Thursday, November 29, 2012

KLCI rebounds

Yesterday was a green-day, today another green shirt i m wearing. Well, I m out of red-shirts, actually. So, many are glad we are seeing some green ... backed by telcos(oversold in extreme region).

Telcos : Axiata done well yesterday and it is Digi turn today ... TM inching up too but lagging, testing 20MA currently. Maxis ... hmm ... some bad reports about 'accelerated depreciation' which a senior tratle will explain to us the effect on its accounting book. We do have few accountants in our group, and I could learn from them too.

MAS : Crash landing yesterday ... tho turning in some profits, the right-issues is certainly not right. So, it is a cut-loss for me. ouch.

Astro : At 2.80 now but still way below IPO at RM3.

Waterfalls : MHB, Kulim, Airport, SPSetia .. many in list.

Dropbox : Heard of dropbox since last year ... a year now, still did not learn how to use these new tech-things.

Really too busy ... and will be busy till Sunday. Next week is exams again ... so, I have many classes on.

So, we are in recovery mode ... but we don't know if it could last for whole month of DEC before the fiscal-cliff issue.

Need to run again, meeting whole day today ... at night e-meeting with my tratles. wow.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turtle Trading

Tratle : A word coined by BL(of cohort-1) for 'turtle trading'. I was reading the 'turtle' book and fascinated by it. Do buy the book for pleasure reading ... and may not be a book many will like to read. It is kinda 'dry' but I read it with great interests ... and that is how the word 'tratle' came about.

Do listen to the clip above and I will like to write more about the clips, but I guess I m too busy.


KLCI oversold @ 1600

Yesterday was a very busy day for me ... classes back as normal and also travelled to Kapar to see a friend. Well ... the only way we want to learn from others should be going to see the person personally .. and I am very glad that he is so willing to share his experiences. Fell glad and thankful.

I have met many traders before ... some making appointment to meet, some I want to meet them to learn and share, some came to see me to have a chat. Yes, I am always open to learning ... as long as I could gather some informations and also to listen to some experienced traders about their systems, I am willing to travel ... to meet them.

Penang Trip : I have been planning to take a break and travel to Penang for my 'usual' trip ... well, bringing my mom to see some of the relatives there. I do like Penang a lot ... so, I am planning on 29th Dec now. It should be packed as it is year-end ... as many tourists enjoy Penang too ... the food, the people, the places ... simply Penang.

Haters : Recently I attracted some haters ... interesting enough. Now, I m trying to recall who are the tratle being mentioned by a person called himself 'AlbertLim'. I do not have many disputes with my tratles except TWO in my first cohort. One is SP(a retired Indian man) and another a smart lady(Chinese, aged), PL. I have written about my disputes last year when I was having my first class. Being naive(new to teaching trading), being a teacher ... I was only sincerely meant to help.

But ... being an aunty-uncle, perhaps they felt offended when I pointed out some of mistakes they normally do and trying to prevent those mistakes from the group of newbies. One of the main disagreement is ... to trade those speculative stocks, using TA. I am a non-believer that TA could be used effectively on those speculative stocks. SP was asking me to analyse HWGB, where I refused and asked him to change his mindset, while PL is very into those speculative stocks(cant remember what stocks they were playing ... DVM?) ... so, I told them that my TA system fails badly ... for these stocks. Perhaps I was not tactful enough and the word 'aunty-uncle' displeased them. I have apologised MANY times to them ... but they just left. Well, I am not sure and I wouldnt be able to figure out ... what is bothering these haters. But to my ex-tratles, I still respect them ... and they knew how sincere I was in helping others. That I have no doubt. Cohort-1 will always be 'special' and closest to my heart as we spent hours going for mamak-drinks after classes(Friday night).

Well ... all the best to the haters there ... sorry if I ever offended anyone, unintentionally. I have apologised enough.

Sports : Liverpool drew again ... Malaysia lost 0-3 to Spore? Sigh ... LCW and Tan-Koo lost in finals. I did not watch any as I am very busy.

Lynas : It is really disappointing that our gov, wakil-rakyat did not bother much about the rakyat's concern. We all could not understand why they chosen Malaysia, why Kuantan ... as Auz is so huge. If it is not about money, what else?

GangNam : Tho I dislike the song, it is the most watched video in youtube. Wow ... fantastic way of getting very popular. I need to learn the steps from my little kids. Should I dance a gang-nam style dance in youtube too? Haha

Books : Recently I was promoting a young colleague of mine who wrote a book "Believe In Your Dreams & Grow Rich". I do admire his maturity, which at his age ... majority will not have. Well, I do wish I could find some time off ... to write a book? Hmm ... that will be good. I do like to promote local authors as it is more relevent to us, Malaysians. In fact, I have been promoting Pauline's "Fear and Greed" book ... to all my tratles and e-tratles ... to all my readers too. It is a simple pleasure reading book and it is not expensive at all. The notes from the book will help many of us to understand how emotions affecting our trades. There will be another 'basic' stock-market book hitting the bookshop in Jan ... and if it is good, I will promote that too. You see, I do not get any commissions for promoting books and materials or websites. I just feel that ... if it is good, we should share with others. I do like Azizi's books ... Milan's books ... Adam's book ... and such.

I lost my voice last Wednesday and cancelled few classes. Luckily I could regain some voices to teach on Saturday, my cohort-8. Haha ... well, when I am free to write ... I will want to write about my journey with my tratles ... especially recalling from my cohort-1. I was teaching TA without a projector etc etc back then. Haha ... and many 'endured' well(and appreciated my efforts) ... will write about my teaching journey ... it will be nice as I have so many good and supportive tratles around.

10.15 am : Oh boy ... KLCI fails to rebound and heading 1600 level now ... down by 6 points. I am still wearing red shirts ... will it breaks 1595 now?

TM : At 5.33 low now ... with Axiata and Maxis down further today, Digi is holding.

TWS : Dived further after broken RM7 ... and closed at RM6.90 ... at RM6.70 now. Will it dives back to RM6.40? We shall check ...

SKPetrol : Well ... RM2.90 should be a sell ... when everyone talking about it, jumped in ... gapped up. Today, it is going below RM2.70, and will check again at RM 2.50 ...

many-many more dropping from the hills ... as UMNO assembly spending more money to give good treatments to the delegates ... way to go ...

got to go again ... and it will be another long day.


Monday, November 26, 2012

KLCI to rebound

DOW shot up 100+ points on Friday ... that may give a relief to our KLCI ... and boosting the sentiment.

Yesterday was nice ... being able to treat my 3 aunties a nice dinner, and that is the first time in my life!! Yeah ... all very proud now ... and finally, I am no longer in debts, no longer complaining that I am financially tight. I seldom use money much, but seeing smiles in your loved ones worth more than the money spent.

GenM : Some grabbed at RM3.38-RM3.40, it is RM3.50 ... and selling should be RM3.60.

KLCI : I heard that UEMLand, MHB(diving now) and Armada will be taken out soon? They will be replaced by SKPetrol, Astro and YYY. Can't remember ... didnt have the time to read much ... how will these affect the KLCI?

9.30 pm : KLCI closed 6 points lower ... ouch. RSI at 21 now. How low could it go? 1600?

e-tratles : Those who are not staying in Klang Valley(other states) and wish to join my e-learning, please contact me at I will be starting a new batch in JAN2013. Thanks.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday blah blah

It is Sunday ... what a nice feeling, being able to slow-down a little to take a short-break.

It was a 'thank-giving' week, where I am re-calling so so many reasons to be thankful. Yes, I do appreciate many things that I am having around me ... and most of the things could not be bought by 'money'. For example ... my family and few close people around me. My tratles-group, where we have so many nice people supporting me and trusting me. That itself is priceless. I do have friends that I m going to work together with them, leveraging on each other expertise ... that will give me another leads in achieving my goals to be financially free ... and with that, I will certainly getting closer to them much more ...

To have a peaceful living ... we need to be with NICE and PEACE seeking people. Yes, it is my policy to be with those sincere humans ... living in harmony ... and avoid disputes, avoid some bad people ... and avoiding bad habits. Only those who want to see you successful will support you ... and we should appreciate many who have helped us and supported us. Without so many nice people around us, we could not be able to be in peace ... and happiness is just an illusion.

I think I am also a person ... who have strong passion in teaching. That is my positive points. With that, I could naturally help others ... in their understanding of the subjects ---- Maths and Trading. So, the extra efforts, the extra miles ... to help others came naturally from my passion. Without passion, no one could last long in anything we are doing. Money as it is ... could be a motivation but we could not feel the real joy ... in teaching. When some of my tratles appreciated me so much ... it touched me. I feel so proud and glad that ... I have actually helped others.

I think ... sincerity in helping others is also very important. Human could feel ... could know if you are sincere or otherwise. We do not need to go to some extent to try to convince anyone much ... if they are convinced, they will trust you anyway. So ... that is something I do believe ...

