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My recent trades

My trading adventure ... continues ...

There is an interesting conversation with few of my tratles recently, updating me with some wordings from i3-forum. Majority are certainly new readers to my personal-blog --- the trading adventure is a blog to record my daily going-ons ... so, from the moment I started to read books, magz ... listening to some tv-biz channels ... reading of newspaper ... charts that I used, from shareinvestors site, tradsignum ... yahoo to google charts ... to so many other websites ... from kitco to investopedia ... to recently I started to use chart-nexus charts and might be using bursa-station charts or nextview charting ... from the courses I attended to the market talks I have attended, few workshops I participated  ... to the most recent activites I am doing ... from some readers I met, traders I greeted ... to some of my readers I met in Penang ... to some readers who becoming my tratles, joined the group ... to the way we trades, the changes in the way I read news, the adjustments to my trading systems ... and from the moment I started to trade Astro in Jan 2008 to my recent trade in Astro(re listed) ...

from ..... to ..... from end of 2007 when I started KLSE, from ground-zero level ... to currently moving into FKLI, guiding a whole tratle-group ... I have changed. I have evolved. My blog ... has changed. I used to place in details, to the minutes ... the stock prices I am tracking, while today ... I have a closed group where I chat with them, about my trades in 'live'.

Majority are really NEW readers ... if those reading these lines from i3-portal, they are certainly NEW. My blog is featured there last year ... and whatever I m writing here, will be shown there.

But to FEW old-readers ... some are in my group, they will understand how I write. It is MY(saya punya) trading adventure ... so, when my "trading' experiences having changes in the way I m trading ... and teaching-trading now, shouldnt I be writing about it? Wait ... should I be writing things openly and as honest as I should ... to share and to guide FEW geniune and appreciative readers?

I have asked my whole tratles group not to answer those accusations or so-so many not-truth being thrown in i3-forum, as yes ... forum is noisy. It is full with many who certainly have opposing opinions. It is OK ... as that is opinion-based. Many quiet readers there ... but if there are personal attacks ... should I be clarifying myself? Why? Why not? I have told the group to 'ignore' but I will still stick to those who are supportive and seeking to be open-minded, to check and balance for the truth.

Here I will share some(we done many) trades WE(the group) have recently taken. IF I could remember the details ... I my forget the details, you can ASK any of my tratles to clarify ... and well .... as we are trading well for months now, do we need to 'show' to others what we are doing? Do we owe ANYONE any clarifications in OUR own trades? Do I owe anyone ... err ... any postings or analysis? I am trying to share with newbies/novices ... but I am TOO busy to write many of my trades. Could you please check in JAN-FEB this year? If not mistaken, I tried to post many of our trades ... but I am tired. I am too occupied and busy. Not that I am selfish ... or arrogant? Egoistic? Hmm ... can you please ask anyone in my group who knew me in person? Excuse me ... I helped many ... and WILL continue to help those in my groups, in their learning and understanding. I owe NO ONE anything. If I m helping others, it is out of my willingness(even if I m not paid). If I m writing this blog, this personal diary of mine ... it is because of my willingnes to spend my precious time to write. I owe NO ONE any explainations.

Hidden agenda ... of getting more to join my tratles group? Hmm ... if i3-admin feel that my blog is not-appropriate, it is their choice and decisions, if they want to take my blog from the 'link'. My losses? Hmm ... may be a few readers, who could be my potential tratles? Who are in the loss?

Due to few un-happy readers, who can always ignore my posts ... but insisted to read. How low could a person go? I have apologised(please READ my previous 'sorry' posts) ... and many wondering WHY I should apologise to few un-appreciative readers. I have tried to shake-hands with these nasty people, but I do not get any good response from them. I have recently invited Mr Ooi to meet ... openly ... to iron-out MANY mist-understandings ... but these are endless. So, I choose to ignore as it is difficult to use up so much of our time and energy ... going too low, to explain to everyone what we write about, what we really meant .. blah blah ...

I will still answer many good readers, and WILL continue to answer some questions posted in i3-forums. Believe me, of those few nasty ones, there are MANY good ones there. Majority are nice people, focusing in discussing about stocks ... if my postings in my blog is not to YOUR likings, then you have to decide ... it is YOUR lives. You can choose to ignore. But ... hmm ... these are endless? See? Let me end it ... click 'ignore'.

for further reading, please go to ...

