Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Can traders be trained?

This is one of the many questions I asked myself ... years back when I started to teach JL, my ex-friend ... to move into stock markets and trade. Perhaps I could understand the long journey I will be taking back then ... it was end of 2007, where KLCI at new peak when I decided to move into trading in KLSE. Somehow or rather, I think I have this logical sense that trading markets is a very difficult task, very challenging as the statistics shown it all ---- 90% of the retailers lost or still losing money in markets. Then, what make us all think we could beat the market, trading?

Investing might be a good choice, as we could patiently wait for some crisis and move into buying some good fundamental stocks which being battered or at discount. But ... trading really needs more than just that. To predict the un-predictable ... it is a huge challenge.

When JL came to me in Mac 2009, market was recovering kinda fast ... one of our trade was buying AnnJoo at RM1 and sold it in less than a month at RM1.30, and AnnJoo went all the way to RM3 before recently dived back to RM1.30 level(recovered again). I was learning to trade AnnJoo-wb then ... and I told myself that I need to learn all these financial instruments, even if I have to lose money(lot of it) ... as by not taking risk, by not trading ... I could never be a good trader.

So, I do plan to be a good trader ... gathering materials to read,  attending countless market-talks, courses to attend, discussing and sharing with those experienced traders .... and many more details ... anything to make me a better trader. I do learn from ground-zero, so it is that difficult. But, somehow ... I am very persistence, patience with myself in learning ... plus I think my positive thinking nature do me good, making me to focus in what I need to do .... in order to learn.

to be continued ...



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