Friday, October 05, 2012

Passion in Education

Today is my in-house training day ... nope, not about stock-market but about "learning progression" while related to EDUCATION.

I don't know why I have this strong passion for 'education'. I always feel that we should share and educate each other. Perhaps I was brought up by a teacher, my aunt. I started to mark school work books when I was very young then.

Today, I m thinking about my teaching in trading. I want to share knowledge, reaching out for more out there about stock-markets. The strong desire to see others no longer losing money to market came from losing money in 2008, when I first came into market. As I got to know that 80-90% of traders in KLCI losing money, it challenges me to understand ... WHY. If market is such a risky place, why is there so many LOGICAL people want to go into markets? WHY? Knowing that they have 80% chances of losing money, why would they come into markets?

Such questions triggered my quest for the knowledge ... and after going through nearly 5-years, continuously into market ... I started to see clearer pictures. For example, why is the such a thing called FORUMS? How some syndicates using it to lure those ignorants, greedy and illogical(tho they are so-called educated with degree/masters) ... why our remisiers calling us to buy/sell ... and most trades failing, anyway? Why ... there are broker reports, placing target prices? Why do you think Bursa creating more instruments for us to trade? Why ... companies listing in markets ... and why some companies de-listed? Why ... UMA is not effective and how are those being used to further compound greed-fear in markets?

WHY? Why so many in markets NOT asking important questions like "WHY"?

Education ... in trading market is a huge 'commecialised' market. You could see so many trading courses selling for thousands of $$? Ever wonder WHY? And also, they came out with so many indicators, so many systems and softwares ... to so-called HELP us to trade better? Are you sure ...? Do u pause to ask WHY?

Think ... pause to think of those WHYs. Unless you are a logical person, unless u r willing to learn for 3-4 years BEFORE you really trade in markets, it is very difficult ....

I have passion for education. It comes naturally when I am being 'asked' to share and teach others about trading. I m still in novice level as I believe we need YEARS to graduate ... I m no longer a newbie, but still in novice level. I need another 3-5 years to get out of novice level ... and I am in no hurry.

That is progressive learning we are discussing today. It is relevent to my teaching of trading too.

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