Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Deepavali

It is Monday ... and it will be a quiet week as Malaysians will be in holiday moods again. I will take a short one week break from trading(only checking few of my going-ons) and do not expect KLCI to shoot up any time soon. Perhaps next week, after the holiday, more bargain buyers will be back ... so, it is time to take a break.

I will spend this week to do some plannings for next years ...  e-learning tratles group(still not full yet), the e-stock analysis(full), our tratles meeting(full), the cohort-9 onwards for next year(planning 3 classes only for next year and need to limit the numbers) ... learning is really continous as I will wish to attend a few more talks/workshops, to improve myself further.

I will get my hands full with my tuition-plans too ... while still hang-on my full time teaching job! Yeah ... I still like to teach Math a lot ... and I will still teach Math!

My focus should be in my teaching of Math and Trading. Whichever I could get it running ... I will focus more on that.

New blog : I am getting a new domain, a new blog for the tratles(and e-tratles) group. I will slowly leave this blog ... which been with me for 4.5 years now, recording my daily activities ever since I started it at 08.08.08 ... and I have been in KLSE for 5 years now ... a new blog, a new way of writings but will always keep my 'originality'.

i3-portal : As I m leaving the forum, I was told by some readers and tratles that there are few of them in i3-forums saying some 'bad' things about me and the tratles group. I will leave that as it is as everyone is entitled for their opinions. Forums are a noisy place ... so, it is a waste of time to answer those noises. Most of them dont even know me ... As my blog is still featured there, whatever I write will still be seen there. I won't mind ... but I will e-mail i3-admin soon to take our this blog out of there as I am moving to new blog. If the i3-admin want my new blog to be there, well it is there choice. This is still my personal blog and I will write whatever I like ... those dislike it can choose not to read, right?

Annual Dinner : I will be busy planning an 'dinner' gather for the tratles-group. It is time to get many from different cohorts to know each other. But, it is very difficult to get all to be free on a specific date.

Christmas Charity : As I m too busy to organise for the Deepavali Charity, I will give away the extra money to a charity home(extra from our Raya charity) ... and start to plan for the Christmas Charity. Yeah ... I will want to make it a yearly event, big or small, it doesnt matter to me. For the Raya Charity, in days I managed to collect RM3k+ to be given away to a orphanage. This time ... for the Christmas, perhaps I will ask our tratles ... should we donate to the handicapped or the old folk homes? It doesnt matter to me again ...

I definitely have my hands(and head) full in coming months ... preparing for next year. It will be another progressing year ahead, and I am so so glad that our tratles group are comprises of so many nice-good people, from different backgrounds ... and leading the group, I certainly have many more things to improve.

Improvements : There will certainly many more changes I will be going through next year ... it is challenging but exciting.

Happy Deepavali : The festival of lights ... we are Malaysians.


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