Sunday, November 04, 2012

Thanks to i3-portal

T-shirt : I received this nice shirt days ago and wore it to our tratles meeting on Sat.

I think I slowly realised that I do have some followers from i3-portal ... some e-mail me and said thanks for some trades they bought and gained some money. Good. Then, I recently I do have some e-mail enquiring about joining my (e)tratles and stock-watch group. And I realised that they are from i3-investor ...most of them reading my blog from i3-portal. So, many of them place comments there ... they are certainly my 'new' readers ... and did not understand how I blog.

The 'WTF' post is one of the 'shocking' post for them ... as they are 'new'. Tho I hv no intention to disturb anyone's emotions ... those extra sensitive with some wordings ... I have apologised.

I do have e-mail ticking me off for such strong words ... so, it is possible that I m 'losing' them as readers or followers?

Anyway, I will like to thank i3-portal for being so kind to place my blah-blah there and generated few readers(turned tratles) and followers.



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