Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Stock Watch : SKPetrol

KLCI down 14 points, and I am wearing red.

Well, it is not like now only I wrote about SKPetrol. I do like it ... fundamentally, news-related and technically when it was at 2.30. So, many in my group bought at 2.20-2.30 ... and when I sold at 2.48, some might have followed to take profit. I moved into sk-cd(well, sk-cb is a better bet), at 0.195 ... sold 0.23 and bought back 0.235 ... suspended yesterday and today all done at 0.30, 0.31 and 0.32. It is still going higher ... will check if I need to buyback.

SKPetrol : Gapped up today ... reaching RM2.90. So, I sold my SKPetrol mommy for the baby, anticipating breakout and that was one of the right decisions. I was lucky to get it right this time ... but I bought sk-cd, instead of sk-cb. Perhaps the nearing expiry date scare me off. Haha

As I sold most of my counters last week before the Friday drop, I could relax ... and only checking SKPetrol, to buy back the SK-cd. It is at 0.33 now ... still nearing 0% with 100 days expiry ... hmm ... nice.I sold Coastal at 1.93(bought 1.83) ... breakout of range 1.83 and  sold Takaful, technical rebound.

Note : SKPetrol is a SELL for me today. Those yelling buy today must be liking her when it is overbought and valuations higher? At RM2.30, PER was at 9, one of the cheapest entry.

Well, I analysed 2 weeks ago with my group ... Alam and Perdana shooting ... Perisai moving too. WHY would SK, such a huge heavy counter now(more than 10b market cap leh) lagging all behind? That is the question posted ... so, it was a buy. Today is a sell.

technical rebound(batch 3) : Those who is interested to join my technical rebound(online ... so, anywhere u r also can), I m still placing KIV. Do e-mail me at if you wish to learn to 'catch' those waterfalls. Today we have telco ... and using technical rebound methods, one could benefit from the rebound. Interested? Get in touch with me.


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