Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stock Watch : KNM

KNM : Back to 0.47 levels today, with KNM-wa trading today ... at 0.10. I have highlighted the 'shooting star' and selling should be on that day when ... from no where, it shot from 0.47 to 0.65 in 2 days? Crazy way of goreng ... but certainly created lots of attention to many retailers, who might still be holding to her at high levels. Well ... diving with 4, at 48cents = 12cents now. It was traded at RM2 ... down to 12cents now. How could it be good? So, that sharp spike is the LAST chance to get out, even at a huge loss of this speculative counter.

I do remember yungshen1(of i3-forum) when I asked him to release KNM ... it was at 90cents, I think. I do hope he has listened and I did not check on KNM anymore ... to advise. NO ONE could predict what will be going on ... in future, BUT ... stocks do not move up by itself.

Someone talked about Borsig ... I was very new in market back then when I read about Borsig. Today, they are saying that Borsig might be listed in SGX. I did not check the latest development. To me ... KNM will be gorenged again ... but it will slowly moving lower ... Borsig or not, even if O&G counters are moving ... will KNM being seen as O&G counter? Understanding fundamental-analysis is very important. Knowing about  technical ... and also done some planning(trading) is very important. Entry and Exit levels ...

That reminds me of a counter called SAAG, also being placed with O&G. It is a no return for SAAG ... but I received an e-mail 2 years ago or so from someone, stating about 10 stocks he is holding ... I saw SAAG in his list ... I did not reply.

Ok, tho DOW up strongly 200+ points, there is lack of interest in KLSE.

BGYear : Dropping 50% ... ouch .. hope no one bought into such counters.

Time to go ...


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