Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stock Talk : JCY

JCY : Monthly chart ... the signals of topping at RM1.60 is clearer if one use the monthly chart. That was how I placed a sell at nearing RM1.60, but I got 'scolded' by a few JCY-die-hard fans ... as they were predicting that it should be going to RM2 ... and might be taken private at RM4, due to its 'cheap' valuation.

I do follow JCY since it was traded. The 'flash memory' news with speculating that HDD will be replaced someday ... it was downtrending to 50cents. Then, I went for a market talk at Klang, the 'expert' predicting that it will go below 30cents, target price 28cents. Guess ... those went to that talk would have sold their JCY at huge losses at 50cents then. It really went to 30cents ... phew, what a relief.

JCY : The weekly chart showing more recent months ... where JCY dived from 1.60 to 1.30 ... then, one long black candle to dive straight to RM1 ... since then, it never recover ... until at 70cents level, RSI was oversold ... and it rebounded. Yes, JCY is a good trading stock as many retailers still stucked inside there and might jump in ... if not mistaken, there are more than 5k comments for JCY thread in i3-forum. I do not check other forums ... but I believe it will be as noisy.

JCY : The daily chart showing a good recovery ... breakout of 0.80 level two days ago, but yesterday ... when it formed a shooting star, we have to sell before market closing. It is not hard for us to know shooting will be forming before 5pm. Today's drop is alarming ... the way they killed off many retailers hope ... very huge selling ... gapped down and closed at 70cents. It is no longer new trading JCY ... as that is the RISK some traders willing to take. Is there a very bad news or reports out there? I have not check. We could check at 0.65 now ...

A tratle in our group this morning shared with me that his friend bought JCY at 1.48, but cut loss at 80cents(finally) as he didnt believe in cut-loss actually. Well, if we are buying MayBank or some good dividend stocks, we could buy-n-hold ... dollar averaging is OK as we are looking into long term. Even that, why buy when KLCI at 1620 ... why not wait for GE to be over, and if KLCI dives further? That is for buy-n-hold ... we DO NOT buy-n-hold JCY. It is simply ignorant. Hope he has recovered emotionally, learned some lessons ... and continue to learn.

I have lost my voice, and a tratle of mine have to take over the e-meeting last night but tonight I need a rest.

Note : Do not buy-n-hold JCY, hoping for Thai-flood stories .. etc etc ... do some homework, please.


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