Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday's blah blah

It is noon ... Sunday noon. Time to take a rest after a very long hours since 7am Friday!!

Technical-rebound(batch 1) : This was on Tuesday night and as the response from my e-tratles was very good, some who missed it asked for a 'repeat'. Somehow, I always fail to say 'no' ...  to those good people who have been supportive,  to people who appreciate me. In fact, initially ... I placed an idea to have a session to PUBLIC to come for my talk last Sat morning, but the response was so poor. Then, one of my e-tratle messaged me ... suggesting to go thru e-meeting and teach them the technique instead. I was not sure about the response. Well ... surprisingly the response was good, indeed. And next week Thu-night will be another session. It will also for few who have e-mailed me(some from i3). I will try to reply tonight. Do e-mail to . Thanks

Training : On Friday, it is a non-usual routine. We have our annual training about education. Tho I am in education line for 20+ yrs, I admit I do still learn some pointers(tho not as much) each time I attend any education-workshop, training and such. There is so many ways of learning-teaching that making THAT changes is neccesary ... and adapting to 'new' ways of teaching-learning could be very challenging when we are so comfortable with our old-ways. I admit I need to change ... I m such a dinosour when it comes to IT-tech, using ipad2 and my smartphone  ... err ... I m using only the basic. Anyway, I m using online to teach trading now. So, my e-learning will be much effective next year when I m going for webinar etc etc. I am still exploring these IT-tech stuff. It is scary. Haha.

Tratles yam-char : 9 of us gathered for cafe-gathering. It is  interesting enough that the topic is NOT on stock-markets. It is wide range ... from will-writing, insurance policies, EPF ... to bankrupcy. Someone in our group 'planning' to go bankrupt. Haha ... don't know if that is merely a joke? Nice to know we could joke together ... my drinks being paid again. Thanks, tratles.

Tratles meetings

Saturday was a crazy day ... tuition from 8am to 10am, then 10.30am to 12.30pm ... luckily a class cancelled and I could have short break for my lunch and my tratles start coming in for meeting around 2pm. We started our monthly meeting(batch 1) as usual ... analysing KLCI chart, the index-linked counters ... Tenaga, YTLPower ... CIMB, MayBank ... SIME, KLK ... UEMLand, AirAsia ... PChem, MHB ... and making conclusion that KLCI is to retrace/short correction next week.

Telco ... Axiata, TM, Digi ... and Maxis. These are moving higher, over-valuations .. overbought. But, it could still move higher, being used to support the index. The stupid decision of distirbuting RM200 for the smartphone could give speculators some more rooms to push it higher.

Then, property-construction counters being discussed.  IJM, IJMLand, Sunway, UOADev, E&O, HuaYang, MKH, YTL, YTLLand ... 

O&G too ... Dialog, SKPetrol, Alam, Coastal, Perdana,

Plantation next ... RSawit, TSH, TDM, THPlant, HSPlant ... TWSPLant, IJMPlant ...

I don't know why we missed Padini, PWRoot, MyEg ... those we traded 1-2 months ago. Time flies ... 3 hours of analysing with some trading plans placed for the whole groups to share. Yes, everyone play a role, to post charts. We have batch 2(due to space limitation) who could benefit from our analysis too. On wednesdays, we do meet online to update on our trades and analysis.

If you are hard working, following our weekly analysis for, say a year ... one could benefit well and slowly learn to analyse charts ... tratle's way!!

This morning ... I still wake up early, for nice breakfast with my family before giving a tuition class. Exams is nearing, students need assistance to prepare for their exams. So, I do have many tuition classes on for past weeks. Sept/Nov and April/May are normally peak-period for me.

Nursery : Recently, about a month plus ago, my wife was stung by plant-bug!! From only one pot of roses(I bought her a pot of rose for V-day. Haha) ... now we have 30+ pots of diffrent plants!! Incredible ... she searched and read those plant related posts/blogs in daily basis, doing research ... and even bought an orchid online from Auz(ouch to my pocket). Haha ... seeing her really into it, I decided to bring her to a nursery today ... and that makes her very happy. Well ... we just added a few more pots today. Mind you, we are staying in a small apartment ... my balcony is full ... the toilets, kitchens, living room ... everywhere!! wow ... well, will buy a landed property one day and IF she is still excited about plants, a nice garden will be pleasing.

It is NOT easy for one person to find a passion ... something he/she REALLY won't mind spending hours doing ... even for free. It is interests, it is something 'from the inside by LP' ... it has to be. Especially if you are 'new' to something ... you need TIME and EFFORT to make it through ... slowly ... with strong desire to see your seeds growing!!

Similar to trading ... if u are new, u lose money ... you THOUGHT you have learned, you are newbie ... ignorant. Then ... it struck you ... one day, you realise you need to do something .. you need to learn. You started to search for information ... you started to talk to people who share the similar interests, your focus is into your learning ... you create paths and platforms for your learning ... planting the seeds ... yeah, it blooms!!

That is how I see my trading ... that is how I see my tratles-group growing ... from a mere 10 people coming to me for my cohort-1(last year Sept) to current cohort-7 now. Slowly I will lose count ... those inactive ones will fade from my memory ... while those very seniors ones have to give space to those new tratles. The seniors ... will slowly grouping for meeting without my presence!! Someone will take over ... while my attention will be towards those new tratles ... next year. With cohort-8 confirmed, I am registering cohort-9 soon. Yeah ... please contact me if u r interested to join my cohort-9 next year Jan/Feb!!

It is Sunday ... my family napping. I am going spend a little time doing some reading, "Crash Proof" By Peter.Schiff

Time to listen to some songs ...

Happy Sunday ahead

孫燕姿 開始懂了


p/s : Someone in i3-platform named 'Fat Cat' getting very irritated with my long blah-blah writings. He is so upset with my 'busy' words, so f**ng angry with my frugal lifestyle, eating him inside with my 'cheap' courses ... I could not understand. I have been writing what I am blogging since 10yrs+ ago, even without an audience. I dont know ... as I never bother to please or dis-please anyone. It has always been my blog ... my e-dairy. One day, when I m out of stock-market ... and perhaps planting more of my lovely 'orchids', you bet that I will post a lot of pictures of my plants and write about my plants in daily basis! I do hope by then i3-admin will take out my blog(irrelevent) ... otherwise, I will irritate more cats. ouch.

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