Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time for correction?

DOW down nearly 130 points ... yesterday, DOW down 110 points. So, in two days ... it is 240 points liao. How now, KLCI? Aren't that could the bullish sentiments will be affected with these? KLCI is one of the best index around ... holding up the trend very strongly.

Let me share here with some this particular ETF, which traded in HKSE. Yes, it is our KLCI index. This is a weekly chart and it was listed in Feb2012 recently. Now, if we are seeing more upside in KLCI, theoritically we could ride on this ETF. Can we short this ETF? I have not checked and I do not have experiences in shorting any foreign-exchange stocks. They do have put-options or put-warrants attached to many of the stocks, but I don't know much about this ETF, which tracking our KLCI index.

Last night I shown AW the MSCI-Malaysia (ETF) which traded in US, tracking our index. Again, I do not know how it works but will certainly reach a level to learn all these, some day. One at a time ... deal with simple KLSE's stocks first ... learn more about warrants traded in KLSE ... then only we talk further. That is my logic.

As I see more downside in KLCI, the only logical point I could think of is to short our FKLI. Many blue-chips going to feel the blue soon. Genting is stucked in downtrend now. PPB is still retracing. We shall see TELCO-stocks being used to support the KLCI .. perhaps the banks too.

Other than that, I still do not know anything worth buying into. Our group is buying Johotin and wants to go through the right-issue exercise to understand how these cooperate exercise works.

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