do anything much regarding money. I never want to face reality about money. It is evil.

How am I going to get out of my debts ... how should I start?

As I was staying in the small back room of my parents-in-law house, my mom is law was kind enough to accomodate us. I was using her back portion to 'goreng keropok', doing small biz and earn peanuts. I was very determined to do somthing about my personal finances. No one could understand how a lecturer has to work till 5pm, rushed home in his bike ... kissed his wife-boy, and start working on the keropok-biz till mid-night ... everyday, including weekends. Incredible amount of energy ... when you are being pushed into the end hole of no where. It is like a 'technical rebound' ... being pressed so long, so low ... it has to rebound strongly(or die-off, de-listed). That is the beginning of many things to come ...

Gear 2 : Changes needed

I made TWO changes ... I quitted Inti and went to Sinaran. That is slight increase in the salary ... and I shifted out of that small room, to rent a place nearby the school ... in order to be able to walk to school and students could come for tuition. I was charging RM50 per hour and very glad that many students coming to know me, and taken tuition from me. Well, the rental was RM800 ... and we rented out the other rooms to others!! I was still continuing the failing keropok-biz by my own ... and finally, gave-up after 2.5years. I was focusing in tuition ... and started to be in KLSE. That was DEC 2007 ... I borrowed RM5k and saved RM5k ... to start with RM10k. I told my wife ... I will not give-up in stock-market ... and nothing is impossible. Many people around me discouraged me to take such a risky gamble. They have lost lots of money or heard of someone lost money into stock-markets. I started to buy some books(anything RM50 or more was expensive to me) ...

For the first time, after married for 2years plus, I allowed my family to have a lunch/dinner in a restaurant ... once a month. Yeah ... we are doing ok now ... with no of tuition classes increased. I was still in debts but at least I am able to breathe ... but we still could not afford anything much.

In 2008, due to election in Mac and sub-prime crisis ... I lost a lot of my RM10k capital to market ... not knowing what to do. In Nov-Dec, market was recovering well ... and I started to gain back some of my losses ... and that was when Dr JL came to me in Mac 2009 to learn trading ... I have written few times about him ... and the pain of losing a friend(still owed me RM8k ... and it was very huge to me, back then). Well ... my baby girl was born.

Gear 3 : Drastic changes needed

Somehow ... I knew I need to go back to KL to learn more about trading-investing and also to earn more. Sinaran shifted to Menggatal and it is no longer a walking distance. My tuition classes affected. It is not a choice ... I took the courage and moved out of KK, a very nice place to stay.

Leaving few of my items in my apartment, left empty ... and came to KL. Got a new job with increased of 25% of the salary(KK) ... I do still fly back to KK during weekends to finish my tuition-classes who will be sitting for their exams in May.

With my new teaching job secured, I looked for tuition classes in KL ... have to travel to KLCC-area and Sri Hartamas, in my small kap-chai. That was my first year back to KL. Year-1 was a real struggle ... especially first few months where we do not have anything at all, in a rented apartment.

As my tuition classes picking up, with the rate doubled whats in KK, I started to buy a car(current Proton ... sold my Kancil in KK) ... a sofa and some basic household items. First year in KL ... a group of my colleagues interested to learn about stock-market. I called them cohort-0 now.

I saved some money to attend a trading course, tho I m well-verse in the technical analysis, actually. I spent RM4k+ for the 2.5 days course ... and realised tha NO ONE could actually learn trading in days. All those trading courses out there advertised and market well their packages, to attract many ... I wrote in my blog back then ... as I was experiencing something that many learners went through ... over-paying for a trading course ... and learning nothing much in days!! How could anyone brilliant enough to learn trading in days. It is not possible ... I should know better. I am in the thick of market-trading for hours daily for past years ... all those advertisements are so mis-leading! Then .. I paused and think ... think about an e-mail a reader wrote to me ... "how about teaching us some basic trading for small fees?".

