Thursday, October 04, 2012

Some testimonials

A day after my first batch of technical-rebound e-meeting with my e-tratles, I posted the below in my closed-page.

Dear ALL

  I will appreciate it if I could have  feedbacks and testimonials from some of u. It is for me to promote my classes(if u think it worth your money, gained from it and should be shared with many) and also to improve in my presentations. Thanks for staying up and being patient.

These are my fedbacks and testimonials 1-2 days later.

AA : the meeting was very informative.learnt a lot.however, a lot of info to digest so need to do homework after this to study this strategy & test when the opportunity arises . thx Teh for sharing.looking forward to more classes. now u have more eyes to detect hammers for u.:-)

LL : I find it easy to understand compare with reading from various medium. now I am a level higher than before. good teacher....applause.

TO : Wish i could give you a good testimonial like others but i'm never good with words. Anyway just want to thanks you for all your efforts and unselfish sharing of knowledges and kindness.

TD : Learnt a lot. Thanks very much.

YVJ : Attending this course is like linking up all the points that I have learn so far which give me a clearer overall picture of the market and to generate a better trading plan. These are knowledge that can save a lot money by reducing unnecessary losses and gain profit with lower risk. Thank you

WSL : Mr Teh, I really learnt a lot from your teaching. Before i never understood the stock chart analysis, just blindly followed others. Now i am more confident in future stock pick and will do my own chart analysis before make commitment. Also your teaching of (1) Conditions for technical rebound & (2) risk management on the entry point & exit point were clear and easy to follow. Looking forward to learn more from you and attend more of your classes. Your teaching definitely worth more than the $ we paid. Tq

YCH : Appreciate you spending time to teach us. Very informative and also practical. Definitely worth the money

GL : Great presentation and excellent teacher ! I am now better prepared with the conditions in place for technical rebound than catching a calling knife ! Looking forward to try this. Practice makes perfect !

YH : Thanx ,Good job sir, learned from your experience. By reading books only, dont know how to collaborate the points because everything scattered. You showed to me proper way to look into the chart with lots of consideration should be in place. now ,I read and predict chart better than previous.

FN : Thank you cp! How i wish i know u 2 yrs ago, then i would not burned part of my capital after the real pain and good lesson. Learning alone is hard and i'd learned in a hard way.Yes! i've learned lots from u and i'm grafetul and appreciate that i found a good cikgu to guide me along my trading journey.thanks again for giving me an opportunity to learn from you. With all the tratles, i know i'm not alone. Thank you!

BT : Excellent presentation !!! Appreciate you for willing to teach us the correct ways of trading. This methods we cannot find it in books or forums, which charges us a very high fees. Thank you.

YKP : Yes, it's been longtime i am searching for the right technique for "technical rebounce" play. I am convinced that this is the proper technique at all. Thank for willing to share even we did not get known each another (yet?). RMXX defenitely worth for this! Thanks!!!

These are un-edited testimonials from my e-tratles who joined my technical-rebound talk on Tuesday night. Bear in mind, many of them in my stock-watch group too, besides learning THEORIES, we need REAL trades ... be practical and logical. Hmm ... unless those who lost/losing, refuse to CHANGE and insist that they could beat the market?

Example : I shown them I took IGB at 2.25, now at 2.49. Many bought into IGB nearing my level too. That is called technical rebound. I am selling. Thanks

Now, how I could teach better than others? Few positive advantage on my points ... I am a real teacher, I teach for 20+ years. I am a real trader, I traded for 5 yrs now, I am dedicated to education ... which making me motivated and passinate when I talk about educating others. I am not a salesman. I am your nextdoor cikgu.

Yes, I am charging cheaply too.

Thanks for your support. Will add in more testimonials(real one leh) ... no need those BS unreal testimonials we seen in advertisements/papers. Only LOGICAL people could accept the way I share. Those wish to learn how to trade NiCorp, I wish them luck.

My worry : Any system we learn, we must backtest to see the validity. NO such thing as sure win. We are talking about chance. So, I m worry that few of them might take it for granted and think it is easy. It is not. Worst of all, they think they are good enough ... and start teaching others!! This is TOO risky. We need to be a responsible person. But, I knew many in markets, especially those salesmen ... selling their systems/softwares ... going into forums and do such. I can't explain how they could sleep soundly?

Of coz they can sleep ... so many of our ministers and datuks, sleeping soundly with millions/billions. Haha ... only a stupid poor teacher like me talk about values, talking about integrity and loving of education.

But ... I know many appreciate my efforts. Thanks all for motivating me to teach more, reaching out for many who need a sincere person to guide them. Yes, I want to be different from others. I believe NOT many teaching trading out there have my passions for sharing knowledge. They have MONEY at the back of their heads when they talk to you about sharing knowledge-expereinces.

We should SHARE ... and they said, sharing is caring? Do you care enough to share?


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