Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pardon me

Well, with a title 'WTF', that is how a property book selling well or some sites attract more readers. Sorry if I have displeased anyone. I have no bad intention ... I m writing in daily basis ... and this is still a personal blog, independent writings of mine. It is a package ... buang yang keroh, ambil yang jernih. It is also a show of frustrations ... towards how in-sane society could be, the blog is my personal expressions of words bottle-up and in no way I want to insult or offend anyone.

How words attract readers? Take a look at how MEDIA spreading news about stocks. We got trapped reading those reports, losing money along the way ... we are being brain-washed by the so-called educating media. Media is a very powerful tools being used to reach to naive public, and to benefit certain quarters. Think of it this way ... without these 'attractions', will you read anything written in newspaper?

Sensationalising news and those tabloids are being used ... to lure public into buying their papers. We choose what we want to read(like I hv chosen to read about Dr Teo's wordings) and filter what we deemed a waste of time.

I have explained ... I blog in daily basis ... according to what I want to write. But a year ago, my blog is featured in i3-portal ... which happened to be one of the best investment portal(indeed, it is very good). I have my ups-downs ... and I do write it here. There is good side of my writings, most of the time ... at least.

I am in a process of moving away into a new website ... yes, will make that more 'relevent' and will e-mail the i3 admin by year end. A change will be good ...

Thanks for your patience and I am sorry again. :(


p/s : See? I m losing my freedom to write ... I cant talk about politics, I cant express myself ... and I am being judged. Someone told me .. because you are a 'public figure'? HUH?? Since when?

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