Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pictures speak louder than words

Please help to vote the above. It is done by my future photography-sifu, my friend. I appreciate that. Thanks

Photography : This is something I will like to indulge into ... when I am 'older' and retired.

This photo is done by professionals, and I believe we all can learn photography-ing if we have the interests. In fact, we could learn anything if we have the motivation. Plus .... it will be good if we have someone we could trust, we knew them personally ... and be our mentor.

One day, when I am off from trading, I might create a photogrphy-blog. It is all in the mind, just need to pen it down, realise it ... as I will be travelling in my big-bike to towns ... and taking pictures!!

I have zero-knowledge in photographying ... and yes, it is in the mind. Law of attraction applied here ... it will attract me to be a good photographer, one day ...

Trading : This is something I am doing ... indulged in, in daily basis. I will hope I will slow down in coming 3-5 years and retired comfortably. Then ... I shall move into photography-ing, perhaps.

I do believe that if I could learn about trading and investing, anyone who are willing to learn could learn well too. The motivation to learn need to be maintained ... plus, if you need a mentor, I will be glad to add you in our tratles group. Yes, you need to know me personally to trust me as of so many in our tratles group. I am just a cikgu to them ... guiding newbies and sharing trading ideas with many experienced traders.

I have zero-knowledge in stock markets ... and yes, I placed it in my mind daily basis ... I done that at initial stage and checking on the news, movements etc etc ... in daily basis, averaging 4-6 hours per day. Then, I planned to teach trading after 5 years in market, which I started that last year ... so, it is like one year earlier, accelerated in my plans. I have intention to continue to trade ... and when the whole group with you for months, they could understand how REAL trades being done. I have never said I am good or a sifu, never to our tratles group. It is more of sharing basis.

One day ... I do know after failing in so many trades, done so many mistakes ... and taking the pains, I know ... one day ... I will becoming a good trader and certainly a good trading-teacher.

Put your mind in whatever you want to do. Be honest to yourself. Be realistic. And aim higher ... by floating without a direction, without a goal ... we will be lost. The adventure ... could be very challenging, yet exciting ... take it a step at a time.

Takaful : Sold 5.14 yesterday, too early as it gave me early signs of reversal. I have average at 5.02. It is at 5.24 now, reaching RM5.40 selling level soon. Some in my group bought cheaper than me(again??) and most of them still holding when I was checking yesterday. Another successful technical rebound. What was the news again? EPF-BIMB selling? Who are buying now? EPF ... sell low, buy high?

The 3-T : After our TWS good trade, Takaful giving many in the group good profits too. The lagging T in our list is TM, which I sold partial at RM6.12, and need to cut-loss today. I have it near RM5. Hmm ... cut losses small, let the winners run. I sold too early.

cohort-8 : starting next week and due to my weaknesses of not knowing how to say 'no', I have exceed my limits(again). I m excited after a month break.

cohort-9 : I have added many in KIV ... and this time I hope I could say 'no' to those last minute persons, and they have to go for cohort-10? Priority still for those of our tratle's friends or relatives.

e-learning : I have added few in the group too ... preparing to start in Jan.

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