Monday, November 12, 2012

i3-forum noises

By AlbertLim

Happy Deepavali to u & all readers as well. Enjoy yr holidays. Those who wish to do charity will NOT tell the world he is doing charity. Again all this to promote yrself so readers who are novice in market can think u r good man.. Teh oh Teh... its about time readers realised that Teh NOT good at all in anything he does. I will continue to reveal all the wrong he is doing. So readers can know & avoid joining his so call cohort. hate me for what i do is right.

Hi Albert(or whoever u r hiding behind this new nick)

U have been busy de-meaning me and insult with words. I wont want to go to your level but let me tell you ONE simple fact : You do not know me at all. It is OK.

Bear in mind that I DO NOT write in i3-site, in case you still DID NOT realise that. My blog is FEATURED here, meaning i3-admin asking my permission to place my blog here, for educational purposes. It is funny ... you don't like me(for your own reasonings, it is ok, u know) but you insist in reading?

In case you do not know, charity is close to MY heart. It is personal and please do not insult me that manner. You can be-little my trading skills or my low IQ/EQ, that is your views but ... not something close to a person's wish. In fact, will you help me in my dream of forming a foundation to help others, volunteering and generously giving/sharing?

Perhaps you think you will 'save' many from being cheated by me, to join my groups etc etc ... you do not have your valid reasonings on these.

I may not be good in many things, I admit ... but you can't insult that I m not good in anything at all. I am good in Math, I am good in bowling, I am good in my trading and teaching trading, I am good in blogging? There are many things no one could take it from me. I worked hard for it and will continue to learn.

I do not know what wrongs I have done. Sorry, I can't get what you are up to and why.

So, I m promoting myself in my OWN blog, not in i3-portal here. I will not ask i3 to take my blog out as that is THEIR decisions and choice. Hope I do not need to come back to i3-forum, which I am leaving(but my blah blah blog will still be here, please write to i3-admin report abuse) as the forums becoming too noisy for my likings.

Those readers who wish to read my posts could go to :

So, I hope I have clarify a few things but not in defensive mode.

Wish you and all well.



Today I am free and off-day ....

Well, the above was written to i3-forum moments ago as I got feedback that someone used another new nick called "AlbertLim" to make a mess/fuss. It is ok ... it is a forum, everyone have their rights to voice the opinions. It is like ... this is my blog, I want to blah-blah ... I will. If I want to cheat people, making them to believe that I am a good man, I must be good in doing that. Hmm ... I never said I am a sifu and those newbies/novices should follow me? I openly telling everyone I m just an ah-pek who happened to like trading and learning about stock-markets. Also, I am naturally passionate about teaching, so I will teach Math or Trading, my two main subjects.

So, I will rest the case ... and I do need a good off for a week, planning for the whole next year!!

cohort-9 : Yes, those who wish to join our tratles group, please contact me. Thanks

Quote : Comparison is the death of true self-contentment by John Powell

Be original.


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