Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trading Idea On Pennies

AsiaPac: In July 2010, we could get AsiaPac at 0.08 and sell her at 0.12 in Nov 2012. That is our first 50% profits? Then, we keep the cash ... waiting for that 'crash' ... well, in Sept 2011, we could buy her back at 0.08 and in ONE month, Nov 2011, we could sell her at 0.12 for our next 50% profits.

Assuming that we have RM10k to buy. Profitting 50% will give us RM5k. So, In 2010, we grow the capital to RM15k, right? Using RM15k for our trade in 2011, then we should profitted another RM 7.5. In 2012, we still do not have a trade on her as we are still WAITING at 0.08 level. So, how much is our capital in hands now?

RM15k + RM7.5k = RM22.5k ... lets us give away RM500 for fees etc etc ... fair? We still have RM22k.

We have more than doubled our capital of RM10k.

Think of it this way, what are the RISK of taking such trades? Really? Yes, the charts dont lie ... it is US ... we are so impatient to profit in shortest of time. And, we still lose so much of money, simply because we do not know the strategies ... or should I say, we are OUR own enemy, without knowledge and experiences, that is RISK.

In case one asking if AsiaPac is a good counter or does this kind of strategy works, then I will say that this post is to show newbies/novices that RISK of losing is GREATER than greed of winning. Otherwise, why don't we punt into Tiger or AMedia now, right?

p/s : In KL, we have Times Square, in Penang too. So, in KK ... we do have Times Square too, u see.

Fikir fikir-kan la ...


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