Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Technical Rebound : Telco

Axiata : Another black candlestick, with VERY high volume generated today. RM5.68 will be the next level we should be checking.

DiGi : At RM 5 level, checking if it will rebound or further selling.

Maxis : I saw Maxis dropped yesterday ... today was too busy to monitor and it surprised me that a doji formed instead of another long black candlestick. Please check my previous post on Telco that I did place lack of confidence that Maxis could hold on ... as Maxis was lagging behind others, in dropping.

TM : Checking RM5.50 now ... some in my group bought at RM6, but when I cut-loss RM5.95, many are discipline enough to follow suit. Good. Low could go lower ... tho it is a good counter. I bought back at RM5.71 only to sell it off yesterday when I saw Maxis diving

From the above, which will be your choice? I have to focus and buy into one. I have cut losses(small) on TM, and need to choose one.

technical rebound(batch 3) : I havc received a few e-mail regarding the e-meeting(will reply soon), a talk on technical rebound, which means ... placing conditions before we buy nearing to the bottom. So, those interested ... please contact me at ...



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