That was how I started last year ... in Sept ... when market was crashing down, I have my cohort-1. I was charging RM50 per session of 3hours back then. Yeah ... to learn RSI, MACD and such ... one could read from websites( is good) and books. But to trade using those indicators ... it certainly required more that just readings!! I made the class to be forth-nightly, Friday nights. I was thinking ... there is NO WAY anyone could learn a module in 3 hours ... so, a space of two weeks would be good. If these learners are illogical(get rich quick mentality), they will drop ... and won't like my 'no lose money' course. That is fine with me as ... afterall, 80% are losing in KLSE, right?

I bought an apartment(RM160k) ... and my kids able to go to kinder, have toys of their choice ... going to restaurant without thinking of debts. I have worked very hard, and stock-markets giving me good profits to ... withdraw some cash and clear off my debts. I do not have credit-card debts anymore ... I could afford to treat my family lunches/dinners ... and making my aunties very proud of me. Yes, I even bought BJToto(RM4.20 two years back, div yield 6%) and TopGlove(RM5.50) for them and profit well(better than putting into FD, ok?). Yes ... financially without debts ...

I do have good responses in my trading classes, teaching with passion, as always ... and most of my tratles appreciate the whole group.

We gave RM3k plus for the recent tratles-charity fund and now, we are reaching RM2k+ at the moment and I still have a week time to reach RM3k+ too. Thanks.

Gear 4 : A notch up

AFter 3 years in KL, I am moving ahead ... looking for a better next year. Our group is excited about next year ... and we will prove to all that we are the minority 20% that do not lose money and now, we want many in our tratles group to profit well ...

I still have long way to go ... to achieve my financial freedom goal. But, remember ... I was from another extreme end(broke) just years back ... I m going to open my own tuition centers ... perhaps, trading centers in future ... and making few millionaires in our young tratles. I might write a book next year ... I don't know. I do know that it will be another exciting year for me, in my works and markets. I do have many plans ... and need to focus in what could bring values ... my net-worth.

Yes, invest in our brain ... ourselves and work hard on it. Not many could do what I m doing ... because it takes a lot of sacrifices(no entertainment ... nothing!!) with averagely 6 hours of classes per day and another 4-6 hours per day analysing markets, learning the finer points.

Next year ... I will move a notch up ... I will be extremely busy and being busy is good. Being a leader, I also need to lead my groups, to be profitable ones. It is not easy but I have done well ... our whole group is doing well.

Next year ... 2013 ... my son will be in Std One. I will move ahead ... after struggling all these years. I know there will be many more obstacles to face .... but it is the challenges that make us stronger. Well ... my financial mindset has changed

new site :

I am not a financial 'guru' ... I read a lot of financial books to change my whole mindset. I was a typical financial-idiot teachers who love teaching his/her subjects but never learn to manage his/her financial situation. I m writing it here ... to inspire many more who think it is not possible to be out of debts.

Today, I am not rich(financially) ... but I am rich in values, knowing that I have helped so many and also many of those grateful ones. So, I will want to stick with those supportive ones ... those positive ones.

Those young ones ... new in markets, it will be good if you could join our group as there are many kind seniors sharing their experiences, and you will certainly benefit a lot ... and that investment(to increase your knowledge) will do you very well in the future.

Make a new-year resolution : To learn how to manage personal finances.

It is 6.20pm now ... time to rest, read a book ... and think on how to increase my income, stay frugal and humble ... and one day, be financially free.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12.12.12 as the world ends

It is 12.12.12 .... well, 12.12am moments ago ... DOW up 100+ points ... and KLCI reaching 1640 today ... so, those analysts will tell you we are heading to 1700 soon ... hehe. Buy!!

As I am too busy to write, too busy with marking-papers, renovations, planning and such ... I do not realise many things going on around me. I do not even visit i3 anymore, but was told that my blog is still there? And there are still someone placing comments in some of my posts? Hmm ....

TM : trailing Axiata but done a good stunt today. Still holding hugely and might sell half first, go for something 'smaller'.

Maxis : ex for 8cents dividends ... bought into her before market closing.

Parkson : Sold 4.63 today ... bought at 4.58 then ex-div 10cents ... so, cost at 4.48.

