Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Fever

With US going into final day of election ... at least they knew much earlier when the election is supposed to be, Malaysians are still in the dark ... gelap dan kabur. The purpose of election ... is to elect LEADERS of countries, and placing faith in these leaders ... to give the majority population what they needs. Well, it MEDIA and other channels being used to mis-lead the rakyat, and also incentives given to rakyat(in the expense of our country financial grounds ... mind you again, we are AT THE PEAK in our debts level) ... someone we can't be blamed to see these 'kindness' as giving sweets to kids.

VOTE with brains ... to represent our rights. Well, this is not as straight forward in Malaysia as we have millions of immigrants(legal or not) and they are di-malaysia-kan. Serious, most of us are busy with our own lives that we seldom pause to realise that ... we are invaded by lower class of immigrants. Is that the price of developments? Hmm ...

When is the election again? No one knows ... or at least, the rakyat are NOT supposed to know. It is to have that upper hand, the edge ... over the oppositions. Wait a minute, I have to state it clearly that I am NOT siding the oppositions, neither do I oppose the gov. Let us think for a while ... do you think the oppositions could unite and lead our country in harmony, zero-corruption, balance and equal rights to all groups? Left to be seen ... but at least, after 50yrs ruling our country, we do know that our current gov did not satisfied many of their mandates and promises. The scandals ... the corruptions ... the cronism ... the un-balanced dacing, the discriminations ... making Malaysia in global news headlines for wrong reasons. It is kinda shameful if someone from China asking us, what is going on with the submarines? Perhaps someone in Mongolia mentioning the case spreading all over the media. In local front, we always have jokers ... the un-fair statements being hurled ... plus ... you get what I mean. We are really going round-and-round, hoping for a better Malaysia ... and to upstand our national pride.

Talking about Malaysia's pride, I kinda like the losing company, MAS ... at current level. It is still bleeding after YEARS of operations due to high 'operating costs'. Well, they have many redundant workers, I read. I don't know ... but I do know that MAS is still our pride, with AirAsia moving to Indon(a very risky move, making me freak ... to think of holding to AirAsia stock!!). Pride = Maruah. That is crucially important for a country, a developing country like .... MALAYSIA.

I have to say that I love my country very much ... I am born in Penang, stayed most of my waking days in KL while ... partially retired for 10years in Sabah. I really in love with the beautiful of our country, the calmness ... and friendly fellow citizens. But ... these days, we have more Bangla, Indons, Nepalese, Vietnamese ... Africans ... you name it.

I still really love my country ... we are spared by the natural disasters(the only disasters we could see is in our local newspaper) ... we have enough rain ... sunlight and perfectly covered from the storms.

So, to love our country ... we need to work together with our gov(BN or PKR) to balance the peace that we are cherishing.

Thank you, Malaysia. I feel so proud being born Malaysian, and again ... I am NOT a Chinese. I am a Malaysian first ... my anchestors from China, and my race is Chinese. Why? Because ... in Malaysia, we HAVE TO put our races. Well, many of things in our country STILL considering our races, see?

Be one. Be Malaysian.


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