Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Promoting Mr Koon (clip 2)

Note : Anyone with income less than RM2k salary and could not afford to send your kids to University, please contact him for full sponsorship, with only a condition : Help others when you are financially-able.

So, that inspired me to achieve higher in my personal goals, as I want to teach trading well to all ... for low fees ... and my only request, one day, is to form a trader-foundation, where we tratles-group will be helping newbies in understanding stock-market and once they profitted much, hope they will contribute to the foundation(willing and charitable basis) in order to continue to help those traders or investors in need. Also, in yearly basis, I will like to pass the hats around to collect some tokens to be given to charity-houses.

Translation : SUCCESS --- It is not how many persons you have defeated or beaten but how many persons you have helped.

Yeah ... place my goal right .. work hard on that ... and I will be a glad person that I could help many, in small manner.

Got this piece of creative intelligence from my facebook. Haha


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