SPSetia : Still staying above RM3 but not moving?

We are in bullish mood again ... night as the world is going to end.

PC : Buying another desktop ... need to have few and also many monitors, to look real ... like a trader!! Haha.


Monday, December 10, 2012

KLCI rebounds, as expected?

It is really a maniac Monday ... crazy!!

KLCI up 11points, I am too busy to check. Axiata up above RM6 but others lagging ... TM still hanging RM6.50 ... Maxis is interesting(can buy leh ... can?).

AirAsia : I have gave my opinions to my whole group to avoid(given 7 reasons!!) and do not grab at support 2.80 ... broken on Friday, touched 2.71 this morning. I was sharing with my tratles(cohort-8) last Saturday ... and stating that I will like AirAsia at RM1.50 ... yes, not RM2.50 leh. Well, support at RM2.35 and we shall check her when its going below RM2.60? Alert me.

WCT : ex- and still up ... the WCT-wb from 0.20 to 0.40 now ... that is double the amount. Flip that 10 times, Rm1k turning into RM1mil?

Astro : Reaching RM3 target, given at RM2.70 ... it is a sell to me. Astro in news ... The Star. Sell on news?

TWS : Worth watching ...

Will try to write tonight ... tho I am very tired now. Got to run for another 3 hours class!!


Sunday, December 09, 2012

Selected 2011-2012 IPOs

Armada : IPO(RM3.15) --- at RM3.80 level now, it is still way above the IPO's value. The high was at RM4.50, and if not mistaken this is another over-valued AK's counter ... with PE x20 when it was listed. So, we need to wait for it to go below RM3.15, giving 20% discount to that is roughly 63cents. So, buying around RM 2.50 or below?

Astro : IPO(RM3)

CSL : IPO (RM0.95)

FGV : IPO (RM4.55)

GasM : IPO (RM2.20)





OldTown : IPO (RM 1.25)

PavReit : IPO (RM0.88)

Presbhd : IPO (RM90)

Sendai : IPO (RM1.70), currently at RM1.33, down by more than 20%. The peak was at RM1.82. The two highlighted was given in Jan-Feb stock watch, to buy at RM1.55 and sell nearing IPO RM1.70. That was one of many good trades. I am still watching Sendai but won't touch it at current level.

SKPetro : IPO (RM2.00)

Smartag : IPO (RM 0.31)

Sunway : IPO (RM2.80)

UOADev : IPO (RM2.90)

hope to continue : re-visit

IPO = its probably over-valued.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Tratles : Profitting from markets

Saturday ... worked half-day in the morning as we have 'Open-Day' where students registering for courses. Now, I need to rest and mentally prepare for my module-3, a 3-hour talk about MACD and Stochastics for my cohort-8(in less than an hour?). I m kinda tired now as I had a long day ... and last night gathering, many of tratles came to discuss about 'future' plans ... where we are forming a traders group. It is to delegate stocks to many and share information. It is at initial stage now ... where we want only those logical and committed ones in the group(rather than sitting around waiting to know what stock to buy-sell). Yes, the whole group has been doing very well for a year now ... and with new tratles joining in, the group growing larger ... and we could have more brains to work together, with similar goals in market ... to profit.

The idea to double our capital in a year. Is it possible? We are talking about RM1k turning into RM2k. Well ... if the capital is only RM1k, it is OK ... to even lose all, right? But, assuming we are reaching 2^7 = RM128k, will you put all your money in a stock, hold for a year and hope it will double to RM256k?

To achieve RM1mil with RM1k, we need 2^10 = 1024. In other words, if one could double in a year the capital and assuming we re-invest the whole capital into markets, that will take us 10years. Heck, who do not want RM1m with RM1k(start-up capital) ... even in 10years? Is it workable and possible? THINK.

Well ... I am a very realistic person. Yet, I do think it is doable, it is possible ... it is all about getting the right stock(s) at the right time ... check the charts of strong uptrend ... were unknown or dormant. Stocks llike QL, Seg, KPJ and many more have doubled(or more, actually). So, we want to work together to have a chance to grab such stocks ... before they became 'hot stocks'. Check Oldtown or Padini, the two hot-stocks ... have they doubled?