Last Friday, I do have 3 new faces(of cohort-9, in waiting list) joined me for our yam-char session. It is very interesting ... two very experienced in market ... and a newbie. One very experienced person in stock-market said ... those newbies should learn first .... from a 'sifu'(I corrected him ... that I never see myself as one, I am a learner myself). He has been in market for so long ... and I am so glad to have him in our tratles group, adding valuable people, to help many newbies in the market. Yes, those newbies really benefit from discussions and learning from these very experienced traders.

Yesterday, I do have my module-2 with my cohort-8 ... as we discussed further about Moving Averages and RSI. Yes, in technical analysis ... support and resistance are very important to understand and help us in our entry-exit. To say, buy at support, sell at resistance is too simplified. It is not that 'easy' and rigid. To say 'trade with trend' is right .... but many of us are confused about it or we don't have the discipline enough to trade with the trends. UP or DOWN trending ... we need to be patience and learn ...

I was sharing with a young colleague of mine ... about how we should try to add value in ourselves. We should be hardworking to LEARN ... use our TIME, the most important resources(limited to 24-hours per day per person) wisely ... to acquire knowledge. Instead of watching movie, do reading and research, improve in our knowledge and invest in growing ourselves. Then, checking on our personalities ... characters ... and stay frugal. I will help him to grow ... as I see him as if seeing myself, 20yrs ago .... ignorant of personal financial. Well, at least he is SO much better off than me then.

Yes, if possible ... help others to grow, share experiences with them ... see them to believe in themselves. If my postings could inspire or benefit some readers(even just few), it makes the blog-posting worth ... and the greatest joy in teaching is to know someone learnt from you, appreciate your teachings ... and he/she will pass the knowledge to others!! Knowledge are meant to be shared.

Nothing comes easy ... that is for sure. To see our goals clearer ... we need to add values in ourselves, be persistent ... and know what we are doing is right.

time to enjoy the nice Sunday ...

Have a blessing Sunday


Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanks Giving Day

KLCI went lower yesterday ... I was at Proton service center to change my gear-box, and some services ... it took me the whole day --- 9.30am was the appointment, 10am they called you in  ... 4pm ... you got your car. Well, the appointment needs to be arranged 1 week in advance. At least they are free flow of coffee ... to keep me awake, and some newspaper to read. Yeah ... I read yesterday's The Star(I seldom read papers these days ... except the biz-section).

The headline was interesting ... a 'virtual' hospital, being used to cheat others. That is a new trick ... and in these world now, so many people cheat ... in the name of 'money'. Sometimes, if we think of it ... it is a sad world now. Don't know about the dooms-day coming in a month time. Guess ... somewhere in the world, they are preparing for the dooms-day ... seeing them going to 'heaven', doing lots of things(beyond our normal imaginations) ... It is a sad-sad world now to know human is still killing human, spending millions(and billions) to build destructive weapons ... to bomb others. Yeah ... I m refering to the Palestines. I do not know much about the going-ons ... as I do not read papers, but that is how I feel ... when I have the chance to read papers. Sad.

So ... we have to select some cheering news to read!! With elections around the corner, The Star(and mainstream media) blasting the oppositions, accusing many things and exposing the frictions in PKR. The media is owned by BN's government ... and has never been fair. How I do wish ... some fairness or justice in place but that is too idealistic. The world we are living in now is talking about 'power' ... and 'money' is being used to 'get things done'. No longer we can live innocently ... thinking that we will be provide with fairness. The more we know about the going-ons, the more we feel we do not want to know about it.

If we could pause for a while ... if only we can feel what is inside our heart, if only we stop the conflicts, the discriminations, the polarisations ... the accusations ... the fights ... the greed ... the corruptions ... the power-craze ... the xxx that is making us living in fear ... living in chaos ... while trying to maintain peace. It is simple as that ... we are no longer a simple human-being.

We advanced so much ... technologically and technically but we, as human ... has de-graded our values. Our very core humanity-values. We spread lies ... we do things that we want it our ways, and we want to be right --- so much so that we create war. Yes ... the tension all over the world ... and they are stating a matter of time, the WW3 might erupt.

Sigh ... it is not the way I wanted to start a Friday ... but it was a Thanks-giving day. It makes me pause to think of things I read ... I do ... and I plan.

Thank You

Thanks to God ... for the blessings.

Thanks to all who have crossed my life-paths ... and making me a better person that I am today.

Thanks for all who have supported me ... directly or indirectly.

I am always feel thankful ... to be alive, to be able to help others and to contribute. I am always feel very grateful to so many people who have helped me ... giving us the reasons to be alive ... and more.

For all reading these, I feel thankfully encouraged. Without such supports, I do not think so I could be so motivated, to do what I deemed right. To few readers who dislike me, I will thank all ... for making me a stronger person.

Thanks ALL.

80 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving:

1.Your family – Even if the relationship you have with your family is not good, you should still be thankful that you have them at all. So many people throughout the world have no one at all that relates to their past, their blood, and their lives.

2.Your friends – Friendships are one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer. Friends fill a part of your heart that no one else can. Cherish your true friends, and be thankful that they are a part of your life.

3.Your enemies – Enemies teach us about ourselves, who we are, and who we want to be. They challenge us to be better people and teach us about patience and strength. Be thankful you have enemies, it means you are living life.

4.Your mind – Without your mind you would have nothing. Appreciate that your mind is a big part of your happiness, and your life. It holds your thoughts, opinions, memories and emotions within it, without those things you would be a walking shell of the person you are today.

5.Your body – The human body is an amazing and interesting thing. Your body moves you, helps you, heals you and takes you places you want to go. Be grateful for your body and treat it with the respect it deserves. Fuel it with proper nutrition and care for it accordingly. Be gentle with it, and challenge it. Use it to the best of your ability, and most of all enjoy it no matter its shape or size. It is a great gift.

6.Your ability to love – Love is a beautiful emotion and something we should be grateful for every single day. Your ability to love is what makes you grow as a person. Love can teach us deep lessons we would never learn any other way. It can teach us about ourselves and about others. It is an amazing feeling, and it is unmatched through anything else. It can lead to pain, or heartache, but it is worth every second to have experienced it at all. Love freely and deeply, for being able to love is what makes life worth living.

7.Your ability to learn – Knowledge is a never-ending quest, and is a key player is a happy and fulfilled life. Relish in the knowledge of others and teach yourself as much as you can. You can never know too much, the more you open your mind to learn, the greater an experience life will become. If learning comes easily to you than you should be even more grateful, and you should utilize this tool because some people struggle a great deal to learn even the simplest things.

8.Children (your own or others) – Children can teach us so much about living. You need only watch a child’s free-spirit for a moment to see the pure joy they hold inside. Children living in the moment, without much regard for what has happened in the past. They love openly, without restriction, and they take pleasure in every thing they do. If you have children of your own, enjoy them every chance you get because they grow for too quickly and before you know it that time is gone. If you do not have children find ways to enjoy others, or embrace the values that they live by and find a way to incorporate them into your life. You will be amazed by how much you can learn from a child if you are willing.

9.Your health – So many people throughout the world, and even the communities we live in, struggle with their health. Every day people are dying, getting sick, and suffering. If you are healthy, be genuinely grateful, because there are a large number of people who are not, who will not be, and who can not be. Health is a profound gift, and not something to be taken for granted.

10.Disappointment – So you can learn what matters most, and enjoy success that much more.

11.Happiness (and you ability to create it) – Happiness is a state of mind; not a person, place or material thing. This means happiness is a choice, you have the ability to choose it for yourself and create it any way you wish. THAT is something to be thankful for.

12.Your mistakes – Without our mistakes we would learn no lessons, so be thankful for all of your failures and what they have taught you in the end.

13.Kind strangers – The kindness of strangers can be a magical thing. Look around you and observe all the wonderful things that people do for each other every day. These kind acts may not always be easy to spot, but they are there, and they are making a difference. When it happens to you, you will know it, and when you do it for someone else it may change their life. Always be aware of those around you, and be thankful for their kindness even when you can’t see it with your eyes.

14.Challenges – A good challenge makes us strong, teaches us about ourselves, and pushes us to our limits. Challenge is what makes us grow and what moves us forward in life. Be thankful for the challenges you face because they make life more interesting, and they push you in the direction you need to go.

15.Choices – Having choices is an exceptional reward, many others in the world are not blessed with this same option. We have the ability to choose anything we want to create in our lives. We have the choice to stay or go, who we want to be around, how we want to live, where we want to live, what we want to do, etc… Our possibilities are endless and our life is only limited by the choices we make. That is an amazing thought, and a remarkable present.

16.Animals - Domestic animals provide us with unconditional love, trust and companionship. Wild animals not only give us food, but also teach us about life and they cycle it takes. They show us strength, and give us all we need to survive.

17.Music – Music soothes the soul and is an extraordinary pleasure. It can enhance a mood, or change an emotion. It invokes memories, and creates new ones. It is a gift I am thankful for regularly.

18.Laughter – It truly is the best medicine, and something that should be exercised often. Be thankful you have reasons to laugh, people to laugh with, and the ability to do it at all.