Here are few of the trades in Oct/Nov(in my stock watch and tratles group)

Alam :

AMedia :


Benalec :

BHIC : Few of us taken the trade in BHIC. It was alerted by one of them that BHIC went to the 2008-low. Wow ... so, some of us got excited ... some bought at RM2.35, sold to cut loss at RM2.30 while I bought at RM2.30, cut loss at RM2.27 or so. Then, someone bought back at RM2 level ... I did not follow BHIC, and many sold ... as I pointed out the shooting-star. Yes, RM2.50 is a SELL ... as buying should be at 12th Sept, when it closed at RM2.02. The risk was low then .. knowing that this is owned by Angkatan Tentera, it will help. Trading is diffciult as there is one of them bought at RM2.35, did not cut-loss ... ride all the way down below RM2 and all the way up to RM2.50, to sell, finally for profits. I have pointed to her that we should not ride it down ... as it may not recover to our cost price. Cut-loss, buyback at lower prices ... Well, BHIC trade was a small loss for me, but few traded it profitted. I did not look back and missed the submarine ...

Coastal : This was given days before the breakout of 1.83 levels. When I placed in my stock watch group, I told all to watch Coastal ... and when it broken 1.83, just grabbed it(can't remember the cut-loss point given --- I do always place that as that is how I trade). But, I did not explain why Coastal. Then, when it broken 1.83, I was fortunate to be there 'live' and told my tratles that I grabbed market prices 1.83-1.84. Some of them who were there followed but a little late to grabbed at 1.85. It went to 1.88, and closed at 1.86, if I m not mistaken. Then, the next day was Wednesday(as we have our weekly meeting foractive tratles) ... I explained to them why we should consider Coastal breakout. It closed 1.91 on Wednesday. WHY Coastal? Well ... I shown them Alam and Perdana's charts. MANY of us taken the trades in Alam at 0.50 and Perdana was traded by one tratle(I do not like Perdana personally, so I skipped ... but Perdana really sailed away). You see, with Alam and Perdana in play, then ... suddenly on Saturday, The Star-biz shown a piece of news on Coastal!! Whatever about Coastal diversifying ... and such, I did not read. I only read the headlines, that prompted me to place in stock-watch on Monday, Tuesday it flew off ... grabbed, Thursday, I sold at 1.93(immediate resistance) .... done. Then, contra-players selling, profit-taking activities seen ... well, need to wait for breaking of 1.92 before considering again ... and I did not manage to catch the ship this time ... I was busy with classes(too bad) and I let it go ... it closed at 1.96, with RM2 as resistance, the risk-reward is not worth for me to grab at 1.96.

You do understand risk-reward, right? You do understand resistance is a sell, right? Do you know the price-volume actions are very important in trading? How about understanding that trading in sector-movement ... that is what I shared with my tratles group, explaining some details why I grabbed when it moved ... no question asked. No 'buts' and no 'if'. Just trade it. It is called momentum-trading ... Now at nearing RM2 is NOT a buy, I have asked my group to sell ... the series of candlesticks are NOT good and we do NOT buy when RSI at such a high level ... with nearing resistance, and forum people started to make noises about a counter ... DO READ the above trade ... that is how I trade, how I checking good opportunities for my tratles and stock-watch group. Difficult plart is ... will you BUY at 1.85 when breakout? Will you sell at RM2 now or hoping it will go higher? I have also taught my tratles to be discipline and follow trading plans. Now, do you know how many of them appreciate my sharings ... as even they did not take the trade in Coastal, they are learning .... to trade better in future. Learning to see momentum, to relate to news and sector-in play, to check on laggards ... these are NOT for newbies. A newbie might even ask ... what is Coastal?

E&O :

Fitters :

GenM :

Genting :

HuaYang :


IJMLand :

Johotin :

MAS : PAR-value is RM1, so to me ... buy at RM1 ... if it shoots 10% in 2-3 days, SELL. Then ... buy back when it retraces .... again, try to collect around RM1. I have collected at RM1.01 to 1.03 last week, even the market so bearish ... my queues at RM1 not done. So, I have automatically queueing at RM1 everyday ... trying to in front of many others!! Kiasu-ism syndrome ... when will MAS flying? Err ... am I supposed to know? Each time I trade or given to my stock-watch group, it is in my responsibility to use my ability to make sure the trade will be done well ... but, not all done as planned, right?


