Friday, October 12, 2012


DOW closed lower again ... KLCI retracing quietly, waiting for that huge correction, testing support 1655 level, and if close below this level today .. arrhh ... we have to see next level. KLCI is expected to retrace from here. 1640 level would be good to watch.

Harta :  This is one treasure in our glove-stock list ... breaking into new high now.

Glove-stocks : I have wanted to write about Glove-stocks days ago but caught up with many things to do and did not manage to move in. Well, we heard the story of Latexx days ago ... and those WINNERS in OSKIC are those bought Latexx before it gapped up. Congrats. So, we analysed glove-stocks on Wednesday, I placed glove-stocks in my stock watch ... and today, TopGlove moving!! Interesting ... got profit report out, is it? Dividend 6cents, I was told. Well, can trade Supermax, Harta or Kossan. I will not punt into IRCB(saw it was active the other day).

1.40 pm : Tonight tratles going to have another gathering, Friday night is a night for me to get together with those in our tratles group. Tonight will be larger group of tratles as we are gathering to discuss something 'important'.  Next Friday will be another 'makan' gathering ... haha ... I do like the makan-gathering as it is time to know them as friends!! Yeah ... some of them are becoming my friends. Hmm ...

Trading is not something easy ... in fact, it could be so difficult that majority checking on sure-win system, being 'conned' to believe that there are softwares which could scan for sure-win stocks.

What are the drivers of the market?

I will like to write about this too ... I need inspirations!! Haha ... ok ok, I take a nap first.

will be back


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