Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

It is Sunday ... I do like driving on the Sunday morning, parking is an ease ... and we went to Jusco(sales is on) ... and I am changing my 'wardrobe' ... yes, replacing many of my old(5-10yrs old) t-shirts(most are free, actually) with some new and nicer ones. It is seldom I will agree to use money on clothes. I do not buy clothes for years as I do not believe in extrenal 'outlook'.

Outlook changes

But my groomer(my wife) said that since I am seeing 'public' now, being a 'public' figure too(since when again?), I need to dress to kill. Just kidding. Haha ... Decent and smart t-shirts ... to replace my free bowling-shirts, free roundneck tee ... and now, I will be wearing more 'decent' manner.

Well, in my cohort-8 yesterday, I wore the i3-shirt ... a watch and even put on the belt. I did not wear a watch for years(about 5-10 yrs?), and have to replace a new battery, straps for my old watch(a gift by sis for b-day ... I treasured it as it is one of the most expensive items I owned, and the sentimental values attached to it). My belt ... bought one, just for my trading classes next time. My hair ---- need to dye it, actually. Haha ... lets get physical.

I will slowly change many of my working shirts too, my pants too ... and slowly changing my shoes!! It is a total outlook transformation next year onwards. Yes, I could only improve in many things I am doing at the moment ... it is a matter of time. I just need to keep moving ...

I was checking on some offices to let, in view of having my own center? It might take me a few more years for me to be known, but I am doing good progress as my tratles group growing too. I think my sincerity to teach and help others ...being appreicated. That gives me strong determination to teach better ... and I am definitely improving, and I will continue to learn, to share ... and to help those needed.

It is nearing end of the year again, many more things to plan, consolidate and focus in my strengths. I have to narrow down things I am doing and keeping fewer things to handle. This year is simply fantastic ... with many new developments, but I certainly need to trim down things I am doing ... to maintain my focus --- my Math-tuition and trading class. Teaching is my passion(my strength too) and since I have huge knowledge in Math and Trading, it will be good that I focus in this two main activities. Besides, I will still trade (moving more into FKLI and longer time frame postional-trading) ... moving more to HKSE, tho I will still active analysing KLSE, as most of traders I knew are into KLSE, rather than HKSE. Yeah ... wish to create a HKSE-group, to discuss and share about HKSE?

KLCI : Poised to rebound ... I view recent correction as opportunities to buy into index-linked counters, oversold counters such as telcos. Like UEMLand and GenM too. Can also look into those heavy consumers stocks.

Well, need to do some readings and analysis ...


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