Monday, October 08, 2012

When we are old ...

Monday blues ... lost at home and drew with a lower team. That is the performance now. Sigh.

KLCI drops 4 points plus in the morning, as I was watching. It recovers a llittle now ... at 9.45am.

I has been thinking about this for some time ... what do 'old people' wish for or really want when they are old? Old is being defined as above 55, retirement age.

There are MANY things we may want to have when we are retiring. I am talking about 'normal' employees who work-work and reaching 55, retirement age.

1. HEALTH : In a way, majoirty of us believe and accept that without health, we could not have a good peaceful lives when we get older. Here pain, there pain .. it is difficult. So, health should be in our list. We do not want to be inconvinience to others too. Taking medicine in daily basis, to keep our body working and with many activities we could not enjoy.

2. WEALTH : I m not talking about being rich, I m talking about being able to maintain our current lifestlye, or simplified our living as we aged.

3. COMPANIONS : It could be our spouse(if still surviving) or kids(most probably they are too busy). A group of positive friends to chat/eat together will be good.

I am still thinking what do we really want when we are old? I am moving to that direction soon in 10-yrs time?! So, what do I really want?

With 10 years to my retirement(hope could acheive that earlier ... say, another 5 yrs of hard-frugal living), I do need to think and plan.

Health ... something of my main concern. For past 5-6 years, I hv been working hard, over-work ... and not enough rest.That may not be well with my 'health'. My waist-line increased as I no longer exercise!! My eyes tired each time I go to bed ... and my diets has been always a worry. Well, we tends to take health for granted. So, it is something I need to do something ... urgently. Could I actually drop some of things I am doing at the moment? I am lacking in focus due to too many things I have to do. So ... I have to let go of some of my responsibilities and learn to say 'no'.

Wealth ... I have nothing to shout about. I will still live my life way below my means. I will want to be cleared of all my loans by age 50, including my house and cars loans. In near future, I do hope I could be able to have my own center for my groups(traders). I may never be rich or wealthy, but by helping many in their trades teachers, we do feel very satisfied. When many appreicate your efforts, you will feel it is worth it. I do believe I could retire in comfortable manner, seeing my simply lifestyle to maintain. So, I hv no worry on this aspects ...

Companions ... I am always a loner, prefer to do things by myself and be left alone. I am not a party-goer, I dislike crowds especially those 'strangers' ... those Hi-Bye type without any understandings. So, to me my best companion will be my wife, my kids, my moms.aunties, my bro/sis. Well, for  hobbies... it will be my blog and my books.  My passion for teaching ... so, I will be glad if I could still teach Maths or Trading, not in such hectic-schedules but once in a while.

I do not have longings for ITEMS ... no material needs. I do not see myself driving a so-called better cars. Perhaps, a nice simple house .. single-story in some sub-urban place will be prefered. A place like Ranau or Papar will be nice. Or ... perhaps, going to a smaller place with low crime rate, low traffics and nice simple friendly people as neighbourhood.

Got to go again ...


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Victor Liew said...

You need real friends. Just a handful. People to hang around with and take your nonsense.

I know some people, a bit like you (well I'm getting from your blog), building the perfect financial models, teach MBAs, trade, invest, but with very few friends.

Even the wives can't stand them, as they get really irritable by the time they approach 50. (you're a long way off)

Just a warning :)