Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Millionaire In Me

"The Millionaire in me" by Azizi Ali.

Moving forward to 2013, I will be exactly 5 years in stock-markets. But before that, I knew nothing about MONEY. I knew nothing about FINANCIAL.

So, I will slowly share in this blog of mine WHAT books I read ... to transform my MINDSET relating to personal finances. Yes, as many who knew me personally ... my family, my ex-collagues, my old friends, my 'old' readers ... see the huge change in my mindset is kinda 'surprising'.

It is gradual ... you can't change one mindset in shortest of time. It takes time to learn, learning ... changing ... applying. Without these basic understanding of learning, we could not learn ANYTHING well.

So ... a series of postings will be regarding books I read ... why I find these books very useful, most importantly ... helping me to overcome so many MYTHS around, as I was too naive and surrounded by 'normal' people ... who are not wise enough to advise us regarding 'creating' our own wealth path ...

Azizi Ali is a well-known financial 'guru' and he deserved to be that. I feel grateful that I bought his books and enjoyed pointers he share in his books ... making logical sense, at times ... I like the BLUNT ways he critised the overall public, about their ignorance regarding personal finances!! For example, I remembered well ... he said that "If you see anyone modified their cars with large exhaust-pipe, sport rims or latest of car's accessories when they got their bonuses, you could tell that he will NOT be a millionaire!!

Interesting ... very candid and the way he writes ... simply suits my taste. It is like speaking to ME ... asking me to wake up from the financial slump. Wake up and do something about your financial.

The year ... 2006 ... just after a year I read the RDPD ... and I could NOT afford a book. My boy was few months old, we could barely meeting ends, and have to use my credit-cards to buy the book!! Yes, when you do not have the money to buy something(to invest), you will treasure it very much more. I bought the book in Oct 2006 ... and keeping it nicely in my book-shelf ... with a hundreds of books I have gathered since then.

Yes, we DO NOT buy books about how to invest or trade. We buy books to change our mindset. If we are not progressing ahead after a whole year, it is NOT what we are doing that is not right, but most probably, we have wrong mindset regarding our plans or goals.

Here are the topics in his book :

1. My life on the road as an employee
2. The millionaire employee
3. You don't need permission to make money
4. Four factors affecting your income as employee
5. How to become a more marketable employee
6. How to make more money as an employee
7. It ain't all roses
8. The two pronged-attack
9. Beaing a free agent
10. Create ASI
11. The Afterburner
12. How to save money
13. How to invest that money wisely
14. Avoid making major financial mistakes
15. Becoming wealthy is a team sport

I will like to re-read this book today ... after 6 years have the book. It is one of the first financial books I have ... and yes, I wish one day ... I could meet Azizi Ali in person. That would be great pleasure ... and to thank him personally for his books.

I am not an agent, I do not get any commisions or what-so-ever reasons other promoting any products. I am sharing with my readers ... something good and valuable ... as My trading adventure is also about HOW I am changing myself ... from a financial-retard, to someone who understand how money works ... and moving forward to learn more.

I do believe I could reach my first million in coming years ... but need to stay focus, stay humble ... and do what I think is right.

Azizi Ali, I will want to attend your workshop(s) next year!! That will be my commitment next year.

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