MyEg :

Pantech :

Perisai :

Permaju :

PJDev :

Presbhd :

SKPetrol :

Takaful :

TM : Hmm ... as telco's(TM, Axiata, Digi and Maxis) are pulling KLCI down, it is time to go LONG on FKLI as when these telco's rebound, KLCI will be up again. I chosen TM ... one of a newbie-tratle bought DiGi at RM5.84(many more buying at that levels too) ... some buying into Axiata as seeing some rebounded but no one buying Maxis yet as I alerted everyone to wait for the 012-to rebound first. TM ... formed a hammer ... I grabbed at RM5.40, RM5.50 and closing RM5.59. Then ... it came down again on Friday ... and my queue at RM5.40 and RM 5.45 done more. Why is TM down on Friday? What ... they lost the 'rights' on EPL (so, Astro moving up, see?) ... so, I am still holding on to TM ... watch this page, to see if I lose my trades in TM again(I have cut loss twice ... at RM5.95 and recently at RM5.70 for small losses). Buying telco now? I don't know ... I do know I like many telcos now. Do your own research. If you have bought at the HIGH(above RM6), then ... averaging down could be a good choice. I will SELL half at RM5.85 ... and if reaching RM6 again, time to clear off ... All the trades done were shared with my tratles and stock-watch group 'live' ... what back-hand or right-hand, I don't know or I don't care much what you think. Learn if you wish ... share with me your opinions, and see if we could profit together, that is mutual benefits. Other than that, I m too focused in our tratles trades.



TWS : I have shown all openly in my blog when I bought into it at RM6.40. This is one of the counters that so MANY of my tratles and stock-watch group jumped into it. But, unfortunately ... I keyed to sell at RM6.90, was done. That was 20MA resistance and I did not chase it ... some sold the next day and our hero is a person sold at RM7.70. Hmm ... he knew I am talking about him!! We went for dinner and drinks together ... on the Friday. How do I manage to catch the RM6.40 bottom level? That is called technical-rebound ... all in place, execute and wait for rebound .. just that I DO NOT expect it to rebound so strongly?? I bought on Friday(I remember the day as I shared TWS with a new potential tratle, who seen me on Sunday and bought on Monday ... you may READ my post back then. He joined my cohort-8, happily profitted from TWS trade) ... then, someone told me Dali written about it. I said "Good" ... many retailers will jump in ... to see it shoots higher, some biz-newpapers started to write about it, the brokers houses started to make noise too ... forums were noisy, Suddenly, everyone in markets talking bout TradeWinds ...or Syed? Surpise? Nah ... that is how a stock being pushed up, we need buyers to BUY ... so that we could SELL.

Accumulations ... and Distributions. If these words are new to you, then ... you are a newbie or a novice. Much more to learn before you could trade well to control that EMOTION ... believe me, it is NOT easy. How come? Because most of us are NOT logical when we are emotional, right? Yes ... we are human! Learn about accumulation mode ... then do learn what distribution mode is. Basically, learn to be contrarian. If you can't, then market is NOT for you. If you still hanging in forums, then ... you should QUIT markets as being a newbie, you will be conned, drown and will be confused.

TWSPlant :

UEMLand : Bought at RM2.17 ... the best entry by one of our tratle(that I knew of) is at RM2.10. During Saturday meeting, someone told me that the forum said it will go to RM2.60?? What ....?? How he knew that ... then,should I just pull all my bullets shoot on ONE since my entry RM2.20 will gain me good at RM2.60? As I said, we buy with some basis ... not random, and certainly not from hear-say. It is illogical for those written such a target-price or predictions. We CAN'T predict tmr ... we can trade with a plan written. By the way, we discussed UEMLand in our last moth meeting when it was at 1.75 levels. Some took the trade for profits. Sold too early ... and it broken RM2 convincingly.

UOADev :


It is almost 12 midnight ... I am tired. I dont mind posting all the charts ... and such. But ... isnt it FAIR that I only share it with my members ... my stock-watch group, my tratles and my e-learning group?

Isn't it FAIR ... if you want to learn, I charge you minimal, less than 20% of those out there? Who said I am cheap, so I am not good? Isn't it FAIR ... if you don't like the way I trade, you can just move away? And yes ... isnt if FAIR ... that I have used THOUSANDS of my hours with THOUSANDS of dollars to learn ... to charge a small amount for ALL MY EFFORTS?

Is the world fair ... or do you want everything given to you freely? When will anyone learn ... as these knowledge are VERY expensive(when u lose more money in markets, you will understand what I am saying ... one day). If you can't see that I am helping many ... NOT TO LOSE MONEY, and that is VERY HARD ... then, you are too naive or greedy in markets.

If you wish to join my stock-watch, tratles(trading class) or e-learning ... do contact me at

I do need to sleep .. but if I could find some time, I will write a few more trades I mentioned above ...



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