Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stock Watch : MAS

MAS : Back to RM1 levels ... I will be buying more at RM1, after collected at RM1.01-1.03 last week. The historical low is at 0.995 ... yes, losing money counter, no system ... grounded but expecting it to fly ... If one could be patient, RM1 is a good entry point. This is given in my stock-watch last week.

10.30 am : Supposed to have a class but was cancelled.

Anyway, I went to check on i3-portal ... yes, whatever I am writing AFTER the MAS-post will not be posted there in i3 UNLESS those who click on my blog-link.

Answered Mr Ooi at i3, telling others than I condemned him. ouch. In my life, I do not believe in condemning others ... so, I can't recall why he said I done that ... perhaps, the word CONDEMN is very strong to me.

Sigh ... so many enemies now ... un-intentional but making people mis-understood me. Not trying to justify anything much as most accusations are un-true and they don't even know me, in person.


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