Monday, November 19, 2012

Stock Watch : UEMLand

UEMLand : Bought 2.17 last week, more at 2.23-2.24 this morning when KLCI down about 8points, then ... I sold off today at 2.27-2.29 done. RSI at 80+, very high and reaching resistance of RM2.30, so I will sell first, take off the profits and see if I could buy her back. Yes, all these given to my group, my trades. If they are buying or selling or not, that is their decisions.

Parkson ... I am looking at it, dived to 4.80, after a short recent shot-up. Well, Aeon bought into Carrefour, why would that excite Parkson? If Parkson down further, time to move to Parkson as I am out of UEMLand.

Astro still staying at RM2.70 ... Pantech which given some time ago, moved today. Well, MPHB is moving about 3.70 now .. still holding on her.


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Wee Lim TIAW said...

Hi Teh,

What do you think would be the re-entry price for UEMLand? And what is the up/down resisitances?