It is easier said than done ... but it is still do-able. I am open-minded to accept ideas ... and together we could profit. Yes, the motive of making the group a 'no-lose money group' will checking to go into 'how to profit' ... as the group maturing. Those newbies will not understand how difficult it is to be in markets, the risk too ... and those old-timers will continue to punt/gamble on some 'Tiger-show', hope to get rich quick. I m optimistic ... yet realistic.

At the moment, I m glad that majority of them are nice and logical people in the group, hoping to work together ... many newbies/novices certainly learnt a lot from sharing in the group. Nothing come easy ... providing a platform for traders and investors to meet, and respect each other ... I am glad ... with the current 'growth' and I m glad that I have helped so many of them.

In return, I am glad they are supportive towards my charity drives!! I have RM1.5k donation now after less than a week of sharing with my group my intention to have x-mas donation drives. Thanks alot.

Ok ... it is almost 2pm ... time to get ready as some will be coming soon ...

Happy Weekend ahead.

p/s : The beats of this song was playing in my head while having lunch just now. Don't know why ... but I still like the song very much!!


Friday, December 07, 2012

Friday ... finally.

KLCI flat today ... nothing much.

It is really such hectic schedules ... with many things going on, updating and reminding my groups about activities etc etc.

Tonight we will have 'packed' attendence for our Friday's gathering as one of our senior willing to share his idea of profitting from markets ... and as it is free for majority of active tratles, many very glad to attend. I will be a participants tonight. Haha ... yes, it will be good to see some familiar faces ... and that is what needed ... a good gathering for one to know another since I have many cohorts now(from 1 to 8).

Tmr will be my module-3 with my cohort-8, talking about basic MACD and Stochastics. With my current Maths classes still on, it is not easy to juggle so many things ... at a time.

Yes, glad it is Friday ... and hope to catch a breath tmr night or slowing down on Sunday.

Happy Weekend ahead.


p/s : For those e-mail,  please allow me to reply on Sunday, k? Thanks for your patience

Thursday, December 06, 2012

My new pages

I am wearing green today ... expecting KLCI to break 1612 ... and reversal seen now. KLCI closed at 1616.89 for lunch ...

It is kinda hectic schedules for me ... rushing from a place to another, overseeing one thing after another. And I m being handicapped by no-specs for second day. I can only see red-green in my screens ... and unclear numbers/ticks. Need to address this asap ... arrgg ...

I got few nice wordings in my facebook today. Very timely and such good reminders.

Now to clarify further a few e-mail from few readers about my new site(it will be tratles-page) ... it is created for tratles. There will be few difference pages there :-

1. The homepage and main-page will only about few stock-analysis or anything about markets, financial etc etc ... and I will submit to i3-admin to change this site with my new site-address. Yes, it will be free ... as it is mainly about what stocks our group traded and for newbies/novices to learn, share and such. You do not need to agree or disagree. It is just what I am checking, but related to markets.

2. This blog will still be there ... as I am a blogger, I still blah-blah ... if one does not like, one could always turn away(don't be dumb, ok? ... don't like, move away la). So, basically ... this blog will write about MY trading adventures, my trading classes, my tratles, my charity drive, my biz-venturing,my financial situations, my blah-blah-blah. It is MY blog, not others to be pleased. Go to #1 for stock-related analysis but I still do not owe anyone anything, right? Of coz this is 'free' as it is my dairy ... I do have many 'ardent' fans who followed my blog for years? Thanks.

3. Tratles page, with weekly analysis and from our monthly meetings, reading materials, sharing of articles, trading ideas, discussions on stock-analysis(FA, TA and NA) ... anything related to our closed group will be maintained here ... and it is closed, ONLY for active-tratles. Those tratles who 'graduated' but no longer joining for meetings and such will not be here. A chat-box for tratles to chat 'live' and trade together. It is very effective and good for learning. Only those active ones ...

