Thursday, November 29, 2012

KLCI rebounds

Yesterday was a green-day, today another green shirt i m wearing. Well, I m out of red-shirts, actually. So, many are glad we are seeing some green ... backed by telcos(oversold in extreme region).

Telcos : Axiata done well yesterday and it is Digi turn today ... TM inching up too but lagging, testing 20MA currently. Maxis ... hmm ... some bad reports about 'accelerated depreciation' which a senior tratle will explain to us the effect on its accounting book. We do have few accountants in our group, and I could learn from them too.

MAS : Crash landing yesterday ... tho turning in some profits, the right-issues is certainly not right. So, it is a cut-loss for me. ouch.

Astro : At 2.80 now but still way below IPO at RM3.

Waterfalls : MHB, Kulim, Airport, SPSetia .. many in list.

Dropbox : Heard of dropbox since last year ... a year now, still did not learn how to use these new tech-things.

Really too busy ... and will be busy till Sunday. Next week is exams again ... so, I have many classes on.

So, we are in recovery mode ... but we don't know if it could last for whole month of DEC before the fiscal-cliff issue.

Need to run again, meeting whole day today ... at night e-meeting with my tratles. wow.


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