Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reading headlines

It is 12.10am ... I was very tired and dozed off. Well, I had a tuition in the morning, then had a meeting with my tratle group(batch-2).

The headlines for this week's The Edge is very interesting ..."BALLOONING public debt". I read the whole article ... and yes, I hv not read anything much from The Edge, tho I do still buy in weekly basis. I do read most of the headlines and those catching my eyes(and logic), I will put in mind ... checking if I could trade the stocks.

For example : MAS not out of the woods yet. (page 20)

If I am going to trade MAS, I will briefing read through ... I do not have the patience to read much, actually. Then .... I rather check the chart. See below.

MAS : The chart is nice ... support at RM1.02, low at 0.995 ... so, wanna bet on MAS turnaround?

AirAsia is recovering to RM3.20 now(I asked the group to buy at RM3.10 level, only one of our tratle, a Malay accountant told me he bought AirAsia at RM3.10 ... maybe more bought into AirAsia, I dont know).

So, The Malindo news subside ... no more at RM2.80+ level ... happy to buy now or asking if we can buy when it is at RM3.30 or RM3.50 again?

Being a contrarian ... I do buy many stocks when they dived, when they are trading at cheaper valuations and when technically nice ... of coz I am aware of the market sentiments and how these news related will affect the counters. So many in our group bought at around RM2.90 for AirAsia ... and I do ask them to check MAS at RM1. If MAS going below RM1, please let me know ....

Anyway ... these are basically steps I am doing ... read the headlines, check the sentiment around, read some news related to the sectors/peers ... then, check the technical chart ... draw up a trading plan for my stock-watch group, telling them to buy at what level, cut loss at what level ... and take profit when it moves.

TWS is one of my best call at RM6.40 and today only I realised that so many in my stock-watch group and also tratles do buy. Some being a day late bought at RM6.60 levels and still holding!! It is a sell soon to me.

I do not check WHY TWS dropping from RM7.50 ... but when it broken RM7, I was glad to stalk closely. When it reached the reversal point at RM6.40 last Friday, I just grabbed into it and tell the whole group.

Then, someone told me Dali wrote about it ... and suddenly media started to said about it ... broker houses talk about it(I recieved e-mail about it too) ... after it jumped so high, blogs writing about it ... forums making more noises about it as it is  at RM7.70 levels now ... when it is noisy, it is SELL.

Good luck ... and do read more headlines. I am learning the 'skills' of reading headlines to trade!! Yeah ... my whole group is very glad staying around as we DO NOT lose money group. Haha.



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