4. Another stock-analysis page for 'public' ... besides my tratles, this will be closed-page too ... just checking on my trades and to learn too. Many are here now, tho they do not trade those stocks ... they participate by learning and sharing. Yes, making trading not a loner activity. A chat-box will be created in this forum too. Once I have traded some of the stocks, I will post it in page #1, for discussion and sharing purposes.

5. As I will be continuing with my e-learning, to cater to those out of klang valley readers and those interested to join tratles group ... they will be called e-tratles. The course material will be similar to the one in my tratles but this is thru online ... of coz, coming in person will be more effective, but I m improving well ... and I do have many from all over ... including some in Spore, UK, AUZ ... they are Malaysians staying there. This is a closed group too.

So, I hope I have clarify a little some of e-mails asking to join my forum/group which I do not know what they meant?

For more info : e-mail :

Got to run again.


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Stock Watch : Esprit

It is 12.25 pm ... going into lunch hour.  KLCI up 4 points plus ...

This morning, I fogot to bring my specs ... or shall I say, I don't know where my specs is now. I have been four-eyed since last Dec. Yes, I have good eye-sights till recently ... after years of staring at the monitor for hours per day, blinking from red-green ... arrghh ... I need to get a new specs soon as I hv to zoom 150% to write this post!!

Nothing to trade ... busy with some renovations(year-end) and also new plannings.  Too busy to chat in my chat-box too ... so, what stocks should we be looking at going into Jan?

Plantation : The battered sector at the moment ... and worth to do some work. Need to check the recovery of CPO, which went below 2300 yesterday.

BAT and UMW : Countinue to be used to support KLCI as the 4-telcos lagging behind. Read that UMW going to list their O&G arms, is that true? That news is like .. emm ... years ago? I was very new in market back then.

Astro : Moving back to IPO soon, ever wonder why Astro dropped to 1.60+ levels and recovering strongly to 2.97 today? Ok ok ... they might place Astro into index-link. Ok ok ... they won the EPL rights(vs TM) ... or perhaps the good reports coming out soon. But, why such a huge drop from IPO ... giving many investors a 'fear' feeling ... shaking investors confidence? I have given Astro at around 2.70 to my stock-watch group and asked them to sell when nearing RM3.

Johotin : Resistance was at 1.65 and I asked those in my stock-watch group to sell. Gapped up ... too fast and strong, contra players need to take profits.

SPSetia : Still in depressed mode ... luck for few in my group who managed to sell at 3.17-3.20 days ago. At 3.08 today ... buying at 2.95? Catching a knife? ouch.

I am avoiding penny stocks, call-warrants or even small-mid caps counters. The risk is there .. so, it will be better to sideline, watch for recovery ...

Jaks : At 0.325 today, new low.

Sendai : At 1.29, new low too ... another under-perfoming IPO?

LionInd : Recovering from 0.90 ... need to watch.

Recently, a senior tratle is suggesting to form a group of commited ones, to work together to search for 'gems' and also coming out with plans(long term) on how we could double our capitals. It will be interesting to listen what he has in his mind ... and we are calling for a meeting for tratles who are interested. I m always open-minded to learn ... listen and analyse.

Esprit : At 11.88 today ... nice number, up 3% plus and HSI up almost 300 points. FYI, Esprit came crashing down from peak HK120+ levels ... and could never recover that.

Last Sunday, I attended a tratle's weeding(JT of cohort-2). A table for us tratles, should be 10 of us ... but 2 absent. One of the interesting topic we talked about is SALARY ... as we are from different industries ... well, I always thought 'lecturers' (newly grad) as the most under-paid category (range around RM2k only ... adding around RM100 for each year experience in teaching ... so, guess my salary as I hv been in teaching line for 23 yrs now). An engineer told me ... the new engineers don't earn much either. Unless they have been in the line for 5 yrs or more ... then, there will be great jump in their salary. I do know my cousin bro, as engineer, getting almost double mine!!

Salary always seen as a sensitive issue(I dont know WHY) ... so, i hope I could make a comparison ... to see if it is true to say 'lecturers' salary scale is one of the lowest in private sector!!'.

off ... and will think of how to increase our salary?


Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Too busy ...

Many things on my plate ... hardly have the time to look into it ... it is year-end where new plans and moves ...

new site: Yes, it is under construction ... my blog will still be free ... after-all, it is a blah-blah empty blog(LOL) in which I will just write whatever I want ... perhaps just change the name ... into blah-blah adventure? I don't know ... or just leave it as it is. Being a blogger, I will still write ... even without a simgle reader, and I do not gain anything from any ads.

I will still write my stock analysis ... placing few stocks our groups are trading and making some remarks, in a view of sharing with others. So, basically ... nothing change much for this blog. But, in my new-site, it will be linked to our tratles closed-groups ... our trader's club I am forming and there will be a few different categories. I will also place a chat-box embed in the site so that all could communicate and share. The best part so far ... majority of nice logical humans in our group

Few e-mails coming in yesterday as some thought I will stop my blah-blah ... no, I hv blah-ed for years, it is part of my lives ... so, it will stay. It is matter what I blog about ... songs? politics? thoughts? finances? teaching? sports? grandma's stories? I dont know ...

Padini : Rebounds ... touched 1.69 low yesterday, closed 1.72 below 1.75 levels ... at 1.80 level now.

Johotin : Reached 1.65 resistance to sell again ... it will still be in-play.

time to run again ... arrghhh


Monday, December 03, 2012

Get up and try

I have been so busy over the weekend and last week ... this week would be a busy one too with paperworks to be completed ... I need to try to finish it ... so that I could focus in many more new plans coming up by end of month(year).

Are we in resolution-year-end mood again? I do have plenty ... many are dealing with my characters, attitudes, thoughts .... something could not be solved with money.

Resolution 1 : Be FOCUSED. Do whats are in hand. Too many things to be done. Narrow down. Priortize. Eliminate those petty ones. Delegate. Grow what is in hands.

Resolution 2 : DO IT NOW. Do not procrastinate. To move ahead, we need the first step, then take the next step as anew.

Resolution 3 : Be with those support you. Surrounded with positive people. Do not bother about noises or ignore small minds. Check environment ... conducive for growing ideas, thoughts, minds and opinions.

I will TRY to write later ... visit

12.35 pm : SPSetia at 3.19 now, best buyer in my group is Rm3.02, always buying better than me. :P

7.05 pm : KLCI down 3.48, with Tiger being tamed.

PChem : Down 29cents ... interestingly nice. Our top loser for today!!

MNRB : Closed at 2.80, planted 2.30 to form loooong tail. The tail is fake la. This is one opportunity.

e-mail me at  for those who wish to join my group and as my blog will be privitised soon, many things will be shared with members only. That will eliminate those haters and negative vibes, narrowing to those who see positive learnings in my writings.


p/s : I do not check i3 for weeks now ... dont know if my blog still featured there, but changing into a new site in Jan2013 onwards, anyway.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

It is December ...

It is Sat ... it is Dec ... and how time flies. We will be seeing end of 2012 ... and also the end-of-the-world day is nearing too ... what are our 'last' wishes before we leave the world or leave the year, depending on your beliefs?

SPSetia : The sell-down by some funds due to the 'news' that it was taken out of MSCI. Well, SPSetia, MahSing and IJMLand are still leaders in our property-sector.

I do still have enquiries about my groups ... I am establishing tratles-group to help traders to share opinions, news ... information and supports. It helps a lot ... as trading could be a 'lone' journey. By sharing with others, I have benefitted a lot this year ... my knowledge and experiences. Yes, investing in ourselves is the first step in investment world.

Yes, I do have e-learning ... for those who wish to learn basic market trading. I will certainly improving in my presentation, my sharings ... and such. It is time consuming but it is worth it when we could see many learning well. So, e-learning is still in my mind.

As for my current e-tratles, I will form a active e-tratles group for those who wish to continue to learn and share, just like what I have with my tratles group.

contact me :

Well, got to go four our monthly meeting now. Many interesting stocks to check this week.

Enjoy the weekend.