Tuesday, November 27, 2012

KLCI oversold @ 1600

Yesterday was a very busy day for me ... classes back as normal and also travelled to Kapar to see a friend. Well ... the only way we want to learn from others should be going to see the person personally .. and I am very glad that he is so willing to share his experiences. Fell glad and thankful.

I have met many traders before ... some making appointment to meet, some I want to meet them to learn and share, some came to see me to have a chat. Yes, I am always open to learning ... as long as I could gather some informations and also to listen to some experienced traders about their systems, I am willing to travel ... to meet them.

Penang Trip : I have been planning to take a break and travel to Penang for my 'usual' trip ... well, bringing my mom to see some of the relatives there. I do like Penang a lot ... so, I am planning on 29th Dec now. It should be packed as it is year-end ... as many tourists enjoy Penang too ... the food, the people, the places ... simply Penang.

Haters : Recently I attracted some haters ... interesting enough. Now, I m trying to recall who are the tratle being mentioned by a person called himself 'AlbertLim'. I do not have many disputes with my tratles except TWO in my first cohort. One is SP(a retired Indian man) and another a smart lady(Chinese, aged), PL. I have written about my disputes last year when I was having my first class. Being naive(new to teaching trading), being a teacher ... I was only sincerely meant to help.

But ... being an aunty-uncle, perhaps they felt offended when I pointed out some of mistakes they normally do and trying to prevent those mistakes from the group of newbies. One of the main disagreement is ... to trade those speculative stocks, using TA. I am a non-believer that TA could be used effectively on those speculative stocks. SP was asking me to analyse HWGB, where I refused and asked him to change his mindset, while PL is very into those speculative stocks(cant remember what stocks they were playing ... DVM?) ... so, I told them that my TA system fails badly ... for these stocks. Perhaps I was not tactful enough and the word 'aunty-uncle' displeased them. I have apologised MANY times to them ... but they just left. Well, I am not sure and I wouldnt be able to figure out ... what is bothering these haters. But to my ex-tratles, I still respect them ... and they knew how sincere I was in helping others. That I have no doubt. Cohort-1 will always be 'special' and closest to my heart as we spent hours going for mamak-drinks after classes(Friday night).

Well ... all the best to the haters there ... sorry if I ever offended anyone, unintentionally. I have apologised enough.

Sports : Liverpool drew again ... Malaysia lost 0-3 to Spore? Sigh ... LCW and Tan-Koo lost in finals. I did not watch any as I am very busy.

Lynas : It is really disappointing that our gov, wakil-rakyat did not bother much about the rakyat's concern. We all could not understand why they chosen Malaysia, why Kuantan ... as Auz is so huge. If it is not about money, what else?

GangNam : Tho I dislike the song, it is the most watched video in youtube. Wow ... fantastic way of getting very popular. I need to learn the steps from my little kids. Should I dance a gang-nam style dance in youtube too? Haha

Books : Recently I was promoting a young colleague of mine who wrote a book "Believe In Your Dreams & Grow Rich". I do admire his maturity, which at his age ... majority will not have. Well, I do wish I could find some time off ... to write a book? Hmm ... that will be good. I do like to promote local authors as it is more relevent to us, Malaysians. In fact, I have been promoting Pauline's "Fear and Greed" book ... to all my tratles and e-tratles ... to all my readers too. It is a simple pleasure reading book and it is not expensive at all. The notes from the book will help many of us to understand how emotions affecting our trades. There will be another 'basic' stock-market book hitting the bookshop in Jan ... and if it is good, I will promote that too. You see, I do not get any commissions for promoting books and materials or websites. I just feel that ... if it is good, we should share with others. I do like Azizi's books ... Milan's books ... Adam's book ... and such.

I lost my voice last Wednesday and cancelled few classes. Luckily I could regain some voices to teach on Saturday, my cohort-8. Haha ... well, when I am free to write ... I will want to write about my journey with my tratles ... especially recalling from my cohort-1. I was teaching TA without a projector etc etc back then. Haha ... and many 'endured' well(and appreciated my efforts) ... will write about my teaching journey ... it will be nice as I have so many good and supportive tratles around.

10.15 am : Oh boy ... KLCI fails to rebound and heading 1600 level now ... down by 6 points. I am still wearing red shirts ... will it breaks 1595 now?

TM : At 5.33 low now ... with Axiata and Maxis down further today, Digi is holding.

TWS : Dived further after broken RM7 ... and closed at RM6.90 ... at RM6.70 now. Will it dives back to RM6.40? We shall check ...

SKPetrol : Well ... RM2.90 should be a sell ... when everyone talking about it, jumped in ... gapped up. Today, it is going below RM2.70, and will check again at RM 2.50 ...

many-many more dropping from the hills ... as UMNO assembly spending more money to give good treatments to the delegates ... way to go ...

got to go again ... and it will be another long day.


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