Saturday, October 20, 2012

RDPD : E-S to B-I quadrants

DOW down about 200+ points. Oh boy ... our KLCI reached new high on Friday and here we go again ... expecting some dips in KLCI. Recently I bought a few stocks and still hanging at my cost price, and next week expecting many to retrace ... should we be selling or buying?

Last night we had dinner together, 7 of us ... curry fish-head. It is not to celebrate our TWS or Padini, but to gather and knowing each other better. Then, we adjourned to our usual yam-char place, having the over-priced hike-up drinks!! Haha.

Now, yesterday ... I brought up some ideas about biz ... yeah, another part of the quadrant that I want to move into and that is the only way to get out of the rat-race being an employee.

We read or at least heard of  Rich-Dad, Poor-Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. We recently read that one of his company filed for bankruptcy. Well, that is how rich becoming richer ... or is it?

Let me revise the quadrants which clearly stucked in my mind ever since I read about it about 7 years ago ... and I started to buy more financial books ever since. Reading is not good enough ... we need to understand and internalised them. ANd continue to look into it ... apply and check if we have side-tracked.

E : Being an employee, I have been working since I graduated at 23. That is a total of 22 years, working full-time ... drawing salary, clock-in clock-out like most of the majority. Teaching doesnt pay much, so we will have to work till retirement, and certainly can't afford many of things mid-income group or higher could afford. Most teachers retire with little savings(if any) and have to continue to teach beyond their retirement age ... of coz, they will claim that they LOVE their jobs so much that they continue to teach till 60s ... the fact is, teachers DO NOT have financial knowledge, not much financial intelligence in them and they are VERY academic kinda of group. I am in teaching line, I will still be in teaching line as that is what I love. But ... due to realisation and increase in my FQ(financial quotient), I will say that I am moving out of the E-quadrant as planned, 5 years ago.

S : This is the part-time job that we have. As a tutor, many teachers do give tuition ... to supplement their 'small' salary. Some of them doing well ... and earn more than their salary!! I do know of a few popular tutors who are earning 3-4 times their full-time salary!! But .. we still need to be physically being there to teach ... no work, no income. I am still very much in this category.

So, if we are in E-quadrant  ... we could hope for good increments and bonuses. We prehaps try to impress the boss, try to do something extra, hoping that we will be rewarded. If you are in those professionals and highly paid jobs, good for you. But ... not for lecturers or teachers. With office politics, favouritism etc etc, it is too 'hazzle' and lots of work ... to get that small bonuses, and hoping to climb the ladder. Teaching is a place where the ladder is very short, nothing much to climb ... with many queueing up, anyway. Haha. Anyway, our increments are limited. Nothing else we could do except ... perhaps jump-ship, to a better paying colleges or schools. If you are already in one of the best paid college, yet the salary is much small in other coperate firms, will you quit your job for other fields? Getting to work in coperate work may not be the cuppa of many teachers ... so, they stay to work till they retire.

To supplement our income, majority is giving tuition. That will increase our salary ... and giving tuition is a 'lucrative' job. But ... it seems like EVERYONE if giving tuition ... I got to know that some students going for Math tuition with un-qualified tutors!! Well ... everyone want the pie, to earn that 'extra'. Most of us will send our kids to the 'best' tutor ... will you send your college kids to me to teacy tuition? I am one of the best in teaching Maths and I am sure about it. I do teach many lecturers ... on how we could teach certain topics etc etc. Yes, 20+ years of experienced, plus the deep knowledge about the subject enable me to be the sought after Math tutor. But ... no matter wat, I still need to be there to teach!! It is a good side-income but we still need to work hard? I could not afford to fall sick or take a break from a weekend as one weekend could pay me half of my salary?!

Hence, since back to KL nearly 3 years ago ... I have been drawing plans to get out of the E- and S-quadrant!!

I could not do anything much to increase my income with my meagre full-time salary ... luckily I still enjoy so much teaching my students and being with them, seeing that they improve and they like my teaching ... motivate me. Next year, I will have another 5% increment with 1-month bonus. I do minimal in my full-time job, so nothing to shout about.

I have to promote myself further ... in giving tuition. We have so many lecturers giving tuition. I will create more ways for myself, alternatives and work on such. That is the only to be known? As I said, I am 'new' in current tuition market and tho I am very good, I am un-known. Majority students still go to few 'popular' Math tutors. The only way to increase my income from tutoring is to get more classes or/and increase the fees-rate? The rates could not be increased as it is at high-end now.

got to go for breakfast and hope to continue to write about my B- and I-quadrants that I am moving into.


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