Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

Yesterday was one rare Saturday as I do not have a trading class or meeting!! Wow ... been months for that. And somehow ... my body got to know about it ... and I was not feeling so well. So, I spend my whole day resting, sleeping ... catching up with the rest I needed.

I read Andrew's Money-Secret Chapter One : Be Hungry.

It is about us ... if we want something badly, bad enough ... we will be willing to do anything it takes to achieve our goals. Simply put, we are motivated ... as the word motivated came from the word MOTIVE. With motive in sight, we will be motivated.

His book basically is easy-reading and I do enjoy such books, local author.  Yes, am I promoting his book in-directly? I don't understand why not? Why can we share with others(for free, no commission please) ... what is good? Perhaps ... if I am saying this book or that book are good, few of my readers will buy? Why not? But, can I also being frank ... to say this book ot that book is NOT as good? Will that give the book bad publicity as I am merely stating my opinions?

I m aware that I do have followers ... so, I no longer want to write what stocks to buy/sell. I will merely stating some stocks am trading. How about blogs/websites? If I said this-that blogs are good, it will attract more readers to that blog, right? Why not? It is sharing, anyway, right?

I do receive e-mail asking about trading course. Basically, those asking are those few 'popular' trading courses available in town. Many wanting to know which course I attended? Let me be frank ... it DOESNT matter. It is YOU ... it is US. Not the system, not the software. I am NOT being associated with any of those biz-entity(haha) or am I attached to syndicates(how I wish I am!!) ... so, I will not promote any. I should not give opinions ... but if u attend a preview, you could tell that person is a trader or a sales-promoter. Simple as that ... as we are experienced enough to tell the differences. Newbies might be conned(and sucked) but not old-timers.

Anyway, Andrew's books are easy reading ... very basic idea about money. Whenever I could not read heavy stuff, I will flip through some of the pages. Another one I will recommend is Azizi's books.

Recently, a friend of mine wrote a book about money "Believe in your dream". He is George Leong, a young lecturer and very entreprising, indeed. I could only hope I could find the time to write a book, co-author with him. His book is another basic book about achieving our personal financial goals.

It is good for beginners ... we need to help many more around us to OPEN UP their financial minds. So, I do appreciate such books ... and leading my own trading-adventure.

Like it or not ... I am still struggling in acheving my personal financial goals. Nothing comes without work, without risk. When we get someone's attention ... we know we are a step towards our goals, our dreams ... and continue to open-up, clearing our paths ... no one saying it is easy, ok?

It is Sunday ... I have to go for a tuition class now. Then, I will bring my family for lunch, before having an appointment with a potential tratle(cohort-8) as he is my colleague's friend. Then, I will have another appointment ... regarding my future planning for my tuition-biz. Opening more opportunities ... and more paths to be cleared.

Have a nice Sunday ahead ...



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