Saturday, November 03, 2012

Stock Watch : Telco

Last night we had an outing ... 11 of us, in our usual hang-out. It is slowly becoming our nest. Well, as the group is larger now, it is kinda 'noisy' and difficult to engage in conversations. We do have 3 new tratles joining us last night, besides the 'regulars'. Interestingly, we do not talk about stocks!!

Later, I will attend a talk by Jupiter regarding "RSI and Stochastic" trading system. This workshop is not free. Then, I have to rush back for our tratles' monthly meeting with 'telco' and KLCI 20 points drop as the main topic. DOW down 130+ points. We shall see reds next week ... finally.

Yesterday I did not manage to find time to blog, as one of my e-tratle came from south to meet me and joined the group for the gathering too. He is very much advanced in technical analysis and eexperienced in charting than me. Hmm ... as I teach only the basics, I do wonder if any of the things I talk about could benefit him. Surprisingly, he mentioned that he did learn from me too ... as he believes we are 'ever' learning. Yeah ... that is true. No one could claim he knew too much ... and that 'ego' would stop us from improving.

Tratles group certainly growing well ... and I m such a glad person. I do think the most important thing is that we all have a common goal --- to share and learn to trade well. Checking that we do have common platform, using common language is important to see the group to grow ... but as the group is larger now, organising talks, meetings, gathering ... may post a challenge to me. Anyway, I am very satisfied and glad to see how we guys(newbies and veterans) share and help each other. I hope I do not leave out anyone or making anyone feel 'left-out'. I do learn from many of them too ... and my focus would be in the newbies in our group, to guide them to be a good trader(with the right mindset).

Next week, I will have my cohort-8(fatt group) coming ... and will be seeing more new faces. Perhaps I am no longer nervous teaching trading, but if you get to know that many are actually very experienced traders, it will not be easy to 'teach'. I could teach those newbies ... and for those veterans, I could only share experiences and knowledge. There will be few slight change in my presentation ... at least, I will be wearing smart-casual, and not simply a round-tee shirt. Perhaps I will be wearing the i3-shirt(Thanks i3). I do need to use power-point for my presentation now. Haha ... imagine this, I was teaching with a marker pen and a whiteboard ... without charts with my cohort1-2-3. Haha ... I still want to laugh ...and the satisfaction of seeing my improvements.

With cohort-9 is forming(for next year Jan2013), few enquiries coming in and I will have to limit the numbers for next year. I will want to have focus ... and better rapport with them. I do need to improve in my 'public speaking' and perhaps ... joining those toastmaster course?

note : Do let me know if anyone wish to join our tratles group. Cohort-9 is open for registration. Thanks.

A lot of works to be done ... for improvements and to be more organised. And I barely have the TIME.

stock-watch : I do have few more e-mail asking to join the group but after I replied, no news from them, not even a courtesy to let me know they are not joining. I guess many are from i3 and they thought it is like those few people who asking others to give their e-mails to join their forums etc etc.

TM : Well, I have cut-loss at RM5.95, a day before the huge drop. Everyone is still looking for an answer to why telco dropped yesterday ... perhaps they have been pushed up too high? If you think DiGi is cheap think again ... a counter with PER-30 is certainly NOT cheap. TM is cheaper ... but will you be buying at RM5.70 now? Or shall we wait for RM5.50 ... RM5.30? Should we just forget about telco's now ... as the game is over?

DiGi : I have alerted the group about 2 weeks ago to let go of Digi. If you do not know why and could not see it from the chart too, then ... I will advise that you learn how to see these signs. You may want to join me and I could alert you, right?

Axiata : Checking RM5.90 now, gapped down ... game over?

Maxis : The most resilient of all .. no gap down, no panic exiting. This is lagging behind ... and if I am holding Maxis, I will exit too. The nice uptrend may be over soon too ...

So, the telcos pulled KLCI into deep-red, shedding almost 20 points. It will be interesting to see if any technical rebound for us to trade. Do not catch a falling knife, a reminder.

Have a nice weekend.


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