19.Food – This is self-explanatory, without food we would die, and people do every day. So as you sit down for your next meal be thankful for every bite, and remember that there are so many people who have nothing at all to eat.

20.Shelter – A roof over your head is another thing you should be grateful for. It is an obvious one, but we often take for granted that many people throughout the world don’t have this benefit.

21.Modern medicine – This is a benefit that is taken for granted so often. Modern medicine saves lives every single day, and is advancing regularly to help save even more. Many countries don’t have access to these resources and people suffer and die unnecessarily. Be thankful that you live in a place that allows you access to these things, it truly is a blessing.

22.Dreams and goals – Dreams and goals are what drives us, and knowing they are a possibility is a true bonus. Dream big, set high standards and work to achieve all of your goals. They only thing that is stopping you from accomplishing anything is yourself.

23.Freedom of speech – A great number of us live in a world where we can say what we feel without much worry. This is a benefit that is not often thought of deeply. Imagine living if you couldn’t express your opinions freely without fear of punishment should someone else disagree. Freedom of speech is wonderful, and it is something I am thankful for, because without it I wouldn’t be able to write or say half the things I do.

24.Your ability to read and write – There are more people than you know that can’t, be thankful if you can.

25.Your talents – Whatever they are, utilize them, and be thankful for them. Most of all, enjoy them.

26.Your strengths – Just like your talents you should find your strengths and be proud of them. Use them to help yourself, and others when possible. These gifts have been given to you for a reason.

27.Your weaknesses – Weaknesses only make you weak if you allow them too. No one can be good at everything. Discover your weaknesses and use them to strengthen yourself. Let them challenge you to work harder, or urge you to ask others for help. Your weaknesses do not have to drag you down, they can lift you higher if you use them the right way.

28.The world around you – It only takes a short walk around your neighborhood, or a road trip for you to appreciate the world around you. The earth is an amazing thing, full of life and awe. Take time to connect with the world and revel in its raw beauty. Nature has a healing power like no other, enjoy this treasure, and of course, do what you can to keep it safe.

29.Your ancestors and your parents – Without them you would not exist. Many of our ancestors, and possibly even our parents, struggled and fought so that we could live life. Learn about your family history if possible and appreciate all that your ancestors did in order to survive and thrive. Appreciate your parents as well, even if they are no longer together, or if your relationship is not well, realize that it is because of the two of them that you are alive and able to live at this moment. If nothing else, you can be grateful for that.

30.Technology – This is something you need to be thankful for if you are reading this post, because without it, you wouldn’t be. It’s not just internet and computers either, technology has drastically changed the world. It helps to connect us to those we would not be able to connect to otherwise, and opens doors we would have never found before.

31.Imagination – Without imagination there would be no knowledge. One first has to imagine it is possible to make it possible. I imagination is the foundation for fun, and can lead to great happiness. It is something we often let go of as we grow older, but it is something that can bring us great joy. Be thankful that you have the ability to imagine anything you want, because when it comes to wild imaginations, your only limitation is yourself. This is a fun and exciting tool, use it in a way that makes you happy.

32.Your instincts – We were all born with a tool to help us navigate this crazy world, instincts. Too often we ignore those ‘feelings’ we get about certain people, places or things. Although I doubt we are all psychic, our body’s are very perceptive to the energy around us, even when our mind is not. If you get a ‘feeling’ about something, don’t ignore it, consider it before moving forward it’s your body’s way of trying to tell you something. Be thankful for this gift, whether you know it or not it has probably had a big impact on your life, and will continue to do so in the future.

33.Faith – You do not have to be religious to have faith. Trusting in yourself, in others and in the world around you is a type of faith. Utilize this tool, and be thankful that those around you have faith in you. Faith is encouragement, and encouragement is what drives us to succeed.

34.Freedom – We are so blessed to have the freedom we do in Canada and the USA, there are so many people who fought long and hard to ensure that freedom for us. This is something we should be forever grateful for.

35.Community – The community you live is can be an amazing thing. In times of trouble a strong community bands together. When someone is in need, community is there to provide support. Your neighbors and community are something to be thankful for, when you need them, they will be there.

36.Seasons – This one is especially true for us Canadians, though we might complain when the temperatures dip into the lows, the beauty that the snow brings is something to be thankful for. Just as the heat of the summer is a wonderful gift as well, we are blessed to have a range of weather here, even if it is unpredictable at times.

37.Wealth, not the monetary kind -

38.Aging – Getting older may seem a horrible fate, but the truth is it is much better than the alternative. Think back to the awkwardness of your youth, the mistakes and the heartaches. With age comes wisdom, and life tends to get easier and clearer as we grow. Be thankful for getting older, not everyone gets that opportunity.

39.Second chances – Most of us have been given the gift of forgiveness or have forgiven someone in the past, and because of this many of us know that second chances are something to be thankful for. The encouragement that a second chance provides is a great gift, and something we should be thankful for and willing to share.

40.Inspiration – It is all around you. Take a look and be grateful.

41.Employment and Careers – If you have a job, be thankful, there are many that do not. If you have a career, be even more grateful, there are many that struggle just to get by. Having a job and a career are a great blessing in the world today, so even if you are not completely content in your current position be thankful you have it, and make the best of it until you can make the change you desire.

42.Travel – The fact that we have a wonderful and amazing world to explore is something to appreciate. If you have had the chance to travel and see different places be thankful for the experience it has given you. If you haven’t had the chance yet, be thankful that the option will always be there when you are ready.

43.Siblings – Brothers and sisters can be a real pain in the butt, but they are the people who know you best, and who will always be there for you no matter what. Cherish the bond that siblings can have, and make an effort to strength this relationship as often as possible.

44.Good conversations – Be grateful for good conversations. There are people who can not speak, or can not hear to be able to enjoy such things. A good talk can lighten your heart and open your mind.

45.Hugs – Hugs are just wonderful. 46.Sunrises and Sunsets – The beauty of the sun, the warmth it brings, and the beginnings and the ends that it represents are something to be thankful for. Take time to watch a sunrise/sunset and revel in the beauty of the thing that keeps us warm and alive.

47.Sex – Just be thankful someone figured this out!

48.Your Flaws – Yes, you should be thankful for your flaws. Your flaws are what makes you uniquely you. Stop focusing on them, or trying to change them and embrace them for what they are, a part of YOU!

49.Creativity – You can create anything you choose. That is something to consider and something to enjoy.

50.Your sight – You are blessed to be able to see the world around you and the people you love.

51.Your hearing – Being able to hear is another obvious blessing, consider what it would be like to never hear music or laughter again.

52.Your ability to walk – Your legs carry you all the places you want to go, they give you a certain freedom that many others don’t have, be thankful you have that ability.

53.Self-esteem - Be sure of yourself and take pride in who you are. Be thankful for the person you have become and who you are working to be.

54.Water (fresh and running) – Millions of people live without this luxury, be thankful you have fresh water/running water available at your fingertips.

55.Past relationships – Past relationships teach us about what love is supposed to look like, about who we are, and about what we want. Be thankful you had these experiences, and be thankful for how they helped you to grow.

56.Clothing – This is one of those things we take completely for granted. We have the ability to choose what to wear, we have the choice to buy what we want. Many people don’t have this option, be thankful.

57.Your Values - Chances are your parents instilled you with a strong set of values, be thankful that someone cared enough about you to want to you to be a good person. Live your life by these basics and be thankful that you have the sense to apply them to life.

58.Your childhood – Whether it was great or terrible, your younger years taught you a lot, and helped shape you in to the amazing person you are today. Be thankful that you made it through those years, and are able to learn from them.

59.Independence – The fact that you can take care of yourself, choose for yourself, and be yourself is something to appreciate.

60.The place you live (your country, city, and home itself) – The country you live in should give you a sense of pride. Be thankful for the city and home you are in because many others have to suffer in places they do not enjoy. Be grateful if you are in a place you love, and thankful that you have the choice to leave if you are not.

61.Teachers – Everyone should be thankful for their teachers. It is an amazing gift for someone to make the choice to spend their lives teaching others. Teachers are a huge gift to the world and often under-appreciated. Be thankful that your teacher took the time to work with you, teach you and care about you. They did not have to do these things.

62.Birth control – Some people don’t have this choice.

63.Fertility – So many people struggle to have children, if you can accomplish this, you are deeply blessed.

64.Law – Be thankful that the law is there to help keep you safe.

65.Compliments – Compliments make people feel good. Enjoy them and pass them on. 66.Positivity – You have the ability to see the silver lining in the cloud, be thankful that positivity is a possibility to you and utilize it.

67.Self-expression – This is part of freedom, be thankful that you can wear what you want, look as you wish, and do as you please. Many people don’t have this luxury.

68.Being a woman/man – Each holds its own unique gifts to be thankful for.

69.Opportunity – It is available to you at every corner, you only need to be willing. Be thankful.

70.Being able to swim – This is a talent that is not thought of enough, and is something that can save lives.

71.Passion – Be thankful for passion it is what feeds the heart and wakes the mind.

