Monday, October 01, 2012

Post Budget rally?

Monday ... the budget giving certain cheers to some minority(not rakyat, overall) groups. It did not give much cheers to our KLSE ... as it is flat at the moment.

I am getting myself too busy ... now, I have another group following me, with my trading plans for them to catch a good rebound. It is not easy as I m dealing with kids in markets, the youngest eligible age = 18. They are excited, they are blur ... and they do ask A LOT of questions. Haha ... yes, I do welcome them to ask questions, but MUST use logical brain before asking. Otherwise, I will have to shoot them down ...

I do notice that I have fewer page-views these days. Well, one of the reason is I no longer place my stock-analysis in these pages(will be transfered to a new site next year) ... well, I only share with my groups. But I think the actual reason is that many read my postings from i3-site.

Well, for updates ... those in i3-site needs to click to my blog ... so, I shall pause here and might write again later, which will NOT be re-freshed in i3-site. Those in i3-site need to click on my blog for updates next time. That will reduce some nuisance people in i3-site who 'accidentally' read my posts and get agitated for nothing. Plain illogical humans are everywhere ... just look at how our budget being tabled. Increase 20cents sugar but give RM200 for smartphone. How smart those people could be?

8pm : KLCI is bullish, I sold my remaining GenM today at RM3.60.. Bought at 3.40 before 4cents dividend adjustment, so my cost is 3.36, approximately. Someone in my stock watch said he followed at RM3.41 and asking me if it is time to sell. I was so busy that I forgot to remind them that RM3.64 is a resistance.

I have another talk, second workshop for my students who are participating in oskic. It starts tmr. So, don't know what to recommend them. Later will check and post it to them to watch.


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Kong Hui CHONG said...

Below 30 likely first time voter.... will RM200 for 3G smartphone make a different?