Sunday, October 28, 2012

New tratles

It is Sunday morning ... time to rest and be with family. It is time to play some games with my kids. Well ... I went to a 'sport shop' and bought my 6-yr boy a racquet. Yes, he has been talking about Lee Chong Wei as I was reading the book!! So, as a young boy ...he just excited about many things. I will see if he is interested enough to be trained to be a good badminton player. Remember Lim Pek Siah? She is coaching near the place I stay(USJ) ... and I will check it out on that!!

Just like kids ... where the motivation and excitement might last a very short period of time, we are adults ... being in market need to sustain the motivation!! After all, learning to trade well take years!! From the basic learning of terms, taking trades and lose ... many trades, going through the frustrations and building up confidence .... changing of a good mindset ... all these takes more that jus mere initial excitements!! More that motitvation ... the drive to push us further. Definitely not for most majority human who will even complain when it rains? In market, when it rains ... it pours. ouch.

Jaks : Supported at 0.37 is a good entry point. Check Puncak and KHSB. Well, I bought Jaks at RM1.30 level in 2008 before, cut huge losses as I was a newbie then. Today, 0.37 ... it will never recover to RM1.30 anymore. Dream-on ...

I have a preview with my cohort-8 tratles and five came to see me personally before they start the class in proper in to weeks time. After going through for 3 months with me, how many of them will remain in our discussion group, coming for meeting? Of that, how many really take the trades(mind you, majority of those in my active-tratles do take trades) ... could sustain amount of work needed ... maintain the focus to trade well? As a group, it is 'easier' as we do remind each other ... and glad to have such good support group. Can we last the pace?

When we trade well, improving each day ... learning and sharing ... those logical ones will stay. Knowing that trading takes years to 'master' and getting the system right ... is not easy, continous learning is the only way about it. Keep that motivation HIGH ... even when our 'mood' may be at the low. I could not remember even a single day I did not think about my trading, or my reading ... to improve. It has been such for past 5-years ... and the drive in me is still running strong, to be a good trader ... and now, to teach trading well!

Those who came to my preview(fisrt time leh) :

1. CCH --- been in market since 1993. A biz-men now and well read. Phew ... another challenge to share info with these very experienced investor in markets. He was introduced to me by his good friend, LKK, my tratles of cohort-5.

2. KM --- an experienced person in market too. Oh yes, he told me he attended Mr OOi's RM3k+ trading course and the system about 'arrows'. This is for those in i3 who asked me about it. I went for the preview and no comment from me. It is good to ask those who have attended those courses personally.

3. VP --- new to KLSE but been following news and market, reading blogs and got to know me! He is also into FKLI/FCPO. wow ... as for me, FKLI is new to me, volatile and very risky.

4. JW --- Been in-out of market and dont know much about charting and hoping to learn from me. Introduced by AC, my cohort-1 tratle.

5. ET --- A total newbie in market, followed JW to join me(last minute entry). This is another good one to groom ... without much knowledge, totally new is good.

note : I have to close the cohort-8 due to space limitation. Hope those in KIV for cohort-9 could wait? Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Well, I am taking one month break this month ... but my cohortt-9 is coming in JAN too. I do have a few enquiries but till I am done with my cohort-8, my current focus .... Growing the group strong and protect each other from losing money in market becoming our priority. Gaining is a bonus .. not losing much is very important.

Well, making my presentation better ... and improve in my public speaking skills is very important now. And I will start to change my ah-pek kopitiam way to sharing into a more professional manner. Perhaps, I need a tie ... and a coat? Hmm ... what's next? Employing some pretty faces to dance the gang-nam style k-pop dance before the class? That is cool ... haha

Happy Sunday


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