Sunday, November 11, 2012

Stock Watch : Genting

It is a tiring long day ... brain frozen, refusing to function. I do need a rest soon ... just will jot it down here that I have a good class with my cohort-8 today, but I do have 3 absentees, otherwise a full class. I will always remember this class ... for the first time, I wear a little smart and give out some print-outs. Haha ... personally, I do not believe in giving notes. Trading stocks is not something to be studied or memorised. It is the practical part of trading that counts. Take real trades, feel the real ride, rather than paper trade.

Genting : Broken RM9.10 level, above 100MA, going for 200MA. Today I used this chart to explain change of trends in a stock. We can use MA as support-resistance.

Anyway ... it is late.



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Willy Tan said...

There is a price volume divergence. Price going higher and volume reducing. Trade with care.