Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are we real in cyber-space?

Today is 'good' for me ... as I am not working, sort of. I do not watch markets, just glimpse of HSI(in deep red) and some of my stocks(dropping too) in HKSE. I do not have to go to office ... I do not have tuition classes ... and yes, no trading groups chatting too. Those are my three main daily activities ... but, I have to write some post here, we called blogging.

Why do I blog? There are few categories of bloggers. The new breed of bloggers are those blog to earn some money, from advertisements ... internet marketing(selling some products online), affiliate marketing(selling some others products and getting commisions from them) ... and the young-naive ones ... treating blogs as an e-dairy. Yes, I am somehow in the latter category. I blog to record my daily going-ons, and I have blogged for 15 years plus, believe it or not. One may google 'cpteh' and you might see few more of my blogs which NOTHING to do with money, markets etc etc ... and if you could get to a Canadian-based website, you might see my 'blog'(they called it homepage 15 years ago) ... few years before I leave to Sabah ... my emotions, my stress ... etc etc ... yeah, I m a real person, indeed. It is still 'cpteh' and many of my bowling friends knew me by 'cpteh'. I never hide my cyber identity. Why should I?

People said that there are many of things we should not write in cyber space as someone out there might be able to read our sharings or posts. I wonder ... why not? Aren't sharing is caring? Well ... not always, because the abuse of cyber-space is rampant. From hacking ... to threathening ... to con-ning, cheating(of love, money etc etc) ... so, cyber space is something NOT for us to trust, right?

That is the general views, which I agreed too. As I have mentioned, I attended an internet-marketing course early this year(RM3k+), the trainer was teaching us where to get fake pictures, how to write fake testimonials, how to get some products to sell ... etc etc ... cool, as it earns her money and she is from Penang. She mentioned that she will travel to Spore, Auz and even UK to give internet-marketing talk etc etc ... and while she is travelling or sleeping, she is still making money!! So, she has many websites, blogs many nicks ... e-mails created just for some specific purposes ... emm ... anything about her and writings are fake, just to earn money. Yeah ... also, making MANY to believe that they could be "RICH" by blogging ... etc etc .. I think you get what I mean. Some will write a book about how to blog, how to earn money from blogging(I bought a book or two but never really manage to get it done!! haha)

I am too naive ... I am ... err ... too stupid. When I told her(the trainer) that I am a blogger, she was checking on my trafics(I don't really know how, but I placed a counter) .. and said, WOW ... you do have a good trafic, for a Malaysian blog. WOW ... you do blog daily. That is good ... one could increase the trafic by blogging everyday ... do you know that you could planned WHEN your blog to be posted? ... er ... no, I won't do that. Why not? .... because I am a real blogger, writing live-events ... in daily basis? er ... because I blog with passion, to tell my views ... for MY OWN views ...

Are you serious? she exclaimed ... I nodded. Yes, I get upset to know if those fake humans blogging to gain financially from the naive readers?! Ooopss ... she realised that I am one of the stupid one, a very few stupid bloggers around, indeed.

Yes, it is Edwin(a blogger) who asked and taught me ... how I should placed google-adsense ... the advertisement you could see above my posting here, below my 'turtle'(even that picture was placed by my wife, not me!!). You get what I mean? I don't even bother about the advertisements after blogging for years and years .... wow ... how I could ATTRACT readers? Huh ... why would I need people to follow my blogs? If my blog has some substance, perhaps ... but my blah-blah writings are for my personal reviews ... for my pleasure readings?

Blogging or previously I called e-dairy has changed. No longer writing in cyber-space are meant for personal recording, BUT for commecialising products, for promotions and earning money!! That is why many are blogging now?

One of my tratle told me .. since you like to blog, why don't you just earn from it, as a site/side income? Logically ... err ... I should. So, how can I profit from blogging? Those google adsense do give me a bit of side-income but how? So, I bought some books on how to earn some income from blogging? Hmm ... I never really read about it yet(proven here, I still did not bother to attract any readers, but in fact chasing more un-wanted attentions) ... yeah, if u read my previous posts 2-3 years ago, I was literally scolded some readers and asking them to get lost? Haha ... guess I have mellowed down, and since knowing I do have persistent followers, I just let them read my blah-blah ... and today, I appreciate these loyal supports. They are great ... motivating you to write more, accepting what you are writing and some really accepted who I am ... a teacher-blogger.

It is just happened that I am trading ... so, I am blogging about my trades. It is also happened that I m passionate about teaching, so ... I m teaching trading now.

Once I am done with my trading in 3-5 years time, I will move on ... perhaps to blog about photographs I have taken ... as I will be learning finer points of photograhing? Don't believe me ... come back to check 3-5 years later ... to check on my new blogs.

Yes, I am real ... in  cyber-space. I was one of the MAIN person in yahoo-chat(known as Asian Global Chat where MANY could tell you about who cpteh was --- many added in my facebook now). I am really good in my Math, and when someone said I am good in nothing ... I was like .. hmm .. there are hundreds or even thousands knew me personally and could tell you I am very good in Maths. Now, with my whole tratles group, one could ask many ... if I do trade or just placed FAKE testimonials. Trying to explain to others who you are is not my way ... if you want to know, you may read my 2400+ posts here and another few thousands posts in few(i think i do have 6 blogs before this) ... then only you can tell? Wait a minute ... why do you want to know me for?

Whether a blogger is real or not, does it matter? If one does not like to read what another blogger writing about, why bother? Do you know how many NEW blogs being creating in a DAY? Search on that in google ... you will be wondering which blog to read ... but how many bloggers write about KLSE, un-selfishly sharing trading ideas, news-related, analysis ... and making their trades publicly known? How many are real ... we will never know ...

Welcome to the huge cyber-world ... Malaysians lack of cyber-educations ... and the shallow penetrations in the wired-world.

Welcome to my blog ...


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