Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday blah blah

At Sunway pyramid .... we came here so early, around 9.30am as kids so excited to go to playground. Well, it is one of the rare Saturday morning that daddy is free from classes,it is a school holiday . Well, I do think I should spend more time with my growing kids as they are attached to me. If I do not spend  time with them, slowly they will not be close with me. That is natural ... we all human are connected, and the more good time we shared together, we will be closer. The most important ties should be relationship with God, family and few close friends. Others will come and go ... in our lives. It is so temporary.

I will be very busy next year, with new planning for my existing tratles and we are closer now after months,  those few in cohort 1 to 4, it is a year now in the group. Some of us as used to each other and we have mutual understanding of sharing, our stock list, our readings and sharing of experiences. Having the tratles group making me glad and proud. To unite everyone, we do have gatherings, and I m planning for an annual dinner. Yes, if we have 30% of the members to join in, that will be great. It is difficult to get everyone free or willing to gather. I am only the facilitator, the organizer ... and getting other cohorts to know the new tratles. Hmmm ... it is worth all my tiredness as many in our group appreciate the sharings in the group.

No one could learn trading in days, not even in few months. Those few days of trading courses are good for those experienced ones to refresh  or re learn new concepts, theories, methods etc etc. trading is every learning process, we could never say ... I learnt enough. So, that explained why many experienced traders will continue to learn.

If one is a newbie, do make sure that one learn and will continue to learn. It doesn't matter if your are into FA or TA, or both. Less making noises in forums, try to filter good pointers in forums and be focus in your own learning. D read as much as possible but reading will never make a person a good trader.

I do still have a meeting with my batch-2 tratles today. These group consist of more ladies and many newbies or new to TA. Today, I will share with them reading of candlesticks, the continuation patterns and identifying reversals.

Got to go ... Kids calling.

Happy weekend all.


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