Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Teaching Adventure

As I am merely still a learner, I do believe that I could learn better by teaching!! Passion for education is clearly shown in me(that was told by many of my tratles ... and I guess they are right!)

How do I start teaching to trade?

The stories should start with a friend of mine back in Sabah. Yes, he is JLim. It was 2009, CNY ... somehow he responded to my e-mail. What e-mail?

Through my yahoo-mail, I sent all my friends my website ... this cpteh.blogspot site to all. ONLY few replied ... and said, congrats and good luck in your adventure in market. A good friend of mine told me that market is too risky and advised me not to 'try' it out. Well, he meant good, of coz. No one else ... not even JLim replied.

So, during CNY ... when we visited each other, he told me his intention to learn about stock-markets and has been reading my blog? My blog was born in 8th Aug 2008, before Lehman's collapse. Interestingly, I do write in daily basis as I was learning more about stocks ... here, I attached a post I written in AUG 2009, the Budget Day ... 29th Aug ... how the good budget(as always) push the whole market up.

On the 28th Aug, pre-budget day, I posted the chart of SIME. Yes, the chart was taken from Star-biz, and powered by chartnexus. I do use yahoo-charting back then.

Anyway, back to my first trading student ... JLim. One may want to read more about how sad I was when he started to show his eagerness of profitting and I remembered well his words "Teh, forget about learning much first, we should be profitting well now" It was Mac 2009 ... market recovered in fast pace(and we at new high today 1671). Never mind ... he did dampened my mood to teach anyone in future. The risk is too high ... it involved money and emotions.

So, the partnership failed. The friendship failed. I feel the pain of losing a friend, not a student or money he owed me. It is pain as I sincerely coached him ... sincerely helping him to understand etc etc. Bak pepatah ... Kacang lupakan kulit case. JLim was with me for about 3 months, and he really thought I taught him too little, too slow. I never charge him a single dime.

Back to KL 3 years ago, Jan 2010 ... I am still an active trader, learning the tricks and trades. It is not easy ... I have to uproot my whole family from KK ... to KL. Dealing with a new job, new environment ... it is difficult to trade as I m getting by without tuition etc etc. I am such a strong person, I guess ... determined to learn and to see what I am doing, moving towards my goal --- to be a good trading-teacher. In order to do that, I need to be a good trader ... myself. I am talking about taking real trades, real pain-gain. First few months in KL was a real struggle as I still have to fly back to KK during weekend to give tuition to my existing KK's students. What a strong dedicated teacher ... no earn also flying all the way to continue my responsibilities ... as a teacher!! They done well, few becoming doctors and dentist in the making!! So proud of my own dedication, tho it was extremely tiring!

In 2010 year end, I have two young colleagues, will always wondering what I am doing with my small netbook. Yes, checking on my trades and market-news ... it is my daily 'job' ... and I am so used to the drilling of jargons, words and terms that I could not understand!! I am so used to reading reports which I can't get what they meant etc etc ...

But, I gathered a group of my young colleagues and they are interested to learn about investing. I did not teach them charting ... just 4 or 5 classes about FA and what stock market is about. I was using a small place at my rented apartment, with a small white board. Well, looking back ... I think I 'failed'. Haha ... I called them cohort-0 now. Three of the seven still in our tratles group, coming for meetings and learning. The two young colleagues of mine, PT and EK, still with us.

Looking back ... they are my first batch of tratles. Seven young ones, new to market!!

I did not plan anymore teaching since then ... prefer to continue to read and learn more about technical analysis. Yeah ... I started with FA, learning terms. I was from ground-zero ... learning subjects that are aliens to me!!

I can't really recall how I started my cohort-1. Haha ... I do know that a few readers e-mail me and said if I could teach them how to trade. So, I just posted in my blog that I will teach for about RM50 per class!! Haha ... yes, no projector ... no young lady to serve u water(I do not even provide drinking water then ... today, I have added sweets!! haha). Learning trading without teaching tools!!

 ... it was end of AUG 2011, the scary diving market!! If we have hold till today, the profits could be huge!! I had my cohort-1, it was Friday night. I had about 10 of them. Only 4 left being active with our current tratles(I used the term active tratles!!) ... BL, MS, AC and KL.

Cohort-2 started soon but this is a smaller group. Only three left being active. Cohort-2 came in Sept ... then, cohort-3 started ... and when I reached cohort-4, I shifted to a slightly larger place as the group a little larger too. I was using one of our tratle's office room for meetings and he was very kind to accomodate. Yes, I do have many kind-hearted tratles in my group, and that I appreciate the most. I dont treat them as client, but rather very willing to share and learn. The whole group doing well ... for the whole year now. Proud? More than that ... I have slowly checking on my dream of having a group who share-learn ... and helping each other. Trading could be a lonely journey, and I am no longer alone.

I have just done with my cohort-7 last month and taking a break this month. I will only start my cohort-8 next month(full) and cohort-9(Jan13 to limit to 15 .. opening for registration) ... and many of them are referral by my tratles!! Yeah ... I appreciate their kindness. And I think it is mutual ... as they appreciate my dedication of teaching them about markets and trading!!

will update this post when I have my cohort-8 ... soon!!

as my teaching adventure continues ...



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