Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cohort-8 : Module 1

It is Saturday ... and today I will be seeing many new faces, who will be joining our tratles group. I will be forming a trader's club(sort of) for our members and we could be discussing about trading ideas in weekly basis. In fact, I have benefitted from those discussions and spotting more trading opportunities.

For example : I never really look at "Fitters", but recently being highlighted by some tratles and managed to check on the possible of technical-rebound. I grabbed at 0.61-0.625.

Well, I m preparing myself mentally to have my first module today ... with my cohort-8. Some of them have been in my KIV list for 3 months, as my cohort-7 was full and they have to wait. I feel bad making others to wait, as if I am a 'VIP' but it is due to the limitation of spaces and I m too busy to have it in other hours/days. So, at the moment ... I do have a KIV list for cohort-9, which will only start at the end of JAN 2013. Well ... waiting for a year? Hmm ... how do I reduce the waiting time? That will be my next focus ... to reduce the waiting period(some of them wait wait ... till they no longer interested!).

What will I be talking about today? As always ... my module 1 will be simple ... introduction to market, sectors, instruments ... before moving to talk about trend using MA, price-volume actions ... and if I have the time, I will go thru introduction to RSI.

So, it is another interesting day to me. This is cohort-8, so I already have 8 classes before this ... I should not be nervous? Haha ... frankly, I am still nervous ... more of excited, actually. Just wondering how the responses could be. I will always remember cohort-1 ... as I was so nervous that I done it kelam-kabut-ly. Haha ... it was a year ago ...

Anyway, some of them will be joining our tratle's meeting ... and as the group growing larger, the motto of DO NOT LOSE MONEY stays.

Got to go for breakfast now ...

Have a nice weekend ahead

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