Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My blog, my personal home

Well ... DOW bullish ... KLCI very bullish, at 1658 now. Maybank pulling the KLCI up today, went above RM9.20 today!!

Unisem and JCY indeed making a nice turn-around. Topglove up ... Mahsing up ... TWS continue to go up .... SKPetrol moving today too. So many counters shooting up ... and sentiments becoming good. So, I have to cover the shorts ... and perhaps will go long. Do not go against the trend ....

GPacket shooting up(yes ... the unwanted stock which retraced from RM1 to current low) and YTL-e also follows today ...


This morning, instead of writing here ... I went to i3-portal to put a post there. Yes, I have to apologise with few readers there(somehow they STILL insist in reading my posts?) for irritating them? Heck ... we could never please everyone. Those in i3-site DO NOT even know my blog site as they are reading my blog FROM i3-pages. And it will not be refreshed, means that ... at time, I wrote half way ... then I will continue to write here, the second half will not be seen there!!

So, I thought of posting analysis first ... or relevent postings ... and to continue to write my blah-blah AFTER my posts planted in i3-site. Well ... after thinking about it, I do not think so I will be natural in my writings!! Writing my blog ... is not being planned. It is spontaneuos. When I teach Maths or Trading, I do not even have a piece of note with me ... I just teach, naturally and sponteneously.

Anyway ... I hv no ego much in me. I apologise if I offended anyone. THIS IS MY PERSONAL BLOG. Well, even with many of times I hv tried to explain, somehow ... I still attracted haters. Hmm ...

Another thing I am worry is my novice's analysis which might be flawed. It wil be risky if some of them simply followed blindly(do not laugh, MANY actually buying stocks WITHOUT any analysis ... that is why they hang around forums) ... it is simply to risky to read blogs to buy.

At one point, I have moved myself away from the forum but still feel the forum is a good place to share knowledge and I could learn many finer things about investing or trading. Yes, practising filtering-eyes ... but but ...

So, what have I done to irritate a group of INDIRECT(those who do not come to my blog to read) readers, which happen to always hanging in i3-forum?

One of it could be ... they can't tahan me blah-blah ... about my own personal emotions, my own trading groups(some of my tratles knew me from i3) ... about my personal views, which non-relating what-so-ever to stock markets! Too bad ... that could not be changed as that is the way I write my blog. Sorry if I bored anyone to death with my extremely cheong hei writings. I dont know how to summerise, and do not see why I should summerise anything I am writing here?

Another point might be ... they get irritated as I always say I am a novice, but somehow talked as if I am very experienced and to them, whatever I analysed here are full of bull-shit. So, it is 'ego' problem. Even if they do not like, I will remain that I am just a novice(fact) and the way I comment or write is based on my limited knowledge. Even my limited knowledge, I wont mind sharing, so that I could continue to learn. If my ego is too huge, I know that will hinder me from further learning from those know-how. NOT EVEN ONE post did I write that I am an expert, I am 'sifu'(ask my whole group ... no one allowed to call me sifu as I am not and I do not believe in such mentality). I never even said I am 'good' ... so, what makes them jumping into conclusion that I am elevating myself higher than others? Wait ... did I look down on others? If I ever did, please let me know ... and I will certainly apologise for that. I know my own characters well, I never have bad intention to look-down on others. I have my whole group as a proof?

I dont know what I am writing .. haha. Perhaps ... I just don't wish to offend anyone anymore. Perhaps, I will e-mail i3-admin later to take down my blog from i3-portal. Yes ... then, I will have my freedom again, not being judged. I could write whatever donkey's stories or create a fairy-tale like dreams ... for, who cares ... it is just another personal blog?


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