72.Charity – The most amazing thing you can do for yourself is help others. Rest assured that if you ever needed it, charity would be there to help.

73.Change – We have the ability to change anytime we want to. THAT is something to appreciate.

74.Affection – It warms the heart, and shows love.

75.Connections – The connections we make with some people run very deep. Be thankful for the chance you get to meet people and the joy it brings to your life.

76.The small things – You can never forget to be thankful for all the small things in life. The fresh flowers, sweet treats, and giggles of friends. It is the small things all put together that make the best memories, and make life worth living.

77.Curiosity – It is what teaches us, drives us, and leads us. Never stop asking why.

78.Life – Obviously you should be thankful for life, and the opportunity you have to enjoy it.

79.Time – In a chaotic world, time is precious. Enjoy what you do have because it flies by far too quickly.

80.This Moment – Most of all be thankful for THIS MOMENT RIGHT NOW… There will never be another like it, so make it count!

 Taken from :


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Stock Talk : JCY

JCY : Monthly chart ... the signals of topping at RM1.60 is clearer if one use the monthly chart. That was how I placed a sell at nearing RM1.60, but I got 'scolded' by a few JCY-die-hard fans ... as they were predicting that it should be going to RM2 ... and might be taken private at RM4, due to its 'cheap' valuation.

I do follow JCY since it was traded. The 'flash memory' news with speculating that HDD will be replaced someday ... it was downtrending to 50cents. Then, I went for a market talk at Klang, the 'expert' predicting that it will go below 30cents, target price 28cents. Guess ... those went to that talk would have sold their JCY at huge losses at 50cents then. It really went to 30cents ... phew, what a relief.

JCY : The weekly chart showing more recent months ... where JCY dived from 1.60 to 1.30 ... then, one long black candle to dive straight to RM1 ... since then, it never recover ... until at 70cents level, RSI was oversold ... and it rebounded. Yes, JCY is a good trading stock as many retailers still stucked inside there and might jump in ... if not mistaken, there are more than 5k comments for JCY thread in i3-forum. I do not check other forums ... but I believe it will be as noisy.

JCY : The daily chart showing a good recovery ... breakout of 0.80 level two days ago, but yesterday ... when it formed a shooting star, we have to sell before market closing. It is not hard for us to know shooting will be forming before 5pm. Today's drop is alarming ... the way they killed off many retailers hope ... very huge selling ... gapped down and closed at 70cents. It is no longer new trading JCY ... as that is the RISK some traders willing to take. Is there a very bad news or reports out there? I have not check. We could check at 0.65 now ...

A tratle in our group this morning shared with me that his friend bought JCY at 1.48, but cut loss at 80cents(finally) as he didnt believe in cut-loss actually. Well, if we are buying MayBank or some good dividend stocks, we could buy-n-hold ... dollar averaging is OK as we are looking into long term. Even that, why buy when KLCI at 1620 ... why not wait for GE to be over, and if KLCI dives further? That is for buy-n-hold ... we DO NOT buy-n-hold JCY. It is simply ignorant. Hope he has recovered emotionally, learned some lessons ... and continue to learn.

I have lost my voice, and a tratle of mine have to take over the e-meeting last night but tonight I need a rest.

Note : Do not buy-n-hold JCY, hoping for Thai-flood stories .. etc etc ... do some homework, please.


KLCI oversold

Tho DOW up 200 points, KLCI was down ... and DOW up another 40+ points, how low could KLCI go? It  is a matter of time for KLCI to rebound? What are our takes?

So far TM disappoints ... and amongst the telco, Axiata showing some promising rebound.

KLCI : We are at 1620 levels, with RSI below 30, considered as oversold. Checking 1600 level next, if it is going to retrace further. The RSI for telco's are much lower.

Parkson : I am still watching Parkson as it dived way too fast ... and an interesting waterfall to catch.

10am : KLCI in red further, with JCY dropped to 70cents ... well, perhaps Thai-flood story did not come out yet ... so, we shall wait for them to upgrade JCY again, with targets above RM1 or RM2? I don't know ... when it downs, they will downgrade her ... coming out with stories again to justify why JCY should be a SELL ... and target 50cents or 30cents? Why?

There are some still hold to JCY at IPO price, ok? How about Astro ... the most non-performing IPO, dropping below 2.70, IPO at RM3? Many are cursing their luck ... and some started to blame it on AK's greed. It is so un-fair ... simply because we have Astro at home? If a normal public never heard of JCY, that is ok ... but we all know Astro, it is a household name in Malaysia. So, it is obvious that many trapped with Astro ... some stucked with JCY.

RM1 stocks : I want to write about some of the RM1 stocks, which no longer at RM1 level. It is becoming penny stocks .... such as Unisem, WTK .... recently broken RM1. LionInd and MAS are trading at near RM1 level. We dont see YTLLand or RSawit at RM1 anymore ...

Got to go and contine my blah blah later ...


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stock Watch : MPHB and SKPetrol

MPHB : This was written months ago ... when our group started to buy(and trade) at RM3(breakout). I managed to sell half at RM3.80+, and it retraced .... I was collecting at each support level, larger as it went lower. The last level I collected was at RM3.50. Someone in my stock-watch group bought at RM3.50 levels and sold at RM3.70 recently.  I am still holding to my huge positions. The doji shown yesterday is not good, so ... will see if it will rebound from RM3.68. Previously, I traded MPHB-ch too but with current market situations, I prefer to focus in good FA stocks, and buying mommy.

MPHB is in news for months now, due to the selling of its non-core assets and re-listing of Magnum. With the latest of selling AA stock-brokering firm, I think they are done with their sellings? We shall wait to see how all these news pan-out to be, and Magnum will be listing in KLSE. The share-holders(like me) of MPHB will benefit from these coorperate activities.

BJToto ... well, a trust will be listing in SGX(or listed??) ... and making Magnum the only direct NFO in KLSE. That could explain my liking in MPHB, rather than BJToto. We shall see if Magnum will give us a good dividend, and attract more investors to 'park' their money with her.

Read all you want about the fundamentals ... and the news. I am still a trader, I will still sell when the RSI reaching a high level, or the candlesticks giving me bearish signals. I will still trade(take profit, buy-back later).

When I bought hugely in MPHB, I was trading SKPetrol too ... buying hugely when it broken RM2.20 resistance and also SK-cb. It is not fair to say that I did not place stocks in my blog? Hmm ... I do tell my whole group to buy SKPetrol at RM2.20 and RM2.30 ... with recent shot-up, I asked all to sell SKPetrol ... one sold at 2.90. I was like "wow'. Another person was still holding to SK-cb and sold at 0.30(bought 0.23) ... but it went to above 0.40!!

Today, I wont buy SKPetrol ... I have given many reasonings of buying into SKPetrol months back and I do mention about the rumour of it possibily placed as KLCI counters. Well, with market-cap more than 10billion, this is one giant in the making.

The SKPetrol chart showing high RSI now ... we buy good stocks when its RSI at the low.

note : Do check my previous posts, somewhere in the blah-blah ... I did mention that I bought SKPetrol(and sold) and MPHB hugely.

Got to go for office now ... and will blah blah more later.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stock Watch : KNM

KNM : Back to 0.47 levels today, with KNM-wa trading today ... at 0.10. I have highlighted the 'shooting star' and selling should be on that day when ... from no where, it shot from 0.47 to 0.65 in 2 days? Crazy way of goreng ... but certainly created lots of attention to many retailers, who might still be holding to her at high levels. Well ... diving with 4, at 48cents = 12cents now. It was traded at RM2 ... down to 12cents now. How could it be good? So, that sharp spike is the LAST chance to get out, even at a huge loss of this speculative counter.

I do remember yungshen1(of i3-forum) when I asked him to release KNM ... it was at 90cents, I think. I do hope he has listened and I did not check on KNM anymore ... to advise. NO ONE could predict what will be going on ... in future, BUT ... stocks do not move up by itself.

Someone talked about Borsig ... I was very new in market back then when I read about Borsig. Today, they are saying that Borsig might be listed in SGX. I did not check the latest development. To me ... KNM will be gorenged again ... but it will slowly moving lower ... Borsig or not, even if O&G counters are moving ... will KNM being seen as O&G counter? Understanding fundamental-analysis is very important. Knowing about  technical ... and also done some planning(trading) is very important. Entry and Exit levels ...

That reminds me of a counter called SAAG, also being placed with O&G. It is a no return for SAAG ... but I received an e-mail 2 years ago or so from someone, stating about 10 stocks he is holding ... I saw SAAG in his list ... I did not reply.

Ok, tho DOW up strongly 200+ points, there is lack of interest in KLSE.

BGYear : Dropping 50% ... ouch .. hope no one bought into such counters.

Time to go ...


Monday, November 19, 2012

Stock Watch : UEMLand

UEMLand : Bought 2.17 last week, more at 2.23-2.24 this morning when KLCI down about 8points, then ... I sold off today at 2.27-2.29 done. RSI at 80+, very high and reaching resistance of RM2.30, so I will sell first, take off the profits and see if I could buy her back. Yes, all these given to my group, my trades. If they are buying or selling or not, that is their decisions.

