Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday blah blah

It is Sunday ... what a nice feeling, being able to slow-down a little to take a short-break.

It was a 'thank-giving' week, where I am re-calling so so many reasons to be thankful. Yes, I do appreciate many things that I am having around me ... and most of the things could not be bought by 'money'. For example ... my family and few close people around me. My tratles-group, where we have so many nice people supporting me and trusting me. That itself is priceless. I do have friends that I m going to work together with them, leveraging on each other expertise ... that will give me another leads in achieving my goals to be financially free ... and with that, I will certainly getting closer to them much more ...

To have a peaceful living ... we need to be with NICE and PEACE seeking people. Yes, it is my policy to be with those sincere humans ... living in harmony ... and avoid disputes, avoid some bad people ... and avoiding bad habits. Only those who want to see you successful will support you ... and we should appreciate many who have helped us and supported us. Without so many nice people around us, we could not be able to be in peace ... and happiness is just an illusion.

I think I am also a person ... who have strong passion in teaching. That is my positive points. With that, I could naturally help others ... in their understanding of the subjects ---- Maths and Trading. So, the extra efforts, the extra miles ... to help others came naturally from my passion. Without passion, no one could last long in anything we are doing. Money as it is ... could be a motivation but we could not feel the real joy ... in teaching. When some of my tratles appreciated me so much ... it touched me. I feel so proud and glad that ... I have actually helped others.

I think ... sincerity in helping others is also very important. Human could feel ... could know if you are sincere or otherwise. We do not need to go to some extent to try to convince anyone much ... if they are convinced, they will trust you anyway. So ... that is something I do believe ...

Last Friday, I do have 3 new faces(of cohort-9, in waiting list) joined me for our yam-char session. It is very interesting ... two very experienced in market ... and a newbie. One very experienced person in stock-market said ... those newbies should learn first .... from a 'sifu'(I corrected him ... that I never see myself as one, I am a learner myself). He has been in market for so long ... and I am so glad to have him in our tratles group, adding valuable people, to help many newbies in the market. Yes, those newbies really benefit from discussions and learning from these very experienced traders.

Yesterday, I do have my module-2 with my cohort-8 ... as we discussed further about Moving Averages and RSI. Yes, in technical analysis ... support and resistance are very important to understand and help us in our entry-exit. To say, buy at support, sell at resistance is too simplified. It is not that 'easy' and rigid. To say 'trade with trend' is right .... but many of us are confused about it or we don't have the discipline enough to trade with the trends. UP or DOWN trending ... we need to be patience and learn ...

I was sharing with a young colleague of mine ... about how we should try to add value in ourselves. We should be hardworking to LEARN ... use our TIME, the most important resources(limited to 24-hours per day per person) wisely ... to acquire knowledge. Instead of watching movie, do reading and research, improve in our knowledge and invest in growing ourselves. Then, checking on our personalities ... characters ... and stay frugal. I will help him to grow ... as I see him as if seeing myself, 20yrs ago .... ignorant of personal financial. Well, at least he is SO much better off than me then.

Yes, if possible ... help others to grow, share experiences with them ... see them to believe in themselves. If my postings could inspire or benefit some readers(even just few), it makes the blog-posting worth ... and the greatest joy in teaching is to know someone learnt from you, appreciate your teachings ... and he/she will pass the knowledge to others!! Knowledge are meant to be shared.

Nothing comes easy ... that is for sure. To see our goals clearer ... we need to add values in ourselves, be persistent ... and know what we are doing is right.

time to enjoy the nice Sunday ...

Have a blessing Sunday


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