Thursday, November 08, 2012

Stock Watch : Astro and AirAsia

Congrats to Obama for being re-elected and CHANGE is the motto, right?

DOW down by 300+ points ... wow ... it has been long enough that we do not see such a plunge. What is going on? Obama won ... and that sends jitter to markets? Brace for another red-red day ... ouch.

Astro : Being watched by many ... it fails to rebound from the recent low of RM2.61, closed at RM2.68 yesterday. We shall see if those applied for IPO at RM3 will ever recover their investments. Well, with it over-subscribed, many still stucked inside her ... an over-valued IPO, re-listed to suck cash from the public, and always, we fall into their traps.

As it is newly listed, all those hard-core indicators geeks could not use their tools. Only price-volume actions analysis, with some thinking of the movements of the funds.

AirAsia : Another darling of KLSE ... but ever since it dropped from from the cliff(thanks to Malindo news and since then, more news being published). Broken RM3 is not a good sign. Time for another selldown, back to RM2.80 levels? AirAsia is still very much tradable ... you know, it is house-hold name now, like Astro?

Both are worth watching ....


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