Parkson ... I am looking at it, dived to 4.80, after a short recent shot-up. Well, Aeon bought into Carrefour, why would that excite Parkson? If Parkson down further, time to move to Parkson as I am out of UEMLand.

Astro still staying at RM2.70 ... Pantech which given some time ago, moved today. Well, MPHB is moving about 3.70 now .. still holding on her.


Successl : Eminem

This is good one .. he was asking his manager if he could afford a 'Rolex'. Yes, he did many things NOT for the MONEY ... and he done well due to his convictions. He was wearing a G-shock (USD100) watch for an interview. Cool.

A troubled person ... since young. Using his 'anger' to give me a 'voice', strong words from his songs ...

featuring with Akon in "Smack That" or with Rihanna in 'Love the way your lie" ... he is very successful in his way, tho many dislike him, wont accept his strong lyrics ... and or whatever.

He is a success to me.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

My recent trades

My trading adventure ... continues ...

There is an interesting conversation with few of my tratles recently, updating me with some wordings from i3-forum. Majority are certainly new readers to my personal-blog --- the trading adventure is a blog to record my daily going-ons ... so, from the moment I started to read books, magz ... listening to some tv-biz channels ... reading of newspaper ... charts that I used, from shareinvestors site, tradsignum ... yahoo to google charts ... to so many other websites ... from kitco to investopedia ... to recently I started to use chart-nexus charts and might be using bursa-station charts or nextview charting ... from the courses I attended to the market talks I have attended, few workshops I participated  ... to the most recent activites I am doing ... from some readers I met, traders I greeted ... to some of my readers I met in Penang ... to some readers who becoming my tratles, joined the group ... to the way we trades, the changes in the way I read news, the adjustments to my trading systems ... and from the moment I started to trade Astro in Jan 2008 to my recent trade in Astro(re listed) ...

from ..... to ..... from end of 2007 when I started KLSE, from ground-zero level ... to currently moving into FKLI, guiding a whole tratle-group ... I have changed. I have evolved. My blog ... has changed. I used to place in details, to the minutes ... the stock prices I am tracking, while today ... I have a closed group where I chat with them, about my trades in 'live'.

Majority are really NEW readers ... if those reading these lines from i3-portal, they are certainly NEW. My blog is featured there last year ... and whatever I m writing here, will be shown there.

But to FEW old-readers ... some are in my group, they will understand how I write. It is MY(saya punya) trading adventure ... so, when my "trading' experiences having changes in the way I m trading ... and teaching-trading now, shouldnt I be writing about it? Wait ... should I be writing things openly and as honest as I should ... to share and to guide FEW geniune and appreciative readers?

I have asked my whole tratles group not to answer those accusations or so-so many not-truth being thrown in i3-forum, as yes ... forum is noisy. It is full with many who certainly have opposing opinions. It is OK ... as that is opinion-based. Many quiet readers there ... but if there are personal attacks ... should I be clarifying myself? Why? Why not? I have told the group to 'ignore' but I will still stick to those who are supportive and seeking to be open-minded, to check and balance for the truth.

Here I will share some(we done many) trades WE(the group) have recently taken. IF I could remember the details ... I my forget the details, you can ASK any of my tratles to clarify ... and well .... as we are trading well for months now, do we need to 'show' to others what we are doing? Do we owe ANYONE any clarifications in OUR own trades? Do I owe anyone ... err ... any postings or analysis? I am trying to share with newbies/novices ... but I am TOO busy to write many of my trades. Could you please check in JAN-FEB this year? If not mistaken, I tried to post many of our trades ... but I am tired. I am too occupied and busy. Not that I am selfish ... or arrogant? Egoistic? Hmm ... can you please ask anyone in my group who knew me in person? Excuse me ... I helped many ... and WILL continue to help those in my groups, in their learning and understanding. I owe NO ONE anything. If I m helping others, it is out of my willingness(even if I m not paid). If I m writing this blog, this personal diary of mine ... it is because of my willingnes to spend my precious time to write. I owe NO ONE any explainations.

Hidden agenda ... of getting more to join my tratles group? Hmm ... if i3-admin feel that my blog is not-appropriate, it is their choice and decisions, if they want to take my blog from the 'link'. My losses? Hmm ... may be a few readers, who could be my potential tratles? Who are in the loss?

Due to few un-happy readers, who can always ignore my posts ... but insisted to read. How low could a person go? I have apologised(please READ my previous 'sorry' posts) ... and many wondering WHY I should apologise to few un-appreciative readers. I have tried to shake-hands with these nasty people, but I do not get any good response from them. I have recently invited Mr Ooi to meet ... openly ... to iron-out MANY mist-understandings ... but these are endless. So, I choose to ignore as it is difficult to use up so much of our time and energy ... going too low, to explain to everyone what we write about, what we really meant .. blah blah ...

I will still answer many good readers, and WILL continue to answer some questions posted in i3-forums. Believe me, of those few nasty ones, there are MANY good ones there. Majority are nice people, focusing in discussing about stocks ... if my postings in my blog is not to YOUR likings, then you have to decide ... it is YOUR lives. You can choose to ignore. But ... hmm ... these are endless? See? Let me end it ... click 'ignore'.

for further reading, please go to ...

Here are few of the trades in Oct/Nov(in my stock watch and tratles group)

Alam :

AMedia :


Benalec :

BHIC : Few of us taken the trade in BHIC. It was alerted by one of them that BHIC went to the 2008-low. Wow ... so, some of us got excited ... some bought at RM2.35, sold to cut loss at RM2.30 while I bought at RM2.30, cut loss at RM2.27 or so. Then, someone bought back at RM2 level ... I did not follow BHIC, and many sold ... as I pointed out the shooting-star. Yes, RM2.50 is a SELL ... as buying should be at 12th Sept, when it closed at RM2.02. The risk was low then .. knowing that this is owned by Angkatan Tentera, it will help. Trading is diffciult as there is one of them bought at RM2.35, did not cut-loss ... ride all the way down below RM2 and all the way up to RM2.50, to sell, finally for profits. I have pointed to her that we should not ride it down ... as it may not recover to our cost price. Cut-loss, buyback at lower prices ... Well, BHIC trade was a small loss for me, but few traded it profitted. I did not look back and missed the submarine ...

Coastal : This was given days before the breakout of 1.83 levels. When I placed in my stock watch group, I told all to watch Coastal ... and when it broken 1.83, just grabbed it(can't remember the cut-loss point given --- I do always place that as that is how I trade). But, I did not explain why Coastal. Then, when it broken 1.83, I was fortunate to be there 'live' and told my tratles that I grabbed market prices 1.83-1.84. Some of them who were there followed but a little late to grabbed at 1.85. It went to 1.88, and closed at 1.86, if I m not mistaken. Then, the next day was Wednesday(as we have our weekly meeting foractive tratles) ... I explained to them why we should consider Coastal breakout. It closed 1.91 on Wednesday. WHY Coastal? Well ... I shown them Alam and Perdana's charts. MANY of us taken the trades in Alam at 0.50 and Perdana was traded by one tratle(I do not like Perdana personally, so I skipped ... but Perdana really sailed away). You see, with Alam and Perdana in play, then ... suddenly on Saturday, The Star-biz shown a piece of news on Coastal!! Whatever about Coastal diversifying ... and such, I did not read. I only read the headlines, that prompted me to place in stock-watch on Monday, Tuesday it flew off ... grabbed, Thursday, I sold at 1.93(immediate resistance) .... done. Then, contra-players selling, profit-taking activities seen ... well, need to wait for breaking of 1.92 before considering again ... and I did not manage to catch the ship this time ... I was busy with classes(too bad) and I let it go ... it closed at 1.96, with RM2 as resistance, the risk-reward is not worth for me to grab at 1.96.

You do understand risk-reward, right? You do understand resistance is a sell, right? Do you know the price-volume actions are very important in trading? How about understanding that trading in sector-movement ... that is what I shared with my tratles group, explaining some details why I grabbed when it moved ... no question asked. No 'buts' and no 'if'. Just trade it. It is called momentum-trading ... Now at nearing RM2 is NOT a buy, I have asked my group to sell ... the series of candlesticks are NOT good and we do NOT buy when RSI at such a high level ... with nearing resistance, and forum people started to make noises about a counter ... DO READ the above trade ... that is how I trade, how I checking good opportunities for my tratles and stock-watch group. Difficult plart is ... will you BUY at 1.85 when breakout? Will you sell at RM2 now or hoping it will go higher? I have also taught my tratles to be discipline and follow trading plans. Now, do you know how many of them appreciate my sharings ... as even they did not take the trade in Coastal, they are learning .... to trade better in future. Learning to see momentum, to relate to news and sector-in play, to check on laggards ... these are NOT for newbies. A newbie might even ask ... what is Coastal?

E&O :

Fitters :

GenM :

Genting :

HuaYang :


IJMLand :

Johotin :

MAS : PAR-value is RM1, so to me ... buy at RM1 ... if it shoots 10% in 2-3 days, SELL. Then ... buy back when it retraces .... again, try to collect around RM1. I have collected at RM1.01 to 1.03 last week, even the market so bearish ... my queues at RM1 not done. So, I have automatically queueing at RM1 everyday ... trying to in front of many others!! Kiasu-ism syndrome ... when will MAS flying? Err ... am I supposed to know? Each time I trade or given to my stock-watch group, it is in my responsibility to use my ability to make sure the trade will be done well ... but, not all done as planned, right?


MyEg :

Pantech :

Perisai :

Permaju :

PJDev :

Presbhd :

SKPetrol :

Takaful :

TM : Hmm ... as telco's(TM, Axiata, Digi and Maxis) are pulling KLCI down, it is time to go LONG on FKLI as when these telco's rebound, KLCI will be up again. I chosen TM ... one of a newbie-tratle bought DiGi at RM5.84(many more buying at that levels too) ... some buying into Axiata as seeing some rebounded but no one buying Maxis yet as I alerted everyone to wait for the 012-to rebound first. TM ... formed a hammer ... I grabbed at RM5.40, RM5.50 and closing RM5.59. Then ... it came down again on Friday ... and my queue at RM5.40 and RM 5.45 done more. Why is TM down on Friday? What ... they lost the 'rights' on EPL (so, Astro moving up, see?) ... so, I am still holding on to TM ... watch this page, to see if I lose my trades in TM again(I have cut loss twice ... at RM5.95 and recently at RM5.70 for small losses). Buying telco now? I don't know ... I do know I like many telcos now. Do your own research. If you have bought at the HIGH(above RM6), then ... averaging down could be a good choice. I will SELL half at RM5.85 ... and if reaching RM6 again, time to clear off ... All the trades done were shared with my tratles and stock-watch group 'live' ... what back-hand or right-hand, I don't know or I don't care much what you think. Learn if you wish ... share with me your opinions, and see if we could profit together, that is mutual benefits. Other than that, I m too focused in our tratles trades.



TWS : I have shown all openly in my blog when I bought into it at RM6.40. This is one of the counters that so MANY of my tratles and stock-watch group jumped into it. But, unfortunately ... I keyed to sell at RM6.90, was done. That was 20MA resistance and I did not chase it ... some sold the next day and our hero is a person sold at RM7.70. Hmm ... he knew I am talking about him!! We went for dinner and drinks together ... on the Friday. How do I manage to catch the RM6.40 bottom level? That is called technical-rebound ... all in place, execute and wait for rebound .. just that I DO NOT expect it to rebound so strongly?? I bought on Friday(I remember the day as I shared TWS with a new potential tratle, who seen me on Sunday and bought on Monday ... you may READ my post back then. He joined my cohort-8, happily profitted from TWS trade) ... then, someone told me Dali written about it. I said "Good" ... many retailers will jump in ... to see it shoots higher, some biz-newpapers started to write about it, the brokers houses started to make noise too ... forums were noisy, Suddenly, everyone in markets talking bout TradeWinds ...or Syed? Surpise? Nah ... that is how a stock being pushed up, we need buyers to BUY ... so that we could SELL.

Accumulations ... and Distributions. If these words are new to you, then ... you are a newbie or a novice. Much more to learn before you could trade well to control that EMOTION ... believe me, it is NOT easy. How come? Because most of us are NOT logical when we are emotional, right? Yes ... we are human! Learn about accumulation mode ... then do learn what distribution mode is. Basically, learn to be contrarian. If you can't, then market is NOT for you. If you still hanging in forums, then ... you should QUIT markets as being a newbie, you will be conned, drown and will be confused.

TWSPlant :

UEMLand : Bought at RM2.17 ... the best entry by one of our tratle(that I knew of) is at RM2.10. During Saturday meeting, someone told me that the forum said it will go to RM2.60?? What ....?? How he knew that ... then,should I just pull all my bullets shoot on ONE since my entry RM2.20 will gain me good at RM2.60? As I said, we buy with some basis ... not random, and certainly not from hear-say. It is illogical for those written such a target-price or predictions. We CAN'T predict tmr ... we can trade with a plan written. By the way, we discussed UEMLand in our last moth meeting when it was at 1.75 levels. Some took the trade for profits. Sold too early ... and it broken RM2 convincingly.

UOADev :


It is almost 12 midnight ... I am tired. I dont mind posting all the charts ... and such. But ... isnt it FAIR that I only share it with my members ... my stock-watch group, my tratles and my e-learning group?

Isn't it FAIR ... if you want to learn, I charge you minimal, less than 20% of those out there? Who said I am cheap, so I am not good? Isn't it FAIR ... if you don't like the way I trade, you can just move away? And yes ... isnt if FAIR ... that I have used THOUSANDS of my hours with THOUSANDS of dollars to learn ... to charge a small amount for ALL MY EFFORTS?

Is the world fair ... or do you want everything given to you freely? When will anyone learn ... as these knowledge are VERY expensive(when u lose more money in markets, you will understand what I am saying ... one day). If you can't see that I am helping many ... NOT TO LOSE MONEY, and that is VERY HARD ... then, you are too naive or greedy in markets.

If you wish to join my stock-watch, tratles(trading class) or e-learning ... do contact me at

I do need to sleep .. but if I could find some time, I will write a few more trades I mentioned above ...



Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday blah blah

At Sunway pyramid .... we came here so early, around 9.30am as kids so excited to go to playground. Well, it is one of the rare Saturday morning that daddy is free from classes,it is a school holiday . Well, I do think I should spend more time with my growing kids as they are attached to me. If I do not spend  time with them, slowly they will not be close with me. That is natural ... we all human are connected, and the more good time we shared together, we will be closer. The most important ties should be relationship with God, family and few close friends. Others will come and go ... in our lives. It is so temporary.

I will be very busy next year, with new planning for my existing tratles and we are closer now after months,  those few in cohort 1 to 4, it is a year now in the group. Some of us as used to each other and we have mutual understanding of sharing, our stock list, our readings and sharing of experiences. Having the tratles group making me glad and proud. To unite everyone, we do have gatherings, and I m planning for an annual dinner. Yes, if we have 30% of the members to join in, that will be great. It is difficult to get everyone free or willing to gather. I am only the facilitator, the organizer ... and getting other cohorts to know the new tratles. Hmmm ... it is worth all my tiredness as many in our group appreciate the sharings in the group.

No one could learn trading in days, not even in few months. Those few days of trading courses are good for those experienced ones to refresh  or re learn new concepts, theories, methods etc etc. trading is every learning process, we could never say ... I learnt enough. So, that explained why many experienced traders will continue to learn.

If one is a newbie, do make sure that one learn and will continue to learn. It doesn't matter if your are into FA or TA, or both. Less making noises in forums, try to filter good pointers in forums and be focus in your own learning. D read as much as possible but reading will never make a person a good trader.

I do still have a meeting with my batch-2 tratles today. These group consist of more ladies and many newbies or new to TA. Today, I will share with them reading of candlesticks, the continuation patterns and identifying reversals.

Got to go ... Kids calling.

Happy weekend all.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Dennis Ng : Learn from the rich


1. Results of our thoughts/mindset
2. Find the cause of our current situation
3. Helping other people
4. Open-minded to learn
5. Must take action
6. Applied Knowledge is power
7. Changing mindset
8. Continous process

to be continued ... please go to


Thursday, November 15, 2012

The price of success

A nice clip from the link given here : Nice to share with many of my nice readers, and those not so nice ones will be watching anyway, perhaps ... becoming nice and find that I came here to blog ... in my own blog ... with peace. Be success with you all.

Choose your suffering!! Cool ...

Quote : The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. Vince Lombardi 

What are the price of success to any of us? How do we define success? What are the ingredients needed ... to be as successful as we individually defined? How do one measure success ... and at what levels of success ... that we will ultimately satisfied with our achievements?

In my eyes, I am a successful person. I certainly have many more things to acheive and have plenty of rooms for improvements in everything I am doing or venturing into, I still could be proud of myself ... I am a successful person, in my own personal standard.

Let me trying to recall and reflect on my successes ... and hopefully, not blowing my own horns?


It is a subject ... an important one, so I was told since young. If you do not know your Maths, you will not be successful. My aunt taught Maths in primary ... so, I would be helping her to mark some exercises books. I was in my early secondary level where Maths was not my strong, I was too lazy to practise(busy with footballing) ... I was simply do not have a good learning habit. So, tho I do not fail, I was one of the few who obtained an A2 in SRP, while most of my friends scored A1. I do know I could done better ... if I have tried.

Add-Math was a struggle ... sigh ... simply do not understand why they are killing us with those complex equations which we will be use in our daily lives. But, after failing my first Add-Math test ... and when my aunt consoled me, by telling me ... it is OK, not everyone can do Add-Math and asking me if I want to drop the subject? My Add-Math teacher, Mrs Oh was a very kind and good teacher ... and said that I have the 'brain' to work things out but lack of focus, lack of practise(busy with chess and badminton) ... somehow, I was a failure in many things I do. Being a 'piece of joke' by many around, being in poor-family ... and low self-esteem ... it is like I just could not find the motivation. I do remember ... of giving up my lives. I have nothing to lose, nothing to gain. Brought up without parents ... I went 'wild'. One may not even believe that I was involved in gangsterism ... many discipline problems in school ... and certainly I could not focus in studying. I really dislike sitting down to do any homework, and mugging books never occured in my schooling lives ...

Anyway, I took up the challenge ... I told myself I will do those Maths till I am good in it ... and beat those many 'above' me. That sheer determination ... in me, was superb. Reflecting back ... I think I have this desire ... to be successful. In fact, I told myself ... I want to be a Math teacher ... the best Math teacher around, if possible. Those setbacks ... was too strong for my low self-esteem person. If I failed, I know I might run-away, taken a negative direction in life?

I worked and worked ... phew ... about 4-6 hours per day, only Maths ... and more Maths. I went to the 'mobile' library to borrow some Maths book every week as I could not afford to buy some books. I will sit for hours ... until I get the solutions or the idea ... on solving those challenging and difficult questions. I do told some of my students now that my Math was not good when they 'awed' at the speed and the way I solved any Maths questions thrown to me. Phew ... I was really not good in Maths ... about 30years ago!

Anyway ... I passed the exams ... I scored an A in my final form-4 exams. Yes, I was positioned #3 in Add-Maths in my school. What an acheivement ... after 8 months of struggling. In form-5, things becoming easier for me ... I just need to continue to do what I need to do. I started jogging ... joining some walks/runs ... as I believe I need 'endurance' and those gruelling runs will train myself to "NEVER GIVE UP". I started to see encouraging results ... people around me started to praise me, that I am a smart boy etc etc ... but on a small table, I worked hours everyday without missing a day!! I am talking about persistance ... want to know that? Ask my family, my old friends(one of them joined my cohort-8 trading class recently. Ghee) ... I was seen as a smart boy who conquered Maths? Huh? Just merely 3 years ago, I was ... err ... a joke in my Math-level?

I continued to work hard ... and joined VI, a very good school for my form-6. STPM Maths was tough back then ... and Further Math is not a subject many want to take. I do scored nearing 100% in Math but not the top in Further Math(many brilliant friends there) ... I struggled but continue to do what I have successfully done in form4&5. Heck ... I never got to the top, also #2 or #3 ... I remembered I always 'lost' to a very smart boy named Bernard ... and another is Danny. Kumar was also one of them ... it was always between us to be the 'top'. As I am not as smart as these guys, I worked doubly hard ... just to keep pace to their standards!! Yes, I was chosen to represent the schools for Math-Olympiad ... but not chosen to represent Malaysia. Bernard was chosen ... year 1985.

Anyway ... I was very proud of my acheivement. Knowing that you are one of the best around making me feel sweet ... of my struggle, of becoming good in my Math. I never looked back ... I went to MU to do my Math-degree ... and started to give Math tuitions to SPM and STPM students ...

I want to be a Math-teacher ... that was my ambition since form 4.

How many of us acheived our ambitions or goals? So, that is my first success ... becoming good in Math, being one of the best around ...


Well, as I was poor, naturally .. I need to financially support my studies in local MU(was about RM800 per year .... but I still could not afford back then). My STPM results was good enough to enter Engineering but ... I have my mind(and heart) focused ... I want to teach Maths!! But but ... teaching won't pay you well? Heck with money ... I just want to teach!! I was naive, financially-retarded back then ... all I want to do is to teach Math and I was to be the best Math-teacher around!! What a challenge to myself ....

So, I started with travelling my buses, or walking for KMs to give tuition. Still remember that I walked many times to SS2(chow-yang) from MU ... long-long walk ... to give tuition!! Weird ... I was so motivated or desperate?

Teaching is not easy ... one may be good in Math, doesnt mean that you could teach well. I have to skip many classes as I was more busy earning some money by giving tuitions ... so, my years in Uni was ... nothing much. I did not get good grades ... but I am very aware of a fact, you DO NOT need strings of A to be a good Math teacher!!

I came out ... to teach in a reputable college. I was young ... and by two-years time, I was awarded the best out-standing young lecturer award by Napeii. Yes, I worked very hard to improve my teaching ... but I think, most of all ... I was very close with most of my students(back then ... 20yrs ago). I helped many ... tho my salary is very small. I do still keep the 'Pewter' with me, but have used the RM200 given as a token. It was also my first time going to a 5-star hotel ... and when my aunt knew about it, she was so proud ... she cried, happily. That was touching ... and to proceed for me to be known as the best around.

Tuition classes increased ... I do have so-called better offer back then, but somehow I was too stupid to move away ... from my comfort zone. I do earn quite a lot as a young lecturer as I was packed with tuition classes ... days and nights ... weekends ... from a tuition center to another's person home. I was tired ... but I was financially-stupid. I did not save ... I used on things I do not need, given away to charity too ... how naive. But being the best Math tutor around ... I am proud of myself and feel successful. MONEY could not buy many things ... one of it is called 'satisfactions' of helping so many around, and they feel appreciative.


I started to get obsessed with the game ... spent hundreds per month on it, improving ... and also, checking my performance. Somehow, I knew bowling is my type of game as it involved mental aspect, in fact .. huge part of the game is psychological. After about 3-4 yrs into the game ... I was still very obsessed. I bought many books, read websites about anything related to bowling, following PBA results, playing league in weekly basis ... competitions ... travelling around the states for games ... I do spent a lot in the game, to improve.

Then, I moved to Sabah .... my bowling activity reduced as I no longer giving a lot of tuitions ... yes, running away from such a hectic life-style in KL .... the stress was tremendous. Sabah ... is the place I loved very much. The pace and the nature suits me ... I no longer being so competitive but I do still bowl about 3 times a week. And always looking forward for the game ... yes, I can beat many of the players there ... and won a few local competition there.
MSN came out with the Sukan-Teras program ... bowling is one of them, so they needs coaches!! I applied and managed to get a place ... to be trained in MSN(have to fly back to Bkt Jalil). The trainers ... I knew them personally as I was active in KL before.

Success is the sweetener ... when you have done many of hours of training, never give up ... and always working to improve in doing better than YOURSELF. I managed to get my coaching cert ...

Why being a coach? Because ... I like teaching. I am so much into education that it is strongly in me that I want to share knowledge, and seeing those we helped improving ... that is called 'satisfaction'. But, I did not pursue into coaching bowling .

I went into my keropok-biz, instead and was too busy for bowling and anything else. I spend my waking hours to work on my biz ... which eventually failed. I see the positive side of failing .... without that, I many not realise how hard it is to do ... business!!

So, I always feel I am successful ... as I defined "SUCCESS" is the IMPROVEMENT in things we are doing, things we want to accomplish ...

The desire to do BETTER than ourselves ... that is SUCCESS to me. Without that burning desire to push ourselves hard enough, we could never face failures ... never know what satisfaction could be when we acheived something close to our heart ....

I still have Trading and my Charity to write about ... and the SUCCESS that I defined. Yes, we need to determine our very own success ... and we DO NOT need to prove it to others, but ...

we need to FEEL we are SUCCESSFUL.

I have successfully written a 'short' reflection on my successes ... and my next goal would be "to be a successful trader" .... "to teach trading successfully" ... and "contribute to charity" ... these are my current goals ... and my directions. Whether I fail or success, it is based on my own definitions.

NO ONE will be giving us an easy path ... we need to draw out our own map.



The Millionaire In Me

"The Millionaire in me" by Azizi Ali.

Moving forward to 2013, I will be exactly 5 years in stock-markets. But before that, I knew nothing about MONEY. I knew nothing about FINANCIAL.

So, I will slowly share in this blog of mine WHAT books I read ... to transform my MINDSET relating to personal finances. Yes, as many who knew me personally ... my family, my ex-collagues, my old friends, my 'old' readers ... see the huge change in my mindset is kinda 'surprising'.

It is gradual ... you can't change one mindset in shortest of time. It takes time to learn, learning ... changing ... applying. Without these basic understanding of learning, we could not learn ANYTHING well.

So ... a series of postings will be regarding books I read ... why I find these books very useful, most importantly ... helping me to overcome so many MYTHS around, as I was too naive and surrounded by 'normal' people ... who are not wise enough to advise us regarding 'creating' our own wealth path ...

Azizi Ali is a well-known financial 'guru' and he deserved to be that. I feel grateful that I bought his books and enjoyed pointers he share in his books ... making logical sense, at times ... I like the BLUNT ways he critised the overall public, about their ignorance regarding personal finances!! For example, I remembered well ... he said that "If you see anyone modified their cars with large exhaust-pipe, sport rims or latest of car's accessories when they got their bonuses, you could tell that he will NOT be a millionaire!!

Interesting ... very candid and the way he writes ... simply suits my taste. It is like speaking to ME ... asking me to wake up from the financial slump. Wake up and do something about your financial.

The year ... 2006 ... just after a year I read the RDPD ... and I could NOT afford a book. My boy was few months old, we could barely meeting ends, and have to use my credit-cards to buy the book!! Yes, when you do not have the money to buy something(to invest), you will treasure it very much more. I bought the book in Oct 2006 ... and keeping it nicely in my book-shelf ... with a hundreds of books I have gathered since then.

Yes, we DO NOT buy books about how to invest or trade. We buy books to change our mindset. If we are not progressing ahead after a whole year, it is NOT what we are doing that is not right, but most probably, we have wrong mindset regarding our plans or goals.

Here are the topics in his book :

1. My life on the road as an employee
2. The millionaire employee
3. You don't need permission to make money
4. Four factors affecting your income as employee
5. How to become a more marketable employee
6. How to make more money as an employee
7. It ain't all roses
8. The two pronged-attack
9. Beaing a free agent
10. Create ASI
11. The Afterburner
12. How to save money
13. How to invest that money wisely
14. Avoid making major financial mistakes
15. Becoming wealthy is a team sport

I will like to re-read this book today ... after 6 years have the book. It is one of the first financial books I have ... and yes, I wish one day ... I could meet Azizi Ali in person. That would be great pleasure ... and to thank him personally for his books.

I am not an agent, I do not get any commisions or what-so-ever reasons other promoting any products. I am sharing with my readers ... something good and valuable ... as My trading adventure is also about HOW I am changing myself ... from a financial-retard, to someone who understand how money works ... and moving forward to learn more.

I do believe I could reach my first million in coming years ... but need to stay focus, stay humble ... and do what I think is right.

Azizi Ali, I will want to attend your workshop(s) next year!! That will be my commitment next year.

His website :



Do the RIGHT things, without fear. Yes, I will continue to do things I know is right. We could not please everyone around, but at least we should be honest and do what we know is right.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stock Watch : MAS

MAS : Back to RM1 levels ... I will be buying more at RM1, after collected at RM1.01-1.03 last week. The historical low is at 0.995 ... yes, losing money counter, no system ... grounded but expecting it to fly ... If one could be patient, RM1 is a good entry point. This is given in my stock-watch last week.

10.30 am : Supposed to have a class but was cancelled.

Anyway, I went to check on i3-portal ... yes, whatever I am writing AFTER the MAS-post will not be posted there in i3 UNLESS those who click on my blog-link.

Answered Mr Ooi at i3, telling others than I condemned him. ouch. In my life, I do not believe in condemning others ... so, I can't recall why he said I done that ... perhaps, the word CONDEMN is very strong to me.

Sigh ... so many enemies now ... un-intentional but making people mis-understood me. Not trying to justify anything much as most accusations are un-true and they don't even know me, in person.


Stock Analysis : CBIP

CBIP : At 2.70, broken the RM2.50 previous high registered in DEC2007 ... this is a monthly adjusted chart, the low was at 23cents when market crashed in 2008. Assuming we bought at 27cents, that is 10 times our capitals? wow.

The chart is showing topping, so ... I will not be checking at RM2.70, but perhaps when it could correct back to RM2.50 support levels?

Time to sleep ... another long day ahead.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Are we real in cyber-space?

Today is 'good' for me ... as I am not working, sort of. I do not watch markets, just glimpse of HSI(in deep red) and some of my stocks(dropping too) in HKSE. I do not have to go to office ... I do not have tuition classes ... and yes, no trading groups chatting too. Those are my three main daily activities ... but, I have to write some post here, we called blogging.

Why do I blog? There are few categories of bloggers. The new breed of bloggers are those blog to earn some money, from advertisements ... internet marketing(selling some products online), affiliate marketing(selling some others products and getting commisions from them) ... and the young-naive ones ... treating blogs as an e-dairy. Yes, I am somehow in the latter category. I blog to record my daily going-ons, and I have blogged for 15 years plus, believe it or not. One may google 'cpteh' and you might see few more of my blogs which NOTHING to do with money, markets etc etc ... and if you could get to a Canadian-based website, you might see my 'blog'(they called it homepage 15 years ago) ... few years before I leave to Sabah ... my emotions, my stress ... etc etc ... yeah, I m a real person, indeed. It is still 'cpteh' and many of my bowling friends knew me by 'cpteh'. I never hide my cyber identity. Why should I?

People said that there are many of things we should not write in cyber space as someone out there might be able to read our sharings or posts. I wonder ... why not? Aren't sharing is caring? Well ... not always, because the abuse of cyber-space is rampant. From hacking ... to threathening ... to con-ning, cheating(of love, money etc etc) ... so, cyber space is something NOT for us to trust, right?

That is the general views, which I agreed too. As I have mentioned, I attended an internet-marketing course early this year(RM3k+), the trainer was teaching us where to get fake pictures, how to write fake testimonials, how to get some products to sell ... etc etc ... cool, as it earns her money and she is from Penang. She mentioned that she will travel to Spore, Auz and even UK to give internet-marketing talk etc etc ... and while she is travelling or sleeping, she is still making money!! So, she has many websites, blogs many nicks ... e-mails created just for some specific purposes ... emm ... anything about her and writings are fake, just to earn money. Yeah ... also, making MANY to believe that they could be "RICH" by blogging ... etc etc .. I think you get what I mean. Some will write a book about how to blog, how to earn money from blogging(I bought a book or two but never really manage to get it done!! haha)

I am too naive ... I am ... err ... too stupid. When I told her(the trainer) that I am a blogger, she was checking on my trafics(I don't really know how, but I placed a counter) .. and said, WOW ... you do have a good trafic, for a Malaysian blog. WOW ... you do blog daily. That is good ... one could increase the trafic by blogging everyday ... do you know that you could planned WHEN your blog to be posted? ... er ... no, I won't do that. Why not? .... because I am a real blogger, writing live-events ... in daily basis? er ... because I blog with passion, to tell my views ... for MY OWN views ...

Are you serious? she exclaimed ... I nodded. Yes, I get upset to know if those fake humans blogging to gain financially from the naive readers?! Ooopss ... she realised that I am one of the stupid one, a very few stupid bloggers around, indeed.

Yes, it is Edwin(a blogger) who asked and taught me ... how I should placed google-adsense ... the advertisement you could see above my posting here, below my 'turtle'(even that picture was placed by my wife, not me!!). You get what I mean? I don't even bother about the advertisements after blogging for years and years .... wow ... how I could ATTRACT readers? Huh ... why would I need people to follow my blogs? If my blog has some substance, perhaps ... but my blah-blah writings are for my personal reviews ... for my pleasure readings?

Blogging or previously I called e-dairy has changed. No longer writing in cyber-space are meant for personal recording, BUT for commecialising products, for promotions and earning money!! That is why many are blogging now?

One of my tratle told me .. since you like to blog, why don't you just earn from it, as a site/side income? Logically ... err ... I should. So, how can I profit from blogging? Those google adsense do give me a bit of side-income but how? So, I bought some books on how to earn some income from blogging? Hmm ... I never really read about it yet(proven here, I still did not bother to attract any readers, but in fact chasing more un-wanted attentions) ... yeah, if u read my previous posts 2-3 years ago, I was literally scolded some readers and asking them to get lost? Haha ... guess I have mellowed down, and since knowing I do have persistent followers, I just let them read my blah-blah ... and today, I appreciate these loyal supports. They are great ... motivating you to write more, accepting what you are writing and some really accepted who I am ... a teacher-blogger.

It is just happened that I am trading ... so, I am blogging about my trades. It is also happened that I m passionate about teaching, so ... I m teaching trading now.

Once I am done with my trading in 3-5 years time, I will move on ... perhaps to blog about photographs I have taken ... as I will be learning finer points of photograhing? Don't believe me ... come back to check 3-5 years later ... to check on my new blogs.

Yes, I am real ... in  cyber-space. I was one of the MAIN person in yahoo-chat(known as Asian Global Chat where MANY could tell you about who cpteh was --- many added in my facebook now). I am really good in my Math, and when someone said I am good in nothing ... I was like .. hmm .. there are hundreds or even thousands knew me personally and could tell you I am very good in Maths. Now, with my whole tratles group, one could ask many ... if I do trade or just placed FAKE testimonials. Trying to explain to others who you are is not my way ... if you want to know, you may read my 2400+ posts here and another few thousands posts in few(i think i do have 6 blogs before this) ... then only you can tell? Wait a minute ... why do you want to know me for?

Whether a blogger is real or not, does it matter? If one does not like to read what another blogger writing about, why bother? Do you know how many NEW blogs being creating in a DAY? Search on that in google ... you will be wondering which blog to read ... but how many bloggers write about KLSE, un-selfishly sharing trading ideas, news-related, analysis ... and making their trades publicly known? How many are real ... we will never know ...

Welcome to the huge cyber-world ... Malaysians lack of cyber-educations ... and the shallow penetrations in the wired-world.

Welcome to my blog ...