Thursday, November 08, 2012

Srock Watch : TM

With DOW downed 300 points, it was surprising that klci dropped only 5 points in the morning. Then, the drizzle .... starts to pour. How to run, right?

What we do should be 'sediakan payung sebelum hujan' ... Which is easier said than done. How many of us really bring umbrella wherever we are going, eventho we know it is raining season? It is really a raining and wet seasons, with flood in some areas ...

Are we going to speculate on JCY reversal back to RM1.60 or perhaps, due to the extreme whether conditions, JCY is expected to go to RM2? D not laugh, please .... many actually think of it in this manner. Serious. Those newbies, those novices ... heck, those investors and traders,plus speculators. Fantastic ... rain more, so JCY will shoot very high? Buying JCY today?

I have many queues in the morning, anticipating some panic selling. When klci drops 5 points, it was quite a disappointment. Anyway, DiGi ex today, dropped below 5.90. Maxis will have more downside to go, I think. Axiata surprising up ... But TM dropping 3% today. Imagine if I still hold on to my RM6, I have to average it down at 5.40 today and might have to wait a while for recovery to breakeven. It is not easy to buy back a counter that we have just sold for a loss. It is like a girl reject you, but you still put up a strong thick face ... and to call on her again the next day. *piak*. Ouch.

Anyway, last night we had un-usual yam-char session with some of our members. Our normal gathering is on Friday. Well, we talk about stocks and I shared some ideas about my call warrants punt, how risky it could be ... I might give basic briefing on cal warrants for tratles only. Talking about learning is continuous, I received an e-mail from a full time trader, 10yrs in market and telling me that he is still learning. That is good mentality.
Hi CP Teh,

 Glad you had a good trading venture in SKPetro ! Hope you have more to come ! I have read your blog for a while and decided just to drop you a line since you are staying

 I'm staying in XXX and is full time in the market for more than 10 years for both Bursa and SGX. Sad to say, even with that, everyday I'm still learning because every now & then, there's new "normals" coming out, its a dynamic place but an interesting one as well !

TEH : yes, these lines will wake those newbies who thought trading is easy to learn, 3-4days of trading course ... It is very dynamic and things change in frequent basis.

 I'm writing not with the intention of joining any of your classes but more to informal sharing and chatting on the common topic/place - share market ! So if you need a kaki for teh tarik/coffee/makan talk, you can always call me or email me.....I'll be glad to join in !

 Happy trading/investing !
 Rgds EL


Well, once in a while, I do get few of these email. It will be good for me to know more traders and could learn from others. But, being too occupy with work and tratles, I have time constrains. I wish to spend more time with family as holiday for my kids start next week. Thanks anyway, EL.

This morning I had breakfast with two of my colleagues. It is not normal to me to spend 1 hour for breakfast and with colleagues! So, I m glad ... as I managed to have a nice breakfast, walking out of my monitor to see some fresh things in lives that I sort of missed. We talked about Sabah, food and things in general. I m too much into stock markets that all I hv in my mind is full of those trades etc etc. A change, like having a breakfast could make me smile and happy. Haha .... I m such a simple person

4.15 pm : Nice technical rebound in TM ... nice ... will hammer be formed? Hmm .. I grabbed at RM5.40, and many in my group jumped in too. See if becoming hero or zero? haha

Will post TM chart tonight ...

technical rebound : If one wish to see how we could trade technical rebound, please contact me at . As I will be giving online live-talk, one could sit comfortable at home to learn. So, if you are not from Klang Valley, do join me in the e-learning on Basic Technical Analysis.



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