Thursday, November 01, 2012

Stock Watch : Astro

Astro : I am watching Astro at 2.70 now. Will go for the rebound.

You see, my whole group following my trades and some of them taken the trades I have taken too. RISK is still theirs. BUT ... in whole year in my stock-watch, I do not lose many trades, did I? That is why most of them will remain in my stock-watch group.

Many took the SKPetrol trades ... really a laggard and waited for so long for the breakout. I just know at RM2.30 level is such a good entry point last month. When it will fly, that I do not know. Checking on its fundamental, technically nice ... move in with trading plans, it will be OK.

SK-call warrants : I bought at 0.18 levels before and sold at 0.24 ... and never look at her anymore. Today it is at 0.30. Last week I bought SK-cd at 0.195, sold and bought back at 0.205 yesterday. Today, I sold off my SK-cd at 0.235 but failed to grab back at 0.225. Well, I have few with me when I bought her yesterday 'live'. Can I ask ... if a person who never trade CW before can teach a person how to trade CWs? Seriously, I don't know how to share my CWs trading with tratles group as it is TOO risky? Unless if you are 5 years in market ... it is not possible to learn trading CWs. To teach trading CWs well is too huge of RISK I am not willing to take ... I do care for people came to me, ok?

Similar with UEMLand when we discussed in our tratles meeting when it was at 1.70+ levels. I never check on their trades(too many of them in the group). But many profits well.

So, if you do wish to join my stock-watch group ... let